2019 - a year of expansion and innovations that, we believe, brought monumental changes not only to the company but also our partners, students and local buddies. Thank you all for growing with us! This is also the year of breakthrough that nicely concludes a decade! Let's take a moment to reflect and have a look back at TOP 5 ACHIEVEMENTS OF 2019.


Over the past year, our business has grown and reached out to more partners in the region and over the world, and we felt it was time for a change. 

We have changed our name from Student Exchange Vietnam to ABROADER. ABROADER refers to students studying or having an internship abroad. As this meaning is not included in the dictionary, our brand has been capitalized in order not to cause any confusion. 

The message behind the new logo is I go abroad, open new horizons. Inspired by the sunrise and the ocean, it represents new beginnings, connections and creating new memories. 

With a new brand identity, we wish to continue our mission in delivering meaningful international education programs for students across the globe.


We welcomed 200+ ABROADERS

We hit the number of 20+ nationalities, and U.S is the country that with the highest number of inbound students come from. Overall, The number of inbound students increased 2.5 times

 And it can’t go without mentioning that we successfully established a 100+ partners and local buddy network that expands across Vietnam.


Those talking numbers have partially defined our accomplishments this year and hopefully, they will continue their job in shaping 2020.


In 2019, we devised a new model for service learning. International students now are able to enroll for an internship in the community development field, where they join hands with local Vietnamese students to support a local organization such as an NGO or a social enterprise. By doing so, they get the chance of working in a team, practicing cross-cultural communication and together addressing the issue and solving the problem. A vivid example of how this model works and brings benefits for students and local community in Vietnam is the 8-week internship from a group of students in Northwestern Unviersity. You can check the article capturing a part of their journey HERE.

Besides, participants can also be more locally engaged by staying at a local host family where they can learn more about the Vietnamese culture and jump for excursions at weekends. 


In March 2019, ABROADER touched another milestone as we was invited to the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) Conference and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a delegate to represent Vietnam Education. 

The conference brings together international education policy-makers, practitioners, and experts from across the globe to the Asia-Pacific region to network and learn about new developments in education. ABROADER is proud to be the pioneer in the collaborative process of fostering Vietnam education internationally. 



Here at ABROADER, we believe that employees are key assets for the company. Taking good care of the staff is our top priority as we hope they can have a healthy work-life balance. The year 2019 marked the first company retreat abroad in Philippines- where our staff had tons of fun and explored a new culture with our motto: Learn from each other and grow together! 

In the coming year, we have many exciting new projects in the pipeline. We’re reaching out to have our projects initiated not just in Vietnam but also other countries in the region such as Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. We aspire to become the hub of ASEAN that connects ASEAN with the world. Now, as we look back and cherish the moments, we want to send our sincerest thanks to our partners and our students for putting their trust in ABROADER!