Advice on how to make a remote internship successful!


In this day and age of the new normal state, when everything is transformed to digital from study to work, especially a remote or virtual internship will be considered a crucial way for students to adapt and survive in the long term. A practical remote internship provides you an opportunity of getting engaged in the working environment and having an overview of your dream job even whatever happens. Finding for yourself a suitable workplace, integrating into the company culture, learning how to open your colleague network, maximizing your learning ability, and showing your potential competencies to the manager can help you take advantage of the internship the most. In the following lines, we will give you some tips on how to ace your internship by an alumni intern at ABROADER - Dan Chau.


Đan Châu - an alumni intern in the 2021 summer remote internship at ABROADER! 

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Keep your mind open

What I learned from my internship is that things sometimes do not go according to plans or will not be what you expect. Due to the sensitivity of certain social issues in Vietnam, working for an NGO advocating for Human Rights means that sometimes you have to accept sudden changes to your project plans or modifications to the content you create. It is a part of the job, and the projects must go smoothly. Especially, during the pandemic, health and safety protocols restrict many plans that the organization has planned out and limit the kind of space, communication, and tools we can work with. Thus, your project details may not be the same as the initial job description, your experiences may not be as "diverse" as what you have wished, or you can be assigned to do a few more or fewer tasks than you expected. Here It is always essential to keep an open mind and understand that these situations can happen anywhere in the workforce. In the end, flexibility and the ability to work virtually are two valuable skills that you need for your future career.


Be responsible with your job

This advice might sound a little obvious, but trust me, reminding yourself about your responsibilities is a crucial step to get the most out of your internship. I feel like most interns have this excitement and commitment when they first start working. However, when some of their expectations are not being met, or simply interns lose their interest in the job, they may get lost and start to question the internship point. Unfortunately, doing things reluctantly, you are just wasting your time and losing your chances to learn valuable knowledge. The host organization will also not want to assign you more significant and complex tasks if they look at your performance that you are not doing well. To avoid this situation, remind yourself that you are not doing this "for fun", and you are responsible for completing your tasks thoroughly and timely as your performance can affect your colleagues and the project as a whole. Only then you may see the meaning of your internship, gain motivation to work, and enjoy your time.


Be active 

During your internship, particularly in my case - at an NGO, there is a high chance that you will work with other volunteers, interns, or a supervisor/ boss that is very busy. Sometimes, communicating with these people may be a bit of a challenge, especially when you are working online. For example, when the other intern does not submit his or her tasks on time and you cannot reach them via their contact details or when the supervisor does not have the time to check your work regularly. In situations like these, you need to be active. You can create a task proposal with agreed-upon deadlines and ask others to work accordingly. You can also set up regular meetings at time slots convenient for your supervisor and use that time to report the team progress and ask for feedback. It is important to understand that the whole point of an internship is to help you gain experience during the first stages of your career, so don't be afraid to ask questions or request assistance, either from your supervisor or a supporting company like ABROADER. In my experience, sitting around and passively waiting for emails will only stress you out even more and delay your progress. Being active will save you time and make you stand out as a production intern.



Each remote opportunity is a precious experience. The first thing you need to do is to step out of your comfort and grab your chance to work in the international workplace, to broaden your horizons, and to break any limits. Come to ABROADER and make your dream come true!

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