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Getting started for your career in Vietnam

ABROADER December 23, 2022 7 minute read

Discover how to get started on your career in Vietnam with our top 4 most popular customized internship programs, just for you!

It is intimidating to think about the fact that your school days will be over soon and you are expected to find your first job after college. But do not freak out just yet! This is a great time to explore many other options before jumping right into the job market at home and finding a job that you will stick to for maybe years in the future. One of the options, which is a pretty cool one, is to get an internship and a career in Vietnam! Why is this option great?

It is Hard to Get a Job after College 

Nowadays, almost all organizations require previous experience in their “entry-level” job listings. This is obviously not the qualification everyone who JUST got out of college is supposed to have, but it is sadly a common requirement. Indeed, you could start your career right away with lower-paying jobs or jobs that you don’t like and wait for the dream job to come. However, working abroad will make your life WAY more interesting and meaningful!

internship in Vietnam job after college
Getting a job right after college with little or no work experience is hard. Photo source: Amandajoy.me

An Internship in Vietnam can Fill your Life with Unforgettable Experiences

Isn’t it crazy you’ll get to see new horizons almost every weekend?

Traveling abroad during or after college will fill your life with unforgettable experiences. Just imagine being able to visit a new and exciting place every weekend or plan a grand trip to one of the World’s 7 Natural Wonders during your internship in Vietnam! Wouldn’t that be great? Plus, the skills you learn abroad will be highly valuable to employers that you can’t learn at home, such as learning another language and gaining cross-cultural communication skills. 

internship in vietnam commu
The skills you learn in Vietnam will be valuable to your future job. Photo source: Linkedin.com

Interning abroad gives you a chance to do something for your self-growth that is of great value for your future career while satisfying your wanderlust craving for adventures. But what if you can’t really afford it? We thought of this and we can help you find a customized internship for your career in Vietnam.

Some hot internships for undergraduates or college graduates this year with little experience can be named Physiotherapy, Environment and Sustainability, Business, and Social. The only things you need to prepare are your resume, your confidence (for online interviews), your plane ticket, and getting ready for your career in Vietnam.

Top Internships in Vietnam by ABROADER

Physiotherapy Internship

The great thing about a physiotherapy internship in Vietnam with ABROADER is that you can rotate among many departments. From physiotherapy, and occupational therapy to traditional medicine, where you can see different kinds of physical conditions (congenital diseases, accident sequelae, injuries…) and join in hands-on practice with the patients. Like viewing diagnostic imaging tests consisting of X-rays and MRIs, assisting directly with the patient’s care by utilizing therapy techniques such as joint mobilizations, stretching, passive range of motion, assisting walking, and strengthening therapeutic exercises. The interns are also able to assist with Traditional Medicine interventions by removing acupuncture needles after the treatment is completed. These help the interns get experience and develop their competencies before specializing.

Christopher with his little patient

Last summer, Christopher made his internship at 1A Hospital a “travel healer’s journey“. As a quick learner, Christopher performed multiple tasks. Thanks to the constant exposure to a wide variety of patients, it dawned on him that there were specific differences in healthcare, treatment, and rehab between Vietnam and his hometown so that he could improve his skills and adopt new ones. As a physiotherapy student, starting the first steps of your career in Vietnam can be a great option!

Environmental & Sustainability Internship

Sustainability has become the top topic when mentioning the trend of the present and future. So what you can expect from our Sustainability internship? Working at a sustainable organization is not just doing tedious research or paperwork. But the interns can participate in hands-on tasks and go straight to practical things.

Marissa is presenting her meaningful 2-month summary

As in the story of Marissa and her internship at Wildact – an NGO that focuses on the science-based conservation of threatened species and ecosystems, the two-month sustainability internship has allowed her to devote herself to creating opportunities for individuals and communities to be actively involved in the management of natural resources. And also she could address the root causes of biodiversity loss: poverty, lack of education, and gender inequality. Besides, a sustainability internship in Vietnam gave her the chance to travel to many famous destinations named Ba Vi – Ha Noi, Ha Long, Da Nang, and Hoi An. All these things made her fall more in love with nature, cuisine, and people there.

Vietnam Tropica

In the past, we intend to give our interns a chance to work and contribute to the community’s efforts. Therefore ABROADER has supported our best to organize internships for students coming to sustainable organizations to work at. Some of our partners working in this field are Wildact, GreenViet, Zerowaste Vietnam, SolarBK, etc. Together with these partners, our interns have meaningful and exciting responsibilities to build up their skills and contribute to sustainable efforts. Acknowledging these worthwhile contributions, we decide to engage more and more in raising awareness of protecting our ecosystem, together with our partners. And that’s the reason for the advent of the Vietnam Tropica program. It’s where you can observe the sustainable development efforts in the beauty of Vietnam nature.

Business Internship in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City – one of the world’s most dynamic cities, an ideal place for your business internship

Vietnam might not be the obvious destination that pops up in your mind when you think of a business internship. However, Vietnam is continually proving to be a worthy market to start your first internship abroad. Here’s why:

In 2022, Vietnam’s economy had a strong recovery and achieved positive and relatively comprehensive results. The government always ensures major balances, and the macro foundation is stable, especially in the context of the world and regional situation with many difficulties and uncertainties, and many economies’ growth declines.

Accordingly, Vietnam’s economy is expected to achieve a high growth rate of over 8%. Inflation will be controlled according to the set target. Exports in the first 11 months of the year increased by more than 13.4%. A trade surplus of 10.6 billion USD, disbursed foreign investment increased by 15.1% over the same period last year. In recent years, Vietnam has attracted been a prospective home to increasing investments and establishments of both local and international firms. Business internships in Vietnam, therefore, are great for gaining exciting experiences and establishing a network for your future career in business.

Social Work and Community Development Internship

Social work with ABROADER is definitely not a boring thing you are thinking about. You can try on diverse and exciting internship roles at organizations like NGOs, NPOs, etc. There you can learn about how these places operate and create values for society. And the most important thing, you can contribute to the social effort on ensuring gender equality, support children with disabilities…

Nina and Aimee at Will to Live center

So are there enough reasons for you to get started in your career in Vietnam? Come on, we’re waiting for you with all these wonderful opportunities!

Over 4000 international university students has joined

In-person internships

Why travel abroad? Unfold your myth, meet new people, and explore your career path. Do an internship in Vietnam and bring home your own stories.

Our latest program in the health & medical department


Fulfill the mission of healing the “broken ones” through the rotation of different rehabilitation departments while learning the art of Vietnamese physiotherapy

Our latest program in promoting sustainability

Sustainable Vietnam

Dare to take the challenge of shaping a greener future? Join us in this incredible journey towards sustainability and circular economy effort in Vietnam.

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