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In order for the Internship to achieve its intended purpose, we invite participating employers to:

1.1.   Provide meaningful work experience and work benefits for the interns as agreed upon and described in Internship Offer Letter.

In the circumstances that the intern’s tasks need to be changed after the internship had started, the company needs to contact ABROADER to discuss and agree upon on necessary adjustments to the job description.

1.2  Assist intern in integrating with the company’s work environment and staff.

The first week is very important to the student and employer, especially for the student who has to adapt to a new country, culture and environment. We would like to ask the employer to assist our intern in integrating with the company’s business and culture, regulations and necessary contact information. Students are also encouraged to have lunch and hang out with company staff when they have chance, as we suggest that this is a good way for the student to bond with your team and local staff.

In particular, to help the intern integrate into the working environment in company, the following process are to be taken place:

1.   Company Induction: ABROADER’s staff accompany the intern to the company at the beginning of the internship program for introduction

2.   Orientation: On the first day and during the first week of the internship, it is essential for the Intern to get to know the basics of the work. For a list of what information, the interns need to know, please refer to Appendix 2 – Orientation checklist

3.    Routine review between intern and supervisor: In order to set the flow of the internship, it is recommended that the supervisor set up a routine check/ meeting with the intern to review their tasks and give feedback. For example: weekly meeting on Thursday for 1 hour

1.3.   Appoint a supervisor to oversee the interns by guiding them on the assigned task and adjusting to the company work culture.

We understand that during the duration of their internship, the student will work with different people, but since everything is new to them, please assign the student with ONE supervisor so as the student don’t get confuse about whose direction to take as well as making work communication between the student and employer smoother and easier. For more information on the role of supervisor, please refer to Appendix 1- Tips when working with international intern).

1.4.  Provide necessary resources or equipment required for the interns to perform their tasks or execute the projects.

1.5.  Impart interns the right kind of work attitudes and professionalism through interactions with people in organizations.

We would like the employer to allow student to attend regular meetings with the local staff whenever possible in order for them to get to know your business culture better. The employer is encouraged to let the student mingle and work with the local staff and not just the supervisor.

1.6.            On-going Evaluation

During the internship, ABROADER remains in close contact with the company to check regularly on the intern’s performance and supports as needed. There are 3 main check points for performances, which are:

  • After week 1 (as the first week is key to setting foundation for the internship); and after the first month

  • There are two evaluation sessions: a mid-term evaluation (if specified) and an End-of- internship evaluation where party B, the intern and party A together conduct evaluation of the program.

  • Other than these scheduled evaluations, party B also talked informally with the intern and party A throughout the internship to support whenever needed.

End-of-internship Evaluation: As per the requirement of the Internship Program, students’ performance on internship will be evaluated based on their abilities and skills, attitude, teamwork and attendance record. The supervisor(s) are therefore invited to:

  • Complete Final Company Evaluation Form and returning it to ABROADER nearing the end of the internship program.

  • Take part in a face-to-face evaluation session whereby the intern, ABROADER and the supervisors will sit down together to review the internship program and areas to keep and/ or improve.

1.7.  ABROADER’s Internship Manager

ABROADER will assign a Program Coordinator as the main coordinating person between the student and your company during the internship period. The Program Coordinator will:

  • Arrange for visit to the intern’s work site to introduce intern to host companies

  • Regular contact with work supervisor to update on the intern’s performance and progress

  • Work together with host supervisors to find solutions together when there are new changes or issues at work


Visa and paperwork

We support our student interns in applying business visa, which allows them to work at companies in Vietnam with or without stipend.

Based on certain request of each company, we support in collecting all the papers needed from the intern to fulfil the requirement of your company; such as passport copy, visa copy, student’s CV, certificate of student status at university, academic transcript.

The host organization may need to provide an Internship offer letter for student interns, to verify that the students are accepted as interns at your organizations.


All of our interns have travel and health insurance for the duration of taking internship in Vietnam with us.

Participating employers may wish to also cover our student interns under their organization’s insurance schemes, such as Work Injury Compensation or other medical insurance (if any).

Working hours

Interns are generally expected to follow the operating hours of the organization to which they are attached.

We understand that interns may sometimes be required to stay back after working hours or work on a public holiday because of industry needs. Companies may offer off days in lieu of overtime pay, depending on their policy.


The intern may be granted leave entitlements or benefits to interns in accordance to the host organizations’ HR policies, including:

  • Medical Leave: If interns are ill, they must consult a registered medical practitioner and inform the company supervisor and program coordinator.
  • Compassionate Leave: This is applicable only to the bereavement of an immediate family member (parents, grandparents and siblings). The number of compassionate leave given should follow that of the organization’s policy.
  • Emergency Leave: This is subjected to the approval by Company Supervisor and Program Coordinator on a case-by-case basis.

Workplace safety

Safety is the first priority to our interns, so we would suggest the host company treats our interns as your local staff and maintains a safe, hospitable working space. Please do not assign or allow the interns to take on tasks that can pose potential threat to their safety. For any absence, damage, accidents at work with the intern, please inform our program coordinator.

At work or outside the working space, if the interns go out with the local staff, please do not force the intern to drink alcohol or try raw food, when the students are not comfortable.

The interns are aware of being responsible for any damage at work that may be caused by them.


Participating employers need to inform the Program Coordinator in charge in advance if interns are required to travel (e.g. business trips). For work travels, host organizations are expected to support students with necessities, such as transportation and lodging. Interns need to get approved by schools and ABROADER.

In case of travel outside the city not for work (e.g. team-building trips), the employers can invite the interns to join if the company wants. The expenses on these cases are discussed and agreed upon between the interns and host organizations.

Generally, interns should not travel unaccompanied to a foreign country or a rural area. In all case, travels outside of the host cities need to be updated to ABROADER. Accommodation and transportation

The host organizations are not responsible to arrange and/ or pay for the interns’ accommodation and other daily living expenses (unless otherwise specified).

Based on their insurance policies, interns are not allowed to ride motorbikes by themselves.


1.      Common cultural differences between Vietnamese working style and international interns:

Generally, international students tend to:

  • Able to work independently if their supervisors give them authority and clear deadlines

  • Like being given variety of different tasks

  • Be more direct in communication. They may not know when Vietnamese are not happy with them if they do not speak it out loud.

  • Need clear deadlines and work plan so they know what they are working towards

2.      Expectations for Host company’s Supervisor(s):

To make sure the internship is successful and to make sure you as host organizations to maximize benefits from hosting interns, here are the guidelines for Host organization to work with international interns:

  • Speak good English

  • Communicate with student regularly

  • Have at least 1 weekly meeting with students (about one hour) to check on their progresses and give feedback

  • Set up clear work plan

  • Express clearly and directly what interns are expected to do

  • Have clear deadlines for tasks

  • Give them direct, timely feedback for their works

    • Give compliments when they do a good job – Everyone wants positive encourages when it is due. This also encourage students to try harder and to improve!

    • Have a second contact person who students can ask questions when needed

      • In the case that the supervisor is absent/ away from work: big tasks should be assigned to the student so that they have something to work on while the supervisor is away. Another supervisor/ contact person should be assigned; the student should report back to their main supervisor as well as their temporary supervisor.

Kaoru’s responsibility as an intern at Pan Pacific Hotel was to welcome and farewell the guest and takes care of our Japanese and VIP guest. As a hospitality student, Kaoru has a fair knowledge of the hospitality industry and soft skills necessary for the job like communication, team work, working under pressure. Due to the short duration of internship Kaoru hasn’t been able to keep up with everyone in the team. However, we was very glad to see that she showed profound interest in learning from our advice, trainings and abide very strictly to the rules of attendance and punctuality. We can say that the biggest strengths she brought to her internship in Vietnam are Team work, Enthusiasm, Hardworking and Punctuality. We would like to thank ABROADER Vietnam for an internship program that is beneficial not only to the intern but also to us as the host organization. We were able to have a more diverse manpower, our staffs got to learn about a whole different culture and with Kaoru, our team became multi-cultural making it easier to engage and assist guests.


Hospitality Internship ,Host Company of Kaoru Mori

Sohei was appointed to develop dental clinic system at our company. We are totally impressed with his knowledge and employability skills involved in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, ability to work under pressure, etc. He is very confident, enthusiastic, and highly punctual, which is extremely appreciated. We hope that we could cooperate more with ABROADER in the future.


IT Intern ,Host Company of Sohei Chikama

We wish to have more opportunity to collaboration with ABROADER in hosting interns/volunteers in the coming time. However, if it is possible, we would like the internship duration to be longer. ABROADER Vietnam and their staff have provided a valuable support on facilitation process of this program. We are much appreciated their good arrangement and well-facilitation.


Sustainable Agriculture Internship ,Host Organization of Bao Nguyen

Lily is a Marketing Intern at HG Holdings. She knows what to do and she can work with the team very well. We appreciate her enthusiasm and interest in making the work smoothly. Her biggest strengths are her positive nature and openness to learn. She has good editorial skills in all communications related areas. Lily contributes with her work to the company and brought an interesting and refreshing cultural aspect to the team.


Marketing Intern ,Host Company of Lily Grant

Chau was assigned to Project Department, to provide assistance in communications and networking. She meets all the expectation of us, including job knowledge, employability skills, punctuality & observance of working hours and job attitude. Chau is diligent, polite and sociable. She is keen on learning and working, analytical.. We want to send our thanks to the ABROADER's Internship program and Chau Nguyen. We are open to welcome other qualified interns sent by ABROADER's program


Social Work Intern ,Host Company of Chau Nguyen

It’s our pleasure to work with Maile and ABROADER; her internship in Vietnam did actually help us a lot. Being Maile’s internship supervisor while she’s working at VPHA, I was able to observe her proactive spirit in trying to complete her assignments perfectly while going out of her way to suggest improvements in our work. During her internship, a large number of comments and feedback was provided from Maile to help us improve our communication work; she also did a training session for VPHA’s staffs on developing communication, which we highly appreciated. Maile’s previous experience in communication and social media, her knowledge in Public Health Field also helped a lot with the work we planned for her: Project “Communication campaign about tobacco control using social network Facebook in Vietnam, 2015”, Vietnam Journal of Public Health Abstract and preparation for campaign for World No Tobacco Day and Vietnam No Tobacco Week in May 2017. The only thing I would suggest she can improve on is to learn to say “No” more often to avoid burden in work. We (the staff at VPHA) can also agree that her open-mindedness, strong enthusiasm in work, great voluntary spirit, willingness to learn and share contributed a lot to our work culture and has made it extremely easy for us to work and connect with her. We are extremely satisfied in cooperating with ABROADER and hope our collaboration would last and bring mutual benefits for us in future.


Public Health Internship ,Host Organization of Maile Moore

Gerald’s ability to adapt with not only the culture but also the technical skills as well the business domain of the team quickly were some of his biggest strengths. He also had good communication skills at works as well as being a friendly person, everyone loved to talk with him. He was always willing to join outside activities of the team such as soccer, team building, English club, Dancing,… He helped our team address many tasks, shared the team’s workload, helped the team practice the English speaking skills.

KMS Technology

IT Internship ,Host Organization of Gerald Weng