International Day 2021: Virtual Cross-Cultural Exchange - Spotlight Recap!

During this summer of 2021, A BROADER has held a mixed variety of cultural sessions. One of the most outstanding sessions making us proud the most was International Day 2021. Throughout the 2 hours, 60 participants from 4 continents got together to share their cultures through stories, dances, food, mini-games, and much more! 


Here is a quick tour of performances our students distinctively brought to International day if you missed the live show! 

Highlight moments

Our local buddies - diligent little birds - worked together with international interns and then founded teams. Each team brought special performances and presented their unique cultural stories. 

To raise the curtain of International Day 2021, Unicorn guided everyone with a boarding card of a flight from Egypt to the U.S culture. A breathtaking and gorgeous landscape through the airplane window opened up before everyone based on the Unicorn's words. 

T4TH and Clowns Inc. brought an insightful and interactive presentation about the U.S culture consisting of Independence Day in the U.S - 4th July and followed by a fascinating Kahoot game, which not only congratulated the festival mood but also fed our brains with pop culture quizzes.

The Blenders and Snack war did a great job by preparing a stunning cooking session called Burger making and Snack preparation. How does a burger represent the U.S when it is so diverse, you may ask? Five of our students each brought their unique ingredients such as tomatoes from Chicago, a bagel from New York, meat patties from central Ohio, etc. Together they make a genuine mouth-watering American burger.

The Culture Tellers told us so many cultural stories from the U.S, Vietnam, and China and the differences between these two cultures with a sense of humor. Have you ever heard stories told in Mandarin, Vietnamese, English, and Arabic - We have not until now! These deserved to be the best virtual cultural tour ever!

Last but not least, a talented local buddy team played a parody talking about two featured Vietnamese cultures: Ninja Lead Women and Nhậu - drinking culture. International Day was such an appropriate occasion for Vietnamese buddies to show their cultural highlights to foreigners.


Well, What is your favorite session? We do not have one. All sessions are put extremely uniquely and creatively together by our students and local buddies that cannot be mistaken. On top of that, everyone did them all while being across the world and doing a remote internship. We are admirers of their creativity and management skills! 

Key Takeaways

  • Absorb more knowledge about various cultures around the globe.
  • Shorten the gap between Vietnamese and other international friends.
  • Integrate a colorful and vivid virtual international cultural party once in a lifetime.


In short, internship programs are rare opportunities not only for gaining working experiences but also an opportunity to broaden your horizon about the diversity of culture and the way you embrace it.

And that is a wrap for our summer party! What is on your plan? 

If you are interested in making international friends, learning more about new cultures, and stepping up your global skills, you can learn more about our remote global internship here.