It is only one month away till Vietnamese’s biggest holiday, Tet, a.k.a Vietnamese New Year! And you are invited to ABROADER's Virtual Tet Party this February!

To all Vietnamese, Tet is a time for a reunion, for getting together with our family after a long year of being apart. You have probably heard about Tet before. You probably even visited Vietnam during Tet. However, Tet can be very much different this year, which raises the curiosity in many as to how it will be celebrated.

With you in mind, ABROADER will be throwing a virtual Tet party, which you can join from the comfort of your home.

What will be the activities?

  • Learn about our culture & get your own Lì Xì - lucky money! 
  • Food for Tet: Our favorite, the cuisine! Take a virtual tour to experience a Vietnamese family meal!
  • A holiday of family: Explore how people gather during new year and Vietnamese family traditions
  • Tet Market: See how Tet is prepared & getting your blessings in calligraphy
  • DO’s and DON'Ts in Vietnamese New Year! This will surely come in handy when you visit Vietnam in the future at the beginning of the year. 

And many other activities to surprise the participants!

Where will it be held? Over Zoom (Link is sent after successful registration.)

When will it occur? February 3, 2021, 8PM - 9:30PM EST

Who is this for? This event is open to the public and it will be particularly interesting for:

  • University students interested in travel and cultural exchanges
  • University staff who are curious about ways to integrate global elements in your programs

What can you gain from this event? 

  • Connecting with not only Vietnamese but also international friends 
  • See for yourself how a typical Tet holiday is like 
  • Experience a unique and interactive cultural session 

How to register? The registration deadline is February 2. To keep the session interactive, there is a cap on participant number so get your Limited Ticket now!

If you still haven’t set your schedule for February 4, please don’t hesitate to sign up for our virtual Tet party. We would love for you to come on board and help you have a joyous and meaningful time. Let’s kickoff 2021 with a great start!