About iSEE  

iSEE, which stands for The Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment, is an NGO that promotes the rights of minority groups in Vietnam to envision an equal, free and tolerant society in which human rights and differences are valued. 

iSEE’s philosophy: Freedom, Equality and Tolerance 

Here at iSEE, they promote 3 core values, which are Freedom, Equality and Tolerance. 

Regarding Freedom, iSEE is an advocate of the freedom to discover and express oneself since it is the basis that understanding others thrives on. They encourage freedom via assisting those who are marginalized and underprivileged to have their voice heard. 

What they mean by Equality is a radical stance against discrimination in any kinds. They also promote equal access to opportunity and equality in voice and respect for others without a compromise of everyone’s diversity.   

Last but not least is their embrace of tolerance and diversity. They are committed to create a tolerant society in Vietnam where everyone respects and understands others beyond differences in culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, religion and belief.


Student’s experience: A unique guidebook for victims of gender-based violence to fight trauma


In 2019, iSEE initiated a project on the topic of Victim Blaming and Confidant in response to recent local incidents and under the theme of Gender Justice. Students could choose to identify a smaller respect and run the projects whether via online and offline activities. 

3 Northwestern students and 1 local buddy were placed at iSEE right at its early stage of the project. They were passionate about empowering the minorities so the project really matched their backgrounds. It didn’t take them long to realize there was a shortage of data due to social taboos, which incited them to design a guidebook that presents case study and how Gender-based violence victims and confidants can deal with such traumatic situation. 

This is the very first guidebook on the topic written and published in Vietnam that is going to help thousand people who are suffering.  


About Service Learning Program

Service learning is a unique combination of study abroad and community-based volunteer work where participants get to immerse yourself into the local community while developing professional and personal skills.

At its core, service learning focuses on the local community and their needs. Thus, service learning programs are adaptable to the local community’s settings as well as participants’ backgrounds.

What makes Service Learning different from Volunteer? It’s the “learning” part. Upon working locally and reflecting from experiences in a structured format, participants gain an understanding of the local community, the social issues faced and approaches to resolve these issues.

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