Virtual Internships Summer 2020: A wrap-up for cultural exchanges


If we are asked to describe virtual internships summer 2020 at ABROADER in one sentence, we simply put: “It was the start of something new and sweet”. Looking back the whole journey ABROADER accompanied students from the US, things we have had together are beyond our expectations. Let’s turn back the clock to the start of this remote internship and highlight some of the milestones in our new adventure!

A weekly cultural exchange at ABROADER during the remote internship summer 2020

A starting point of a meaningful journey

Online volunteers: A new experience in virtual internships summer 2020

No matter how much our local buddies love to have in-person interaction, they are ready to adapt to the situation and pull their hearts together to make it a memorable time. Before the virtual meet-up with international students, our local buddies had worked together in order to prepare for the cultural sessions and buddy chats occurring weekly at ABROADER. Online communication might be awkward at first but in the end, it was all good. From our local buddies’ sharing, they felt thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of ABROADER’s remote internship program. They had new networks of global friends, chances to share about Vietnamese cultures and skills to organize a virtual meeting. 

An emotional message from Mie, one of our local buddies, is: “When being a local buddy,in addition to helping the international students  know more about Vietnamese culture, I myself have gained a lot of valuable things. I have met more friends, got more connections and practiced more about teamwork.  I will never forget how we laughed so hard in the Vietnamese lesson, our blind date, and our preparation for the performance in the farewell. Thank ABROADER for giving me a chance to be a part of this incredible experience.”

Mie and her team were on a Zoom call to prepare for ABROADER's Got Talent

Mie was excited to prepare for ABROADER's Got Talent with international friends

Virtual cultural exchange: Distance is just a test of how far love can travel!

It is hard to say we are close friends since the very beginning but through time, our connection is something concrete. Two months is not a short while, and we feel so happy seeing how open we are to each other when time passes by. Definitely, the time spent on cultural sessions and buddy chat count for pulling us together from “strangers” to “closer”.

Young hearts have a thirst for sharing…

We were all on a virtual tour throughout different aspects of the Vietnamese cultures and the others. At the beginning of the adventure, we took you on a tour to enjoy Vietnamese music from the old times until nowadays. 

A cultural exchange about Vietnamese music 

We had a joyful memory when learning the local language: Vietnamese for the very first time. To our surprise, all the international interns were so into it, especially when they tried to sing the Happy Birthday song in Vietnamese.

International interns and ABROADER Team had fun learning the happy birthday song in Vietnamese together

A new experience: learning a Vietnamese song

Moreover, we did share a lot about family values and exchange how different cultures have different ways to express these values and customs.

The most memorable session was when we shared about Vietnamese New Year (Tet) and solved such a tricky riddle. Lots of laughters for that day ^^

Local buddies shared about Vietnamese New Year to foreign interns doing virtual internship summer 2020

Vietnamese New Year at a virtual cultural exchange

One sure thing, food is the fastest way to shorten the gap between us. Going through our chats on the Vietnamese cooking session, we were eager to make our plan for an international cooking day happen, even if it is done virtually.

Let’s enjoy what our students shared after the session: How to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls: 

“The finished dish looks so beautiful! And thank you guys for the session, it was lots of fun! I hope to make Vietnamese spring rolls soon!!”

~ Joanna, a student for Princeton University

“They look delicious! One of my favorite cultural sessions!”

~ Brian, a student for Princeton University

“Thank you for such an amazing session! Definitely my favorite so far - I felt very immersed in the culture by watching you guys make it and learning more about Vietnamese cuisine :)” 

~ Sara, a student from the University of Central Michigan

The best impact of the cooking session was when our international students gave it a try to make Vietnamese food and drinks!

A student from Princeton University was excited to make Vietnamese Coffee after the cultural exchange session

Vietnamese Egg Coffee made by a student from Princeton University

Learning how to make a Vietnamese Spring Rolls and this is what our international interns made after the cultural session

Vietnamese Spring Rolls - A masterpiece made by a student from Princeton University

Another unique experience: Virtual dating - Getting to know more about us! This is where deep thoughts are shared, stories are told, and mutual understandings are built. Does it sound serious? Not at all. We actually laughed a lot since it’s a fun experience!

A fun, memorable at the session virtual dating

A virtual dating is not that awkward

Virtual Farewell: It is not the end. It is the start of something new!

It was amazing to see how the local buddies and international interns killed the ABROADER’s Got Talent. Each performance made the “wow” effect to all the judges.


Một Đêm Say (A Drunk Night) by JAMM

Last but certainly not least, it was emotional when we let our feelings out, sharing what we’ve learned and felt thankful for. Whenever we take a look back at the Padlet, where we wrote our thoughts on, all the memories are brought back so vividly.

International students and ABROADER Team had poured their heart out to share there feelings after doing remote internship IN Vietnam

A padlet full of love

It’s “too sweet” but it’s definitely organic and healthy!

We can’t help falling in love with you! This is a wrap-up performance from ABROADER to all the international students and the local buddies. Thank you for an unforgettable journey!


Can't help falling in love with you by ABROADER Team



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