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ABROADER has been partnering with universities domestically and internationally in order to provide students study abroad programs in Vietnam. With a large network of partner institutions and service providers across Vietnam, we are confident to collaborate and provide universities and colleges with enriching programs that will inspire their students as well as meet their academic and other institutional goals and needs.

The value that we highlight in our study and internship programs
An internship abroad is a sneak peek into diversified living environment

 Diversity equips students with necessary skills for a global economy.. Vietnam, is being considered as a promising destination for foreign investment community, which necessitates the ability to work with diverse groups of people regardless of ethnicity and race. A diversified academic and learning environment with different cultures and social groups prepares students to be global citizens. 

Having international students at an educational institutions also helps students deal with prejudice. Prejudices happen when students are not exposed to different cultures and ethnic groups and turn assumptions into conclusions. Furthermore, by exchanging ideas and communicating with people from other cultures, it is easier to relate to the lives of these people and build up understanding, empathy and cultural competence. Such global mindset and sufficient cross-cultural understanding is a must to thrive in the increasingly competitive job market. .

What we offer

  • High quality programs with a wide range of topics (culture, history, business & economics, culinary arts, architecture, etc.) and program types with careful planning and professional implementation on offering, from traditional academic to experiential programs combined with community development opportunities

  • Practical learning experience for your students

  • Affordable program fees based on institutions’ schedule and budget

  • Enthusiastic 24/7 support with a unique Local Buddy System & on-site Program Coordinators to provide the whole group with culture integration

  • No limit for the maximum number of students coming at a time (although a minimum of 5 students is required in most cases)

Internalize your campuses and create valuable opportunities for future leaders with ABROADER today! 

For collaboration, you can have a look at How it works and Our references

The girl did the internship is still young and inexperienced, but she learned very fast. She took time to reflect on herself and managed to stay calm during crisis. We learned a lot about how to strengthen the program and help the students have a better experience. We also learned how to deal with cultural differences, as well as manage expectations. We got the chance to exchange different points of views and different working protocols.


Neurology Research Internship ,Host Organization of Karen Miceli (UNC, Chapel Hill)