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Celebrating Teachers’ Day in Vietnam

ABROADER November 20, 2022 3 minute read

Being a teacher is a noble job, a work that brings to society the general workers, politicians, directors, athletes, and movie stars, and also a position that is often away from the limelight. Today is a day to pay tribute to all of them.

Every year, on November 20th, millions of people all over Vietnam celebrate National Teachers’ Day. We give flowers, gifts, and gratitude, and the quiet yet enormously significant contribution to our noble teachers in particular, and anyone who works in the education field in general. We respect what they have been making for society with their career. The Vietnamese have had a long history of paying gratitude to educators dating back from the time of Confucian.

How do Vietnamese celebrate this special day?

The Vietnamese have a long list of sayings and lessons which means to teach children to respect their teachers and parents. Also to pay tribute to the noble work that teachers have done to educate their children.

“If you want to cross a river, build a bridge
If you want your kids to do well at school, love the teachers”

Days before the occasion, students at all schools prepare some music performances. They can sing, dance, or do a flashmob, some schools even organize a competition. There, the best performances will be chosen to perform on this special day. The best one will, of course, wins a prize. On this special day, most schools allow students and teachers a day off for a formal ceremony including a speech by the principal and a student representative. Then the teachers will receive special prizes, in recognition of their respective contributions to education. Parents and alumni students pay respect to teachers by offering gifts like clothing, cosmetics, fruits, flowers, and so on. Alumni often wait for this day or the days before to visit their old teachers. It is a chance to pay respect and talk about memories from the past.

Students from Monash University as Teaching Interns

People do not strictly dedicate this celebration to people who teach classes, but also to those who provide moral education or anyone who has been nurturing the development of children and students in one way or another, and anyone who is important to your own development. All are deserving!

Vietnamese Teachers Day is an invaluable tradition that teaches young people about the importance of education and the people who are providing them. Their presence is anything but flashy but their impact is undeniably significant to each and every life that they touch. So let us all say…

Dear teachers,
Working in the field of international education, we understand how tough it can be to educate a generation into smart, hard-working, and earnest people. We also understand that it is harder than ever to be an educator in this increasingly globalized world. And that is why we regard your work very highly. On this special day of celebration for educators around Vietnam, we wish you an amazing day filled with joy, inspiration, and perseverance to pursue the noble mission of educating and connecting young people across Vietnam.

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