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A Hustle Summer Internship in Vietnam! | 2022 Recap

ABROADER September 06, 2022 15 minute read

After 2 years of waiting due to the pandemic, we have made this summer hot again with internship programs. Let’s reflect on our passionate journey with lots of memories and experiences.

HOT, MEANINGFUL, and UNFORGETTABLE are three adjectives that best describe Summer 2022 at ABROADER! This summer is HOT literally due to the season heat and figuratively the bustle of all the summer internship programs. At the same time, the internship embraces MEANINGFUL stories from our international participants when traveling to learn in Vietnam. Additionally, it keeps all the UNFORGETTABLE moments of both participants while exploring the beauty of authentic Asia cultures in Vietnam.

This Summer is very SPECIAL. Because diversified summer internship programs have brought a vibrant time of the youth from different parts of the world to ONE meeting point: Vietnam! It is undoubtedly like a documentary film that lives in each and every member of the ABROADER team. Therefore, we invite you to rewatch the footage of summer internship programs at ABROADER with us!

Summer context

More than 80 students, 18 organizations, and 10 ABROADER staff had created a Summer 2022 journey under different internship programs. For example In-person Internships, Virtual internships, Study tours, and Service learning.

This year’s highlight is the coming back of in-person programs in Vietnam post-pandemic. Most participants have not traveled abroad in two years in view of Covid 19. For many of them, this is their first time traveling to Vietnam – a country from the opposite side of the world. It is totally understandable to have excitement mingling with nervousness when they start their journey. However, with the ABROADER team’s support from Day 1, they have chased the anxiety away!

A planned pre-arrival onboard!

Pre-departure call to guide students through visas and Traveling to Vietnam! 

ABROADER provides full support on visas and guides for students to make sure that every student can safely depart to Vietnam.

Learn more about the Vietnam visa policy right here.

A warm welcome from the site team in Vietnam!

Local cultural immersion, identity abroad, and cross-border friendships 

Do you know what is the most fun part of traveling abroad? That is having the chance to fully immerse in the culture and live like an authentic local, from then discover and know themselves better. Curious about the journey of finding their identity abroad? It’s right on our blog Giving cultural immersion and identity abroad a meaning with ABROADER in Vietnam! | ABROADER

Curious about our trip to Mekong Delta, check this blog right away: Mekong Tour Recap | ABROADER

Professional development & learning summer internship journey

Some moments at work!

Some sharings from our interns

A bittersweet farewell and reflective journey!

What is talked about this Summer? 

Our enthusiastic interns

I think all of ABROADER’s cultural immersion activities were so good. I like that there were various activities because we could see multiple sides to Vietnamese life, learn about Vietnamese history, and go to the Independence Palace (your regular touristy things). But I also really enjoyed volunteering at a middle school and meeting college students, and people my age. And visiting places in Vietnam outside of Saigon, like Tay Ninh and the Mekong Delta, also made the experience very enriching!


I am satisfied with the ABROADER’s support because the program manager was helpful enough to respond to all the necessary needs. The manager also did a great job in making my communication with the supervisor very smooth and effective. I have learned a lot about the culture, the food, the history, and many more aspects of Vietnam because of your amazing support and the local buddies. At work, I enjoyed the fact that I was mostly establishing my own responsibilities and tasks because it helped me to grow both professionally and personally. My host company did very well in assigning me the project that I enjoyed the most and providing a complete description of the project. For the cultural immersion, thank you so much for the lovely sessions, your cooking session was mesmerizing; I tried the spring rolls after the session and loved them.


I am very satisfied with the responsibilities and rules. As I am working at a startup, there is a lot of flexibility and freedom, and the rules aren’t super strict or meaningless. I’m given a good amount of work where I feel like I’m actually learning/making an impact. I am very satisfied with the support from my host placement. I’ve received a lot of training and learned a lot about AI through my job, and I can see how my work will be used by the company. My coworkers are all friendly and welcoming and have tried to include me in activities such as lunch, foosball, and snack time since day one. My team (AI team) especially has treated me very well and has made an effort to get to know me and spend time with me outside of work.


Our host supervisors

For Thanh’s case, I asked her opinion on what she was willing to take. I gave her the task of making a marketing plan for the Dalat case. It’s either a challenging task or an easy one. Challenging task because it’s very open, and the marketing plan is tough for one intern. With guidance from us, I gave her a lot of opportunities to learn about other cases. She has learned a lot and given us a lot of ideas. I didn’t expect a complete report on interns about the marketing plan but I expect the ideas, that’s very important. the news idea can come from the interns and very important for our company how the interns can help us.


The international students do bring in a different viewpoint, they do bring in a different mindset and approach, expectations, and our experience with them so far has been very positive. and they tend to leave a lasting cultural impact on the company. They will come in and observe and note things that maybe we do not do because we are too close to the problem. and that also gives us more information to look at these challenges.
engineering can be creative and uncreative, it depends on how you do it. So sometimes we will let them run wild with their ideas and other times we have a clear product in mind and they just have to write carefully in a very organized way. So it’s not always something that’s bouncing with creativity, something that sometimes just takes intelligent applied hard work which is just as valuable.



The happiness of the program manager is seeing our students live in Vietnam like locals! I am proud of them for being open to exploring authentic Asian cultures. I admire them for their learning efforts and their contributions to the local community that they interact with. The hardest part of this Summer was saying goodbye to each other in tears but I believe we all had a good time and a new journey begins!


If I have to use 3 words to describe our experience this summer, I’ll say: fun, really really fun, and we have a lot of fun! We are not paid in money but we are paid in a lot of experience and friendship.


This summer with ABROADER and the interns in Hanoi has been my best summer so far, and I have had the chance to try and do many different interesting things, besides meet and make friends with many wonderful people. Also, I can learn how to work and communicate smoothly and effectively. If you want to broaden your comfort zone, join us!



We really hope this Summer movie will be continued for many more years ahead. A successful summer internship ends with lessons learned from every single experience abroader. 

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