About VNP Group

Founded in 2006, VNP Group is one of the first-generation start-ups in Vietnam. Now VNP Group operates like an incubator that helps establish successful start-ups in Vietnam, and its portfolios include Internet platforms, Payment intermediaries, and Software as a Service (SaaS).


What Interns experienced at VNP Group

Since 2017, ABROADER has had an opportunity to cooperate with VNP Group to run the Ivey Global Lab with international interns. Each year is a new challenge for both the VNP Group and the interns but in a good way. 

VNP Group works as an incubator supporting many start-ups to come up with business ideas and conduct new projects. Hence, every day, the company encounters new problems such as continuously improving the user experience of the platforms, preparing a pitch deck for a start-up, or doing new market research. Therefore, they find it helpful to have well-trained in-person or remote interns who come to VNP and actively help them solve the above problems.

Mr. Cao Vi Long, Chief Strategy Officer at VNP Group, said that the working culture at the company is to believe in young people, give them opportunities to take leadership roles, and foreign interns at VNP Group are no exceptions. While working with the international interns, the supervisors at VNP tell them the problems that need to be solved, let them take the lead in finding solutions, and provide them with support or guidance during the internship. According to the supervisors, as the tasks given to interns are significant, but not urgent, VNP Group is willing to invest its time and resources to cooperate with the interns. This way, their work becomes valuable materials that benefit the organization in the long run. More importantly, provided in the worst scenario, if they fail to suggest solutions, it will cause no trouble for the company. 


What makes a successful internship

Furthermore, the supervisors found it interesting that there were times the interns “disobeyed'' what they were told to do to find out the deep root of the problem that the company is facing. Mr. Long told us that in 2018 when there was a project of preparing a pitch deck and investment FAQ for a SaaS in the F&B industry. This project required these interns to do a lot of market research and interview all key stakeholders to have a deep understanding of the business and the market. After two weeks, the interns reported that the business model was not feasible and should be changed. Mr. Long appreciated their efforts and problem-solving ability in figuring out the root of the problem: “to develop a feasible business model instead of “to prepare a pitch deck".

In short, to ace the internship program, sometimes, the interns need to have the problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and open communication to talk over with their supervisors rather than waste time doing only what the host organizations asked them to do.

Further sharing from Mr. Long while remotely working with interns: “Nowadays, under the COVID-19 situation, our working style does not have to change much. Since interns proactively do their tasks, where and when they work is not a matter. We usually conduct a daily meeting which only takes 15 minutes to make sure everything is on the right track, and keep the communication going smoothly. The only thing that I missed is beer after work with interns and weekend trips out of the city with them”.


Messages from the supervisor at VNP Group



For international interns who have joined or have planned to join a remote internship:

“Try your best and don't worry if you make some mistakes. We all make mistakes, and actually... my mistakes may even cost more than yours”.

For other upcoming partners with ABROADER:

“You can trust the young generation. Give them challenging tasks, and you may be surprised with what they can do”.      




Cao Vi Long, Chief Strategy Officer at VNP Group




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