Hellen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Every journey you take allows you to find your “wow” moments and unfold your myth. We hope you have that life-changing experience in a world where traveling is no longer limited to physical movement from one place to another. We, ABROADER, invite you to join a virtual “flight” to Go Nam!

About Go Nam 2022

Go Nam 2022 is a series of free online events open to international students who are seeking internship opportunities and cultural immersion experiences. With a fun and engaging “flight” concept, our crew - friendly and warm-hearted locals, welcome all the “passengers” aboard to explore a promising Vietnam for both your career development and cultural immersion. 


A unique “flight” schedule 

From October 28 to December 2, 2021, regular “flights” to Go Nam are set on every Thursday from 8:30 to 09:30 AM (GMT +7). Every single flight is well designed to bring our passengers the most memorable journey: 

Let us show you the special roadmap for all passengers: 

  • October 28 - Vietnamese Language
  • November 4 - Internships in Vietnam
  • November 11 - Cuisine
  • November 18 - Internships in Vietnam
  • November 25 - A Day in the Life
  • Dec 2 - Internships in Vietnam

Event timeline

Roadmap for the journey Go Nam 2022

All the passengers will be visiting Vietnam, a beautiful country with its unique language - Tiếng Việt, its delicious local cuisine, and lively lifestyles. Besides, you will have a chance to talk to experienced program managers and alumni to learn more about internship opportunities in Vietnam, scholarships & financial aids, and former interns’ experience when doing internships in Vietnam.  



From Zoom Video Conferencing, our “airport”, where we’ll meet and explore new things together. You stay in the comfort of your own home while we take you to Vietnam and provide you with all the information you need to know.


Ticket booking 

We offer you zero-dollar tickets to Go Nam and find your take-aways from this journey. Go to https://event.abroader.org/  to book and reserve your seats!


A "flight" full of surprises!

Your journey to Go Nam is like a challenge where you expand your comfort zone to meet up with new people and explore the country. Every registered flight” you complete, we would reward you with a present! Are you excited to start the journey? 


ABROADER Airline Customer Service (AACS)

AACS provides customer support to all the passengers before, during, and after the flight. Stay connected with us.



Stay safe and sound!