Are you looking for a flexible internship that works best for you? Then don't miss a chance to learn more about your opportunities to do part-time remote internships with ABROADER. We acknowledge the importance of thorough preparation for your future career to work in a diverse cultural context. Therefore, with a part-time remote internship, you can gain more insights into the work environment and cultural diversity while being a college student. 

About part-time remote internships

When choosing a part-time remote internship, you are more flexible with the work hours. Usually, you opt to work with your host company from 9 to 12 hours per week in eight weeks. There are abundant opportunities for you to choose the field of work that you would like to get more insights into the major in your internship.  ABROADER will connect you to the local company in Vietnam that best suits your expectations. Moreover, even though you work remotely, you are not likely to fall into loneliness. Weekly cultural sessions and buddy chats are available at ABROADER, let alone the ongoing support from your host companies/organizations. 

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Benefits of doing a part-time remote internship

  • Study at uni and expose to an international work environment at the same time (Especially to freshmen). The remote internship could be about sth related to your major or a new field that sounds interesting enough. 
  • Maximize your day due to time zone differences
  • Build the connection with experts in your fields
  • Broaden your global network of friends
  • Gain work skills/ personal development in the context of work from home

You might think: “why should I choose to do a part-time remote internship?”

It is normal to see college students have a part-time job nowadays. A part-time remote internship stands out with the merits below:

Gain more exposure to an international work environment

Since the world is becoming more and more globalized, having experience with working in different work cultures is an advantage. More importantly, isn’t it wonderful to have this experience since you are a freshman? In the very first year at university, you either want to obtain knowledge about your major or try learning something new. In other words, a part-time internship awards you an opportunity to make it real!

Maximize your day due to time zone differences.

Your work hours are more flexible than a traditional internship; therefore, you can structure your day as you wish. Besides your class schedule, you can spend two or more hours in the evening time working on your remote internship and learning something new. 

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Build connections with experts in your internship field and global friends. 

Though your part-time remote internship is in a short time, you are connected to your supervisors and colleagues with expertise in your interested field. This connection is meaningful when you can get some advice, instructions from them and also exchange the conversation to see different angles of an issue. Moreover, to bring the local vibes to you, the local buddy team act as your virtual tour guide, more importantly, as a friend in need. It is a remote work but it makes people even feel strongly connected.

Gain work skills and personal development in the context of work from home. 

Online working skills are essential to every career in this digital age, while international experiences differentiate you from those who do internships in their home country. In addition, a remote internship proves your work ethics and adaptability in different working modes and environments. You learn more about how to structure your day so that all tasks are completed and how to communicate with colleagues virtually. 

Opportunities are available for you if you are looking for a remote internship this summer. Grab your chance to have life-changing experience no matter what situation you are in 


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