As we are approaching the end of 2020, there is nothing more festive than greeting you with great news! We are so glad to announce that our onsite internship & study abroad programs are opening in summer 2021! If you are looking for an internship in Vietnam or to study in our country, these programs are not to be missed.



Vietnam has developed and tested the new COVID-19 vaccine

On December 10, Vietnam officially released its first COVID-19 vaccine, which was developed by more than 300 staff at Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Company for over six months. The first human trial was carried out on December 17. The vaccine is expected to be priced at a maximum of VND 500,000 per dose and is scheduled to go into mass production in May 2021, according to Vnexpress


Vietnam is granting entry permission to international students

In November, the government issued an official announcement informing that a university or company in Vietnam that is welcoming international students can apply for entry permission. We have translated another official document showing the process of what international students should expect before and upon arriving in Vietnam, as shown below.

Source: Ministry of Health 

Therefore, we are happy to announce the return of our onsite program in the summer of 2021. Students will still have to follow the 2-week quarantine in government-recommended hotels, and then they can go to work at companies as usual. We have carefully conducted safety control measures and developed a full-package settlement process to assist students. 


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