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Celebrating Vietnamese culture in the Australian way

ABROADER March 24, 2023 5 minute read

Join us in our special event – Rebirth the V-arty to honor Vietnamese culture in a vibrant new way with Australian students!

On 10th February 2023, SEA Vietnam members collaborated with ABROADER to organize “Re-birth the V-arty”. The special event successfully occurred at Stix Restaurant with more than 70 guests, including students and faculties from the University of Newcastle and Monash University. It was a special chance for us to introduce our vivid Vietnamese culture to the world.

Event Summary

“Re-birth the V-arty” is a unique event proudly organized by SEA Vietnam members and ABROADER. The event title stands for: The Return of our beloved students from the University of Newcastle and Monash University, the birth of SEA VIETNAM – Student Exchange Association. And to experience pure Vietnamese culture, the activities chosen for the party were created to bring an atmosphere like a family. And we added Vietnamese cultural features: ao dai, “khăn rằn” (checkered scarf), and a dance performance with conical hats. Furthermore, the event aimed to strengthen relationships between the ABROADER staff, SEA Vietnam,  international students, and guests.

SEA Vietnam’s first batch

What’s the event about

For the first time in history, SEA Vietnam organized such a big event with enthusiastic support from ABROADER. The event allows Vietnamese students to share aspects of traditional culture closely with their Australian friends. Besides, party participants also have the opportunity to network with other students while enjoying delicious finger-food dishes from the restaurant.

This is a remarkable event since the party was last held in 2019, marking the return after the COVID-19 pandemic. “Re-birth the V-arty” also served as a celebration of the establishment of SEA Vietnam and the 50th partnership anniversary between Vietnam and Australia.

Let’s get to know each other!

The first half of the party is the warmest greetings of Abroader and SEA Vietnam to the attendees. Ms. Lucy Nguyen (Mo Nguyen) – ABROADER’S founder, and Ms. Michaela Rankin – Monash Business School Faculty Dean, had emotionally shared about this 1-0-2 event, the compassion of the party, and how Vietnamese students are sharing their country’s culture with friends around the world through education and tourism.

Our special guests

Two of our beloved and dedicated SEA Vietnam members shared their points of view when working as Local Buddies at ABROADER as full of memories, happiness, and encouragement. To Dariel Le, he solemnly promised to preserve, protect and uphold the values and missions of our organization, to create more lifelong and serviceable values in education and international exchange.

The dance performance of SEA Vietnam members surprised the guests because of the ingenious combination of traditional elements (white ao dai) and modern features (the world-famous Vietnamese song “See tình”) with graceful choreography. The three most accurate adjectives to describe the atmosphere in the auditorium are undoubtedly contentment, fascination, and enchantment!

Let’s strengthen this cultural bond!

The highlight of the rest of the evening after the delicious buffet was the fashion show. Members of SEA Vietnam and students from the University of Newcastle were our main characters. Elegant, graceful, delicate, and beautiful words appear at the tip of people’s tongues when describing Ao Dai. With the title “Best chemistry couple,” V (SEA Vietnam) and Ravelle (UoN student) became the high spot of the performance with adorable expressions in charming outfits. The exciting game “Lucky draw” is inspired by the Vietnamese New Year’s lucky money custom on Tet. Each red envelope is a wish of luck to the attendees who receive a gift based on the random spin.

When the party was ending, it was time for the University of Newcastle study tour group students to look back. The recap video reminded them of the most memorable moments. And it made all the students cherish the wonderful moments and friendships in Vietnam.

To close the event, SEA Vietnam and ABROADER prepared small gifts for two groups of students. Ann (Program Assistant of ABROADER) has a few welcome statements to welcome Monash University students to Vietnam, making their Vietnam trip even more promising than ever. Handmade coconut shell bowls and “khăn rằn” (checkered scarf) are exciting and unique gifts, aren’t they?

But there is still more fun waiting for you in Vietnam. Explore right below!

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Organizer committee thoughts and reflection

Proud, grateful, and remarkable are what I would use to describe Re-birth the V-arty.

“I want to thank the SEA Vietnam members for their devotion to our first big event. Thank you for always working passionately and showing the world that SEA Vietnam is growing stronger and stronger. We also spent such a fantastic night with UoN and Monash buddies. They’re still in my heart, and I can’t wait to see all of them someday. Rybia – Special event leader.

Support from ABROADER

ABROADER’s incredible support and experience sharing have helped SEA Vietnam members complete the task of successfully organizing the special cultural event “Re-birth the V-arty” beyond expectations. From the first planning meetings, the energetic dance practice and the great cheering at the party were endless sources of positive energy for SEA Vietnam. We want to thank the former Local Buddy, who shared exciting stories through the video shown at the party.

Future events

“Re-birth the V-arty” is the commencement event for the following memorable milestones of SEA Vietnam. Besides, it marks a series of unique cultural experiences for international students coming to Vietnam through Study Tours and Internship Programs. Remember to follow ABROADER’s official media channels to catch the latest event updates in the future!

with Monash students
with students from the University of Newcastle

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8 months ago

so excited to see more future programs of SEA VIETNAM and ABROADER!

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