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Max, a students from Republic Polytechnic doing his internship onsite Hanoi, had the most endearing IT internship in Vietnam. Follow his amazing journey Max to learn more about his intellectual adventure and professional gains over the past 5 months. If you are in search of IT internship in Vietnam, this post gets you right. 


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At NASHTECH, a top-notch Vietnamese company in the field of IT, Max was mentored by Mr. Long Nguyen Tuan, an Engineering Manager with years of work experiences in IT sector. Regarding his main task, Max is in charge of designing websites, using basic skills such as converting PSD to CSS and building an application by model framework, namely Angular and React. The training agenda was specifically designed and tailored to his capacity and his career orientation as a front-end developer, said Mr. Long. 

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A self-discovery journey throughout his time in Vietnam 

Referring to the differences in work culture between Vietnam and Singapore, Max stated Vietnam work settings has granted him opportunities to optimize his workload. At NASHTECH, communication reigns supreme at every step of the project. Thus, one should never be hesitant to ask questions due to the fear of falling short to their supervisors’ expectations. Since communication is open at every stage, the final outcome turns out to be in its best quality. This team-working method that stresses communication makes the company a well-oiled machine, said Max. 

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He also spent more time brushing upon the quality of his work after 5 months working as an international intern in Vietnam. Basically, in Singapore, he is up to new tasks after finishing one. On the contrary, in Vietnamese work culture, his supervisor will tell him to see whether there is any room for improvements. Therefore, he did not be in a rush all the time. It enabled him to have more time to relax. For instance, Max can hang out with his local buddies and fill his time with local discoveries. It turns out, as he said, learning to relax is also a skill that he should have.  


Hang out with Local buddies during his internship in asia, vietnam

Max’s growth after his IT internship in Vietnam 

Mr. Long, his supervisor, commented on his hard-working attitude and his ability to work closely with others. For him, changes in the quality of his works and how he communicates can be seen monthly. He performed the tasks better and better than the first month, which fulfilled his supervisors’ expectations. 

An internship abroad should be a combination of professional development, local immersion and self-discoveries. Max got a chance to experience all. How about you? Want to intern in Southeast Asia? Don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and make your own adventure doing internship in Vietnam!

Why choosing Vietnam to have an internship overseas this summer?

From whirring sounds of engines of motorbikes to the smells of local street food and breathtaking scenery - Vietnam is a country of unique and intrinsic charms that are waiting for you to discover. 

An internship in Vietnam with ABROADER is a journey of a lifetime. It would be a life in a year that you never forget with professional and experiential knowledge, local discoveries and friendships that last a lifetime!


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