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Faculty-led PROGRAMS

As a member of the Forum on Education Abroad, we are committed to Standards of Good Practice in all Faculty-led programs. Apart from being a legit company with liability insurance, we are proud to be one STOP SHOP center for faculties. Since establishment, we have been running successful customized Faculty-led programs with universities from the United States, Japan, and Australia.

As a member of the Forum on Education Abroad, we are committed to Standards of Good Practice in all Faculty-led programs. Having liability insurance, and a license of being a land tour internationally, we are confident with the service quality and proud to be a trusted partner for returning from faculties.


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Full-service center

We get your back! Everything you need for your plan to Vietnam, from logistics arrangements to other academic aspects such as company visits, guest speakers, seminars, networking, and customized tours based on the theme of the program.

Your students, our top concern!

We follow good practices in all programs as the commitment to Standards of Good Practice by FEA to ensure students’ health & safety during their enjoyable learning journey.

High-Quality & Customized Academic Activities

We support faculties in designing customized academic curricula to bring students the best out-of-classroom experiences.

4. Local Price

Everything in Vietnam is affordable. An experience abroad on a saving budget will make the journey much happier!

5. Local Experts

Our staff are locals – your trusted friend in Vietnam to welcome you to Vietnam and provide you on-going support in a new country!

6. Local Immersion and Engagement

In all programs, we have local buddies who are local university students. They help your students immerse into the local life through students’ eyes and in return, they learn about your country’s culture. This is one of the values that we join hand for community development


Our Popular Programs

International Trade between Vietnam and US

Vietnam has been considered one of the largest beneficiaries in the US-China trade war as companies shift their production out of...
  • Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • Request a proposal for program fee

Food & Tourism Industry in Vietnam

This unique 10-day program will give your students an opportunity to learn the secrets behind the famous Vietnamese cuisine...
  • Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • From $1804 USD/student

Preserving traditional handicraft village

Vietnam has long been known for its various traditional handicraft products, many of which are handmade at...
  • Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • Request a proposal for program fee

Rising Sea & The Mekong Delta

Climate change has been the world’s most pressing issue in recent years, and Vietnam is among the ten most vulnerable nations...
  • Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • There will be no programs at the same price

Traditional Vietnamese Textiles

Vietnam is home to 54 distinct ethnic groups making it one of the most ethnically diverse countries in South-East Asia. Most...
  • Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • Request a proposal for program fee

Leadership Development & Doing Business in Vietnam

This program has been built to help students build on their leadership and teamwork skills through team building activities at the...
  • Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • From $1636 USD/student

Doing business in Thailand & Vietnam

This month-long program allows students the opportunity to learn in-depth about Thai and Vietnamese cultures, their ways of life and...
  • Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • Request a proposal for program fee

Automation and control study in SINGAPORE And VIETNAM

Visit the fastest-growing economies in Asia to learn about the advanced control...
  • Singapore & Vietnam
  • Summer & Fall 2022
  • Request a proposal for program fee

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!


Featured educators

“Working with ABROADER has been a delight; their partnership in building a program that works for both our model and local realities has been top notch. Over the last few years, we have worked closely together to open a new location for Northwestern’s Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) in Hanoi. This eight-week program sends small groups of Northwestern students to intern directly with community-based organizations in Hanoi to partner on work prioritized by the host organization. ABROADER builds and maintains relationships with a wide variety of organizations that are passionate about their missions, as well as hosting students.”


Northwestern University, United States

Senior Program Manager, Global Engagement Programs, Global Learning Office

Featured educators

“I thank you for your warm greetings ever since my first visit to Hanoi in 2015. We mainly deal with study tours for Japanese university students, but it is not unusual for students to go abroad for the first time. In an environment where individualized care is required for such students, sincere support has always been provided. Also, seeing our students interact with local students and host families in English, which is not their native language, allows for communication from the heart, which extends beyond just language. That experience has led to their confidence, and this is always touching. All of this is thanks to the pre-training of local students and host families and your efforts as a team.”


Ryugaku Journal Inc., Japan

Corporate Sales Manager, Private Organization for Overseas Education

Featured educators

“ABROADER has an extensive industry network that they utilise to provide the students with industry tours relevant to their classroom work. They have well established links to a number of Vietnamese Universities and use them such that coordinated activities and learning experiences are shared between Vietnamese students and students from Newcastle. ABROADER also maintains a local buddy system which providé an amazing insight into the Vietnamese people and culture. Students from Newcastle also appreciate the culture and volunteer days, not only as a break from their classroom studies, but as a learning experience as well as a chance to give a little back to Vietnam.”


University of Newcastle, Australia

Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Featured educators

“For many years, ABROADER has been my trusted partner when I send my students to Vietnam. From ABROADER’s vast network of relationships with great industry leaders to their ability to pair students with local buddies, ABROADER ensures that my students gain a learning experience of a lifetime through deep immersion into the local businesses and culture. In helping with getting my students’ visas processed and from a risk management perspective as well, their team is reliably efficient, thorough, flexible, and highly professional. My heart-felt thanks to Lucy Nguyen and her excellent team for all that you do for my students!”


Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada

Counsellor & Coach | Global Leadership Expert

Featured educators

“I would like to thank you for your leadership, guidance and support of our pre-service teachers. Your thorough planning, preparation and attention to detail, along with your outstanding leadership during this professional experience, ensured that it was a great success for all concerned. The experiences that you enabled our pre-service teachers to have, and the relationships that you have built with collaborating schools, are vital to the work of the Faculty Education at Monash University. Your wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting the organization of quality International Professional Experience for our students is highly appreciated and valued.”


Monash University, Australia

Senior Lecturer

Featured educators

“I was part of the Ohio University Global Engagement team that visited Vietnam in 2019. Lucy and her team made the trip a never-to-forget trip. Though we were a bunch of faculty and staff, not the usual exchange students that ABROADER handles, they still were there for us. From the stroll in the central market of Ho Chi Minh City, boat-ride down the Mekong Delta, interaction with local business leaders and university faculty – ABROADER did an excellent job! When it comes to groups, exchange students, study-abroad students’ trips to Vietnam intending to have an authentic worthy Vietnamese experience, then without a shade of doubt, I would recommend ABROADER!”


Ohio University, United States

Professor of Business Management Tech – College of Business


While being a top-notch in Faculty-led programs, we are also proficient at


It must be exciting to bring your class to Southeast Asia to teach! However, you will need someone who is concerned with both logistics and academic customization. We have got you covered; we are the local specialists!


We provide hands-on internships for students to experience a real working environment and authentic local cultural immersion. An internship in Vietnam enhances professionalism and cross-cultural awareness for students’ future global works.

Service learning

We have programs for students from any major to do project-based work in a team. Besides gaining vital skills for work, students have a better understanding of the local issues and in turn make contributions to the local community development.

Haven’t decided yet? We would be grateful if you can share our programs