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ABROADER specializes in providing internship programs to qualified, diligent and ambitious students across 16 different industry sectors. If you wish to host international interns and take on skilled, diverse, international graduates at zero-cost, it would be perfect for your company to partner with ABROADER today.

We always look out for quality host-companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang to host our international interns. Please find out more about our host-company “how it works” for further steps. Alternatively, feel free to email us at

1. Why hosting International Intern

Many employers are not aware of the added value international interns can bring into their business. Hosting not only gives the intern an amazing opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge about life and work in Vietnam, but it also brings an array of benefits to your business from their unique international perspective and skills as well.

As a host employer, you'll have confidence that the interns who participate in Internship Program are qualified in their field and motivated by clear goals. They are also dedicated to learning about Vietnamese culture and values, as well as sharing the culture and values of their home country to you. Their fresh perspectives and new ideas can invigorate you and your employees, and many host employers tell us that they learn as much as they teach.

Here are the key benefits when hosting an international intern:

  • Have full-time international interns
  • Help your staff improve English skills
  • Create worldwide culture-environment
  • Engage in the global perspective on company’s management
  • Advantage when working with foreign clients/ markets
  • NO recruitment fees
  • Logistics are supported by ABROADER (E.g. Accommodation, visa, insurance, orientation, etc.)

2. Why with ABROADER?

International Internship in Vietnam is a very new trend in recent years. ABROADER has been providing this for international Interns since then. ABROADER has a thorough understanding of all the regulations and procedures involved in International Internships Programs, and we know how to keep the process simple for you. When you work with ABROADER, you’ll have personalized attention from an expert team that’s available to answer your questions and support with any issues that arise.

In case, you would like to talk to our program coordinator to understand more on what we can offer, procedure, timeline, etc., please leave your contact here. We will contact you within 48 hours.

Kaoru’s responsibility as an intern at Pan Pacific Hotel was to welcome and farewell the guest and takes care of our Japanese and VIP guest. As a hospitality student, Kaoru has a fair knowledge of the hospitality industry and soft skills necessary for the job like communication, team work, working under pressure. Due to the short duration of internship Kaoru hasn’t been able to keep up with everyone in the team. However, we was very glad to see that she showed profound interest in learning from our advice, trainings and abide very strictly to the rules of attendance and punctuality. We can say that the biggest strengths she brought to her internship in Vietnam are Team work, Enthusiasm, Hardworking and Punctuality. We would like to thank ABROADER Vietnam for an internship program that is beneficial not only to the intern but also to us as the host organization. We were able to have a more diverse manpower, our staffs got to learn about a whole different culture and with Kaoru, our team became multi-cultural making it easier to engage and assist guests.


Hospitality Internship ,Host Company of Kaoru Mori

It’s our pleasure to work with Maile and ABROADER; her internship in Vietnam did actually help us a lot. Being Maile’s internship supervisor while she’s working at VPHA, I was able to observe her proactive spirit in trying to complete her assignments perfectly while going out of her way to suggest improvements in our work. During her internship, a large number of comments and feedback was provided from Maile to help us improve our communication work; she also did a training session for VPHA’s staffs on developing communication, which we highly appreciated. Maile’s previous experience in communication and social media, her knowledge in Public Health Field also helped a lot with the work we planned for her: Project “Communication campaign about tobacco control using social network Facebook in Vietnam, 2015”, Vietnam Journal of Public Health Abstract and preparation for campaign for World No Tobacco Day and Vietnam No Tobacco Week in May 2017. The only thing I would suggest she can improve on is to learn to say “No” more often to avoid burden in work. We (the staff at VPHA) can also agree that her open-mindedness, strong enthusiasm in work, great voluntary spirit, willingness to learn and share contributed a lot to our work culture and has made it extremely easy for us to work and connect with her. We are extremely satisfied in cooperating with ABROADER and hope our collaboration would last and bring mutual benefits for us in future.


Public Health Internship ,Host Organization of Maile Moore

Sohei was appointed to develop dental clinic system at our company. We are totally impressed with his knowledge and employability skills involved in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, ability to work under pressure, etc. He is very confident, enthusiastic, and highly punctual, which is extremely appreciated. We hope that we could cooperate more with ABROADER in the future.


IT Intern ,Host Company of Sohei Chikama

Chau was assigned to Project Department, to provide assistance in communications and networking. She meets all the expectation of us, including job knowledge, employability skills, punctuality & observance of working hours and job attitude. Chau is diligent, polite and sociable. She is keen on learning and working, analytical.. We want to send our thanks to the ABROADER's Internship program and Chau Nguyen. We are open to welcome other qualified interns sent by ABROADER's program


Social Work Intern ,Host Company of Chau Nguyen

We wish to have more opportunity to collaboration with ABROADER in hosting interns/volunteers in the coming time. However, if it is possible, we would like the internship duration to be longer. ABROADER Vietnam and their staff have provided a valuable support on facilitation process of this program. We are much appreciated their good arrangement and well-facilitation.


Sustainable Agriculture Internship ,Host Organization of Bao Nguyen

Gerald’s ability to adapt with not only the culture but also the technical skills as well the business domain of the team quickly were some of his biggest strengths. He also had good communication skills at works as well as being a friendly person, everyone loved to talk with him. He was always willing to join outside activities of the team such as soccer, team building, English club, Dancing,… He helped our team address many tasks, shared the team’s workload, helped the team practice the English speaking skills.

KMS Technology

IT Internship ,Host Organization of Gerald Weng

Lily is a Marketing Intern at HG Holdings. She knows what to do and she can work with the team very well. We appreciate her enthusiasm and interest in making the work smoothly. Her biggest strengths are her positive nature and openness to learn. She has good editorial skills in all communications related areas. Lily contributes with her work to the company and brought an interesting and refreshing cultural aspect to the team.


Marketing Intern ,Host Company of Lily Grant