About The Will To Live Center

“We provide comprehensive support for people with disabilities”.

The Will to Live Center (WLC) is a nonprofit organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam, that provides free computers and life skills training courses to people with disabilities to help them find employment and integrate fully into society. The WLC also runs several social initiatives to end the discrimination and stigma people with disabilities face daily. Their missions are to support and assist people with disabilities, to completely integrate into our society through employment services and social initiatives. Also, helping people living with disabilities and providing them with technology and life skills to ensure equal opportunities and access in the technical field and society as a whole is their vision. The organization focuses on programs: Training Program, Social Initiatives, and Employment Program.



What Remote Interns experienced at WLC

Recently Will To Live Center has welcomed two interns from ABROADER: Olivia Ellis and Rose Benas. They made significant contributions to the operations to support areas of work that Will to Live Center cannot afford to hire staff. 

In particular, our interns worked with the center’s students with varying degrees of disabilities and taught English to help students build up their English skills through online classes. Their tasks are not only to help students improve their English but also help them be more confident as well as enhance their wellbeing while being physically restricted at home due to covid. Outside of classes, the interns also assisted with the center’s various communication and fundraising activities, trying new online methods to help their donors and students engaged online. 

 An online English class led by our intern, Olivia

                                                                   An online English class led by our intern, Olivia


Practice speaking English with international interns

What makes a successful remote intern?

According to Ms. Mai - the Will To Live program manager and supervisor: “More than technical skills, it is adaptability and other soft skills such as communication that makes or breaks an internship”. 

This is also what we reiterated in our skill-building sessions with students. Building online classes with totally new student audiences across different time zones and cultures is certainly no small task, but these qualities helped our interns overcome and deliver.                                                                                                                                     Practice speaking English with international interns


Host Organization’s Sharing Challenges 

Are there any challenges working with an international intern?

"As interns came from the US having a different time zone from Vietnam, we had to figure out a schedule for the English classes for students at a reasonable time for both interns and students. There were plenty of frequent meetings held and instant messengers used since they need to work remotely to keep in touch. The USA is 11 hours later than Vietnamese hours; therefore, she sometimes had to wait for interns’ responses, or interns also had to wait for our reply". - Ms. Mai, the supervisor said.

Many interactive and interesting activities

Despite the given job descriptions shared with interns, the organization wanted to welcome international interns so that they could share new ideas and perspectives. Thus, The Will To Live Center was always willing to provide any support from giving feedback to scheduling which interns need. After several meetings when they had worked closely together, the host and interns figured out a working rhythm that allowed them to work smoothly across time zones. 

To make classes more interactive and attractive, interns had used different teaching methods such as online games, drawing, and speaking tests.                                                                                                                              Many interactive and interesting activities

In case students did not understand what international interns said, a Vietnamese supporter was also available at the virtual classes to help with translation and instructions.


Nothing is impossible!

In The end, the host organization was pleasantly impressed with the skills and attitude of these interns. It is easy to see the differences the interns had made: looking at the confidence level of the center’s students when speaking English through voice messages and the website which is now looking more professional and easy to use.






Ms. Mai said: I am very surprised and happy. They were both very enthusiastic, organized, and eager to learn. They adapted really well to the new working environments and cultures. Our students will really miss Olive and Rose”.

In the internship final evaluation, ABROADER collected all the most beautiful and precious moments that we had with interns during the journey. A thank-you could not be enough for us to express our gratitude and sincerity. 

Truth be told, we truly cherish our interns’ endeavor in making this world a better place.



Mai Dam, a supervisor at The Will To Live Center


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