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Friend Abroad: The Secret to a Successful Internship

ABROADER Team April 03, 2023 6 minute read

You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make besties abroad. The more new connections you create, the more confident you become.

A rapidly growing economy and a fast-evolving country, Vietnam is one of the most fascinating locations in the world to do an environmental conservation internship due to its unique ecosystems and environments. You will be surrounded by both vibrant urban life and intriguing cultural and historical discoveries. The hours, minutes, and days that go by when studying abroad fly by in the space of a single blink. One of the student’s worries as someone who decides to travel halfway around the world without knowing anyone is undoubtedly not making besties abroad and forming bonds with people from various cultures. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “but what if I don’t make friends abroad?”

Meeting new people can be more challenging, but it’s not impossible. Fortunately, it is much simpler than one might imagine to connect, form bonds, and friendships with whom to share priceless memories. It can be challenging to grow accustomed, even when they are advantageous, such as a real work-life balance or spending lunch breaks with other studies. Here’s the best story that will inspire you to make friends abroad at least once in your life!


However, growing your social network is one of the advantages of living abroad. Why not broaden your network globally?

There may not be many possibilities for you to make besties abroad from the country you visit, or you may need to put up more effort to do so. The most obvious reason for cultural differences, though, is language barriers. Aside from the potential language barrier, you are also a cultural outsider. Under each of these circumstances, there will be numerous social opportunities and chances to make friends. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with solely hanging out with your local friends and fellow international students. It would be a good idea to hang out with your besties abroad as well because they might know of restaurants, art galleries, or even historical sites that you were not aware existed. The simplest and coolest method to meet new people is through this, too.

In fact, it’s easy to hang out with people who share your language, habits, and cultural understanding.


When you join our program at ABROADER, you will take Vietnamese classes with your besties abroad. In this lesson you learn how to greet people when you meet them for the first time and how to interact with Vietnamese people using body language. Furthermore, you will immerse yourself in the culture through your friends that are not featured in social media.

Remember to use your new surroundings as a way to deepen your new international friendships as you discover how to make friends abroad. You gather your most treasured tales and memories from other countries. You can organize excursions to discover your new place, learn about Vietnamese culture by attempting to get lost in Ho Chi Minh City, enjoying meals and doing art projects, or visiting the various book stores and other random shops in the city’s tourist places.


Doing an internship abroad is the greatest of both worlds. The chance to travel the world while also gaining professional work experience comes around very infrequently in life. Interning abroad in Vietnam allowed you to get vital work experience and take advantage of all that our nation had to offer, including weekend excursions to its stunning highlands and beaches. Your time abroad helps you realize how the world might surprise you and how a curious mind is essential to fully comprehend everything.

If you enjoy traveling, you can ask your besties abroad to join you on a few trips to different cities. As everything was new to you, traveling to different regions of Vietnam was always a lot of fun. The wonderful things that happened during your time abroad stick in your memory. It’s undoubtedly a memory that you will cherish for a very long time.

And last, we recommend exploring the local area as well. There are a ton of great people nearby who are constantly eager to connect with others from different cultures. It’s very likely that you will meet lots of besties abroad you get along with by going to the local beaches, parks, and clubs at night. 

Even if it could appear difficult, finding friends abroad is one of the simplest of things. Everyone is willing to step beyond their comfort zone and accept fantastic adventures, especially when traveling with other people. You will have so many incredible memories with great people if you are willing to put yourself out there and embark on this great journey.

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Traveling is willing to try new things whenever possible. Being on the other side of the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you should take full advantage of it. You could learn about yourself through these experiences and your time abroad impact your understanding of the world. 

Study abroad opportunities are very diverse. There’s a lot of pressure on what school, career, and life goals you should complete within a specific timeframe, but being abroad and meeting all kinds of people in different stages of life helped me to understand that you create your own timeline. 

An international internship gives you the chance to travel and gain true freedom. Your internship abroad is the ultimate confidence booster, as it provides you the chance to grow both personally and professionally. Your desire to immerse yourself in a new culture will help you find a new confidence in yours. Ideally, each internship you complete will give you more self-confidence.

In contrast, you are able to see how you could handle being a part of the adult world without the “safety net” of family and friends. Through your internship abroad, you are able to learn an immense amount about my field of interest, develop friendships and travel the world, which is an experience you will never forget!


You are essentially an ambassador to your local friends while traveling abroad…so why not work collaboratively and create awesome short videos to show how influential you are and what you have archived as an ambassador to your friends in your home country?

With just a few seconds of IG reels and TikTok, you could even learn new video editing skills and have fun with your local friends.


Studying abroad may be a formative experience, and if you spend time overcoming the difficulties of a foreign culture with new friends, you may build lifelong friendships. It can be upsetting to say goodbye, and you may even withstand reverse culture shock returning home. Perhaps your old friends don’t “get” you like they used to. Or maybe they seem uninterested in hearing the incredible stories you want to share with them about your experience. It makes sense that you would miss your pals from studying abroad in these circumstances. Thankfully, there are numerous social networking and messaging apps available, making it simple to reconnect. 

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Your study abroad experience may have sparked or strengthened your love of travel, or love of a particular place. If you become friendly with locals, you can schedule to return to Vietnam. If you made friends with other international students or even students from a different part of your home country, you’ll have friends around the world to drop in on.

“If someone asks me what is the best thing that ever happened to me while I was in Vietnam, I would say “friends!”

Many students have to step out of their comfort zones when they study abroad, which is an exciting time. In fact, many students choose to study abroad in order to explore completely new cultures, experiences, and languages that will push them to advance academically, personally, and even professionally.

In general, think of making friends as a worthwhile investment of your time and energy. If you’re active and make an effort to connect with others – whether it’s just studying with friends or organizing a trip together, your investment will pay off with solid friendships that will last a lifetime!

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