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ABROADER has been partnering with foreign universities domestically and internationally in order to provide students study abroad programs in Vietnam. With a large network of partner institutions and service providers across Vietnam, we are confident to collaborate and provide universities and colleges with rich programs that will inspire future leaders as well as meet their academic and other institutional goals and needs.

Faculty-led Programs

Faculty-led Programs covers a wide range of topics, anything from culture, history, culinary arts, architecture and so on. The program types are carefully planned and implemented to offer students not just traditional academic programs but also experiential and community development opportunities.  We design tours and site visits tailored to students’ and their home institution’s needs to build practical learning experience. 

Sample Programs 


We offer a variety of internship opportunities with a wide range of fields which can be further tailored to suit your interests and expectations at major companies in Vietnam. We have been developing a network of companies and organizations in Vietnam with the commitment to host international students as official interns. Our network is well-diversified, in Agriculture, Business & Finance, Education, Engineering, Hospitality, Law, Medical, etc, so as to offer various options to customize the internships for our students.

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Service Learning 

Besides abroad internship, ABROADER also offers international students with Service learning. Service learning is a unique combination of study abroad and community-based volunteer work where participants get to immerse yourself into the local community while developing professional and personal skills. 

The preparation and reflection proponents facilitate students’ learning and guide their work at the local community. Common goals achieved through service learning programs include: a deeper grasp of the course/ curricular content, a nuanced understanding of the local communities and social issues and an enhanced sense of self-identity and civic responsibility.

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Some Service Learning Projects:

Vun Art

Dream Seed Center



The girl did the internship is still young and inexperienced, but she learned very fast. She took time to reflect on herself and managed to stay calm during crisis. We learned a lot about how to strengthen the program and help the students have a better experience. We also learned how to deal with cultural differences, as well as manage expectations. We got the chance to exchange different points of views and different working protocols.


Neurology Research Internship ,Host Organization of Karen Miceli (UNC, Chapel Hill)