On February 4 2021, ABROADER held our first ever virtual Tet party. With over 30 attendees from all around the world, we had a unique cultural session and heart-warming Tet celebration.

How did our online Tet party look like?

We would call it an adventure!

How long do we miss the chance to go explore with a map on our hands? It could be a year for many people due to the new normal we are all striving to adapt to. This fact motivated us to rebuild a special experience for the participants when joining a virtual event. Participants received the roadmaps which showed them their own specific journey when they joined the Virtual Tet party. After gathering in the Main Room, they all separated to explore Vietnamese cultures during Tet based on their itinerary. In the end, we met up at the first spot (main room) to cheer up with a dance! 

An eye-opening journey to explore Tet Vietnam

A family visit

The 4th February is a very special day in Vietnamese Lunar Calendar: The Kitchen God’s day (23rd December, Lunar calendar). We believe our Kitchen Gods will ride the carp fishes to Heaven and report about the old year to the Emperor. With that, we are ready to say Goodbye to the old and welcome the new!

Visitors watched a video showing the origin of Kitchen Gods' Day

Participants watched a video about the origin of Kitchen Gods' Day 

The explorers not only knew about the Origin of the Kitchen God’s Day but also paid a visit to a local family, seeing how Vietnamese practiced worshiping their ancestors. This experience was to show a fundamental value in Vietnamese society: the sense of belonging through time and space!

Lì Xì - Lucky Money

No stocking or well-wrapped present! What we give to each other in Tet is Lì Xì - Lucky Money. The participants heard the folklore of the origin of this practice when new year comes. It represents good luck, best wishes, and happiness. 

Giving Lucky Money culture during Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese culture during Tet: Exchange Lucky Money

Hooray! The funniest part was when our adventurers had to overcome the challenge of singing a Vietnamese song to get their Lì Xì. It was fun and unforgettable for us!

Food For Tet!

Recharge your energy! The participants could not miss the exploration of Vietnamese cuisines when Tet is coming. To become the Master of Vietnamese Knowledge, the explorers were asked to be quick-witted and flexible using their fingers to win the game, aiming at finding out what are the necessary food in Tet meals. Boiled chicken, Banh Chung (sticky rice cake stuffed with mung beans and pork), a red sticky rice dish, and a vegetable soup! Interestingly enough, the participants also broadened their knowledge about Vietnamese eating habits and table manners, which is very helpful if you join a meal with Vietnamese!

Food for New Year in Vietnam

Vietnamese Cuisine in New Year

Thư Pháp - Vietnamese traditional calligraphy

The adventurers met a very special character: Ông Đồ (an old scholar who writes calligraphy). They gained their knowledge about the history of this practice and were introduced to sets of calligraphy for new year and the meanings. They finished their journey with a lucky calligraphy from ông Đồ, wishing a happy 2021- The year of buffalo!

Vietnamese traditional calligraphy in New Year

Vietnamese traditional calligraphy in New Year

What takes away from our virtual Tet Party 2021

We wish everyone had a fun and enriching experience to be connected with people from different parts of the world. 

With that in mind, we thrive to bring our future international interns the most memorable remote internship: professional work experience & deep local cultural immersion! Visit our blog to learn more about students' experience!

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