Audrey Danner once said: “We need a diverse group of people to talk to each other and realize that we’re all connected.” This quote made us think of a memorable summer at ABROADER when we launched our remote internship program. One of the things that we value is the “connection” between international interns from the US with the local community in Vietnam. In the end, we think we made it! With the cultural exchange activities, the connection between people from different backgrounds is built. If you are here for the very first time, keep reading for what you are going to see is a whole new world: a virtual tour through Vietnamese music - the first music cultural exchange event at ABROADER!

Music Cultural exchange: A virtual music tour from the past to the present

At the first cultural exchange activity, the local buddy shared with foreign friends about all significant types of Vietnamese music such as imperial court music, folk music, and modern music. It was enjoyable to experience something very unique about Vietnamese culture. Even though our students couldn’t understand the language, they loved to know more about the diverse, sophisticated musical instruments that commence the performances. More than a relaxing time to go through different kinds of music, our students also learned about the history and lifestyle of various regions in Vietnam. 

A sharing about imperial court music to US students

A sharing about imperial court music at the first cultural session

Vietnam has many ethnic groups living in harmony in the same land, which enriches the cultural features for each group when it comes to music life. Our students from the US were excited to see how diverse Vietnamese costumes and musical instruments are!

In addition, modern Vietnamese music brought a wave of excitement to all international interns. Marshall, a student from Princeton University even searched more about a famous singer in Vietnamese modern music introduced at the cultural session. He loves the music and its lyrics as well. You may wonder what song we played at the session. Let’s enjoy it and find out your own feelings for this kind of music!


The first challenge and it was really fun!

Was it too much to ask our students to sing a song in Vietnamese when they have little knowledge about the language? We would say a big “No” since our student had nailed it! We actually had a strong impression  as going through all the videos and records that our remote interns sent us.

This challenge was a spread of joy. Our students shared with us that the song had brought a lot of laughter and happy moments to their family members. Esmeralda sang the song to her father on his birthday in Vietnamese, which is something that he had never heard before. What a surprise!

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We appreciate our students' efforts to overcome the challenges by sending them little gifts. They were happy with surprises when they got the postcards, some even got it when the internships were finished. Jae Yoon, he notified the program coordinator at ABROADER right away when he got the postcard with all his excitement: “Julie, I received the letter today. It was lovely and so nice to receive a letter in like 5 years”. 

ABROADER staff taking photos with postcards sent to students from the USA

Vietnamese postcards sent to the US students

The first cultural session to break the ice between us! It was not hard to stay connected as long as we are open to share and embrace to learn the differences. Our students had made a good job of doing that. Are you ready to do yours?


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