An Enlightening Talk by Warren Eng: 5 Skills Needed To Work Globally

In a more and more globalized world, the physical borders among nations seem blurry. People now can work internationally right in the home country or from anywhere else with the support of technology. Are college students well aware of this working trend? What skills should they be equipped to fit in a flat world like this? 

On 14th September, ABROADER held a global seminar for more than 15 university students from Japan and Vietnam. We are honored to have the presence of Mr. Warren – our featured guest speaker to join our seminar to talk about skills needed to work globally. 


Warren is the Founder & CEO at Leaders Create Leaders. He has over 20 years of experience working in various industries in Vietnam and Asia. As an experienced, professional trainer, he has been conducting training programs for numerous international organizations in Vietnam and other Asian countries. He is highly appreciated by participants for being a friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic, dynamic trainer. The greatest thing he does in his training course is creating a lively learning atmosphere where the participants feel motivated! 

Guest Speaker: Warren Eng

Warren Eng - Founder & CEO at Leaders Create Leaders 


 If we are asked to describe his talk in one word, “enlightening” is the one that we go for. His speech leaves a “wow” effect in all the participants. More importantly, our students have learned a lot for their personal development. What messages did he deliver in his talk? 

5 Skills Needed For Your Global Business

 Skill #1: Proactiveness!

“Proactiveness is the skill that you do something without other people telling you what to do.” Warren had talked about responsibility this way: responsibility is not given from someone passing down to you but it’s YOU who TAKE it. The proactiveness is shown in the way you ask yourself: what else can I do? When you ask yourself this question, you’ll see the meaning of proactiveness is to be able to take responsibility and to choose how much further you want to go. 

As Warren said: “Look at the mirror and ask yourself What else can I do? If there is nothing else you can do, then you’re DONE your role!”

Skill #2:  Dance with your fear

Are you striving to be perfect? Are you afraid of making mistakes? This is what Warren said: “Perfection is the destination and perfecting is a journey.” We all know nobody is perfect! We have to allow ourselves and people around you to make mistakes. Dancing with your fear of making mistakes gradually helps you extend your comfort zone and break our own limits. When you feel fear, you are facing the border of your comfort zone. What is your choice? Stay in your comfort zone or stretch yourself to extend it? Extend it if you want to do something you’ve never done before, to say something you’ve never said before. 

 Skill # 3:  Courage to ask QUESTIONS

When someone asks: does anyone have any questions?, the atmosphere becomes silent sometimes. We are probably afraid of asking questions. What if the questions are not good enough? As Warren shared his belief, no question is stupid. It is always worth asking since different questions lead to different answers and solutions. We should train ourselves to ask various questions to get diverse perspectives. In this era, finding the right answer doesn’t matter the most but the skills that we need to develop is to find the right questions. The quality of the answer depends on the quality of the question you ask. Once you get the right question, you’ll find the right answer. 

Skill #4.  Ability to look at things from DIFFERENT angles

Only when we can train our minds to look at things from different perspectives, then you realize you can be right, so can the others. In a multicultural environment, it’s not about “I am right, you are wrong” or vice versa. Sometimes we can both be right. It depends on what angle you and people around you are looking at. This ability helps you to get a true meaning of communication in a cross-cultural environment: “how you can influence other people and how open you are to let other people influence you”

What does looking at things from different angles include?

Looking at different angles is about DIVERSITY. You understand there are a lot of people who have different backgrounds and ideas from us. You learn to see things from their perspectives. Diversity is not about “right” or “wrong” but it is about you adding on a new way of thinking and a new angle to address the matter. That is how diversity is linked with INCLUSIVENESS. We are all different but “same same” because we are humans with a mixture of emotions, excitement, shame, and fear inside us. Looking at different angles is also about EMPATHY. It is the ability to feel with the person. Warren said in his talk: “It is about holding space for space for your team members and telling them: I understand how you feel, I see you, I hear you, I know it is not easy, I know it is a big challenge for you.” By doing that, you have the connection with the people, to acknowledge people’s emotions. “Meet them where they are” is the first step of showing your empathy to people around you. Then you can challenge them: “what is the next step for us?”, “what are the changes you want to make?”. By doing that you gradually extend their comfort zone.  

Skill # 5. Association

It is the ability to relate new things with things we’ve already known. In the fast pace of change, we need to learn how to connect people, ideas from different locations and different countries. That’s how you learn to adapt in a new environment. 

A great impression on the audience!

Those five skills shared by Warren have a great impact on our students. We would love to send Warren these appreciation words for your inspiring talk in this Padlet!

Our Japanese students sent their appreciation to Mr. Warren for his amazing talk

Padlet - where we sent your appreacition for Mr. Warren!

From one of our Japanese students to Mr. Warren:

Dear Mr. Warren

Thank you so much for taking the time on your busy schedule to talk to us!

I was a little bit nervous at first, but after the dance I was in a more relaxed state. I found not only the 5 Global Skills, but also the quotes and messages you shared with us throughout today's Zoom session extremely meaningful and wrote a lot of them down! 

Developing a concrete image of what it is to be a more globalized being and sharing it with everyone made me re-realize, as you have mentioned, that we are all the same but at the same time uniquely different? Being a shy person and from past experiences, I've been terrified of not being able to meet people's expectations. However, from now on I will change my perspective little by little and think of it as an opportunity for me to grow and learn more! Baby steps?

Thank you again for the wonderful time!”


we would like to send our sincere thanks for your presence at our seminar. It was a successful talk with positive impacts on our students!