More than an ordinary remote internship...

Work from home without feeling disconnected. It was what our students shared about their experiences during cultural exchange activity with ABROADER. The geographical distance does not stop us from sharing about the local cultures and customs since weekly cultural sessions and buddy chats are dedicated to pull us closer no matter where we are staying in the globe . These events create an open hub for both international interns and domestic university students to spread their thoughts on various cultural aspects of a nation and broaden their network of global friends. 

This is a happy moment we had at a weekly cultural session

One of the lovely moment we had together on the cultural session

What is special about the cultural exchange activities at ABROADER?

As mentioned in Our Story, one of our core values is that we take the local community as a motivation to drive our work. These cultural events are consistent with our values, in which we desire to give local college students exposure to an international environment and broaden their horizons. The virtual local buddies have a chance to work in a team with their peers, domestically or internationally, to initiate their ideas, host an online meeting with a spontaneous support from ABROADER team, or prepare to perform together at a special event like a virtual farewell. 

ABROADER team works closely with local buddies to spend special things for our international students

Local buddies and ABROADER Team


The cultural sessions and buddy chats are casual but meaningful. The joyful atmosphere made both interns and local buddies willing to exchange their thoughts on various cultural aspects, and ask questions to explore the unknown of other cultures. These experiences are precious since international students could take a tour throughout Vietnamese cultures even though they could not be here physically and the local peers learn how to be awesome virtual tour guides.

What are the benefits of joining the cultural exchange program?

Real stories from the local

Getting to know different angles of a culture is one of the most significant merits of joining weekly cultural exchanges. Though it takes 0.79 seconds to get 158.000.000 results on Google when someone types “Vietnamese culture", listening to the real stories from the local people helps the students feel more engaged and know what is truly happening in Vietnam. The same goes for the local buddies. What they indicate from a movie, or social media does not always depict the culture as a whole. 

Our students learned about Vietnamese New Year in their remote internships

Our students learned about Tet - Vietnamese New Year

Changes in personal development

Moreover, the cultural events, to some extent, have made an important impact on the participants' personal development, especially communication skills. Different time zones may cause a bit of struggling in the first place but then adaptation is the key to clear out the barriers. Maximize the time when all are present at the Zoom meeting. Get to know more about each other on other social networks. Keep in mind the time that works best for both. Those are what they did to improve the interaction and stay connected with their friends. 

We love to share about FOOD cultures from different parts of the world

We are excited to share on Whatsapp about diverse food cultures

A spread of joy

Moreover, the joy of participating in cultural events was spread to our students’ family and friends. We feel grateful to hear back from our students that they shared with their family and friends about what they learned about Vietnam. It did bring lots of laughter and happy moments to their loved ones. Brian is a freshman at Princeton University. He once happily shared that he often told his twin sister what he learned after each cultural session and chats with the local buddy team in Vietnam. More than that, he gave it a try singing the “Happy Birthday Song” in Vietnamese to his father, who grew up in the South of Vietnam 30 years ago. What's so funny was his father's reaction: “That is not Vietnamese”. Well actually Brian’s accent is closer to the Northern accent of the language.


 Brian talked about what he shared with his family

Memorable experiences we had at the cultural session and buddy chat

A virtual Vietnamese music tour for remote interns

Explore Vietnamese music on the very first cultural session

We had so much fun after the breakout room to figure out the riddle

Get back after dealing with the riddle, and we all laugh :)

ABROADER staff hosted a cooking session for remote internships

Have fun learning to cook Vietnamese Fresh Rice Spring Rolls


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