A remote internship in Vietnam will leave you the best impression!

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Vietnam has been the destination for many because of its gorgeous sights, famous cuisine, exquisite culture, and hospitable people. What’s more, Vietnam is also known as the up-and-coming hub to kickstart your professional career.

With the pandemic going on in the world, working remotely has been quite normalized. A virtual internship at this point is more beneficial than ever. Working on projects for an international organization from your own place, applying what you have learned to real work, gaining hands-on experience, developing your skills, and learning what it’s like to work remotely across time zones and cultures are some of the visible advantages. 

In this article, we would like to present to you a few more reasons why you should do a remote internship in Vietnam as soon as possible.


Affordability & Financial support

When it comes to an internship abroad, money can be a huge problem. Especially with COVID-19, many people have been struggling with managing their finances. 

Understanding that, ABROADER’s programs are made affordable for students to gain overseas professional experience. So if you are looking for such an opportunity but are hesitant because of the price, no worries, we’ve got your back!

For a remote internship in particular, a lot of the logistics that would otherwise be hindrances, such as visa, airflight etc. are taken out of the picture. Remote Internships are therefore, significantly more affordable compared to an in-person internship. Our standard program is priced at $999 and there are a wide range of scholarships that you can apply to get financial aid.


Cross-cultural skills development 

We believe an internship goes beyond acquiring professional skills and gaining hands-on experience. With the technological advancement we have seen and have been using today, an internship should also be about immersing yourself culturally. 

As there is an increasing number of multinational or international companies, global competence is not only a perk, it is a must have.  Interning with an international organization will allow you to adapt to a different work style, how to communicate your ideas effectively and build professional relationships in an international environment. Even if you do not plan to work overseas, the interpersonal skills gained will help you tremendously to deal with various work situations in the future.

Besides working at your host organization, the cultural sessions are another complement to help you develop your understanding of Vietnamese culture.

These sessions are designated to our participants only. You will be able to attend virtual cultural exchanges, where you can meet our local buddies, share and discuss different cultures, and learn about diversity and inclusiveness. You can also develop cross-cultural communication, which ultimately helps you work more effectively with your colleagues and prepare you for the future. If you want to get an overview of how such a cultural session works, visit our blog.

Remote traveling

We’re sure that you miss traveling as much as we do. With the pandemic going on, it seems to take a little while longer for us to travel like before. Though the physical factor is missing, a remote internship in Vietnam can be used as a chance for traveling.

Here’s an idea, order a banh mi or a bowl of pho for lunch before or after your team meeting, or even better, during ABROADER’s cultural sessions. Eating local food, talking to local people, learning about the culture, that’s pretty close to real traveling we’d say.

Our cultural sessions even take you further than just our own country. Since you get to meet other participants and interns coming from all around the world, you get to hear about their perspectives and lives. We have people from Australia, the US, Japan, Africa, you name it. How wonderful it is to meet so many people from different cultures even when our current situation prohibits us from. 

Let us show you a snippet of what our cultural session looks like: 


A wide range of remote internship opportunities

When many parts of the world are facing unemployment, Vietnam has abundant new jobs especially for foreigners because of its continuous economic growth. 

In contrast to other ASEAN economies, Vietnam has succeeded in keeping the virus under control, as reported by Nikkei ASIA. A study published in October 2020 by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported that Vietnam continues to be the only country in Southeast Asia that was forecast to see positive growth in 2020, at 1.6%, and 6.7% by 2021.

With that, professional opportunities are abundant. Fields where students are needed the most include:

  • Business: Startup, Business analytics, Consulting, Digital marketing
  • Engineering & IT (software development, AI, ML, data etc.)
  • Sustainable developments: Public health, renewable energy, minority rights



When you do an internship in your city, it is hard to arrange your work schedule and online classes. Ultimately, because of the overlap, you can only opt for either studying full time or working full time. 

However, when you choose to do a part-time remote internship in Vietnam, there’s the time difference. Let’s say you’re in Sydney, which is 4 hours faster than Hanoi. By the time you get to work, you will have finished your morning classes and had your lunch break, all powered up to start working. 

This means you can get hands-on experience and apply all the theories you have learned to real life. That has to be the most ideal way to study.


Though the future is still unpredictable, a remote internship is one opportunity that is worth considering if the bullet points above are on your checklist. Doing a remote internship is undoubtedly not the same as taking an in-person internship abroad, however, it comes with its own perks. If you are looking for chances to:


  • Get hands-on internship experiences with real projects that can be added to your portfolio
  • Prepare for an international career & develop cross-cultural skills
  • Travel and learn about a new culture from home
  • Work in flexible hours while studying/ balancing other commitments 
  • Find opportunities with affordable fees & scholarship

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