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Highly rated programs

We are 100% italian foodlovers and co-founders of the company LovexFood in Lastra a Signa ,Florence.We’ve been cooking since childhood with our grandmothers, and our passion for Italian cuisine has only intensified over the years. We love to share Italian family wisdom with other food enthusiasts.

We’ll explore the rich flavors of Italian cuisine in this interactive cooking class in a hillside woodland home. Our experience starts at Santa Maria Novella Station. We’ll meet and after a 20 minutes trip together we'll arrive to our beautiful venue. Together we’ll prepare different kinds of pasta from scratch,sauces, then learn how to make a traditional Italian dessert.We’ll kick off lunch with a selection of Italian snacks with aperitivo before tasting our culinary creations.During the experience we will offer you three different kind of wines (or two kind of wines and one home made liquor).

Highly rated programs

  1. Internship in Vietnam 10 items
  2. Remote Internship 0 items
  3. Study Abroad 0 items
  1. Agriculture 0 items
  2. Applied Sciences 0 items
  3. Arts, Architect, Design 3 items
  4. Business, Marketing 4 items
  5. Community Developments 3 items
  6. Education 0 items
  7. Engineering 0 items
  8. Finance, Legal 0 items
  9. Healthcare 0 items
  10. Hospitality 0 items
  11. IT, Computer Science 0 items
  12. Logistics, Supply Chain 0 items
  13. Media, Communications 0 items
  14. Sustainability, Environment 0 items
  1. Business Intern at Renewable Energy Startup Incubator

    Interested in content/ digital marketing, PR and want to see first-hand how advertisements come to life? This agency is looking for a digital marketing intern who is analytical, creative and curious about what makes a brand and its audience tick on digital channels.

  2. Communications Intern at NGO Supporting Street Children

    Vietnam’s homeless children frequently live in large, bustling cities, like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, and are coined “children of the dust” or “street children”. These boys and girls living and/or working on streets are constantly at risk of being exploited for labour, criminal activity or sexually abused. Saddened by this reality, this NGO is tackling this issue head on, and they are looking for a communications issue to spread their message!

  3. Project Intern at Environmental NGO Fighting Climate Change

    Passionate about environmental sustainability and want to fight against climate change? This internship on environmental sustainability will equip you with scientific knowledge and approaches to apply what you study for a change in the environment in Vietnam and possibly other parts of the world.

  4. Digital Marketing Intern at Global Agency

    If you have a thirst for the advertising industry, don’t miss this job! Internship at this top 3 Global Networks company will give you room for creativity and hands-on experiences  in digital media campaigns while working alongside top industry professionals.

  5. Communication Intern at Local NGO working with disadvantaged kids

    Looking for a communication internship that can create impacts? This NGO needs your support to carry out various campaigns to help brighten the future of disadvantaged children in Sai Gon, Vietnam.

  6. Digital Marketing Intern at Leading Agency

    Interested in content/ digital marketing, PR and want to see first-hand how advertisements come to life? This agency is looking for a digital marketing intern who is analytical, creative and curious about what makes a brand and its audience tick on digital channels.

  7. Architecture Design Intern at International Architecture Firm

    Founded in Germany, this is an international architectural firm with a focus on high-profile designs. Thanks to the rapid development of new urban centers in Asia, it has opened its branches in Southeast Asia and continues to be a leader in the market with a portfolio of high-rise apartments, shopping malls, resorts, universities and concert halls. An internship here will guarantee learnings from their international team of expert architects.

  8. Architecture Intern at Sustainable Building Firm

    With thousands years of history of influences, Vietnamese architecture is a beautiful mix of French, Chinese, and Vietnamese style. As environmental awareness takes over the architecture world, this company is one of the first in Vietnam to specialize in green building, combining global practices and local architectural style. As an intern, you will work closely with environmental consultants to analyze construciton’s environmental efficiency and deliver “green” solutions.

  9. Architecture Intern at Award-winning Architecture Studio

    A leader in architecture and urban planning in Vietnam, this company has an impressive portfolio of past projects across Southeast Asia, including offices, apartment buildings, mixed-use buildings, shopping centers, villas, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and large-scale master plans. The company has garnered international recognition for their elegant and efficient design, winning several Top 10 Architecture Awards from BCI Asia Awards - one of the highly coveted architectural awards in Asia.

  10. Strategic Planner Intern in Leading Marketing Agency

    The world is becoming more connected than ever, as this agency gets it! Working as Strategic Planner Intern in Marketing team, you will connect the dots between digital insights and business strategies to creatively deliver integrated solutions for clients. Their past clients include big consumers goods (Maggi, FrieslandCampina) and tech companies (Grab, Panasonic).

I would like to thank you for your leadership, guidance and support of our pre-service teachers on the recent Vietnam International Professional Experience. Your thorough planning, preparation and attention to detail, along with your outstanding leadership during this professional experience, ensured that it was a great success for all concerned. The experiences that you enabled our pre-service teachers to have, and the relationships that you have built with collaborating schools, are vital to the work of the Faculty Education at Monash University. Your wealth of knowledge and experience in support the organization of quality International Professional Experience for our students is highly appreciated and valued. I am sure that the experiences had by all participants in this practicum will remain with them for many years to come.

Dr. Rebecca Cooper

Senior Lecturer ,Monash University, Australia

For many years, ABROADER has been my trusted partner when I send my students to Vietnam to pursue a capstone international internship as part of their Masters in International Business program. Student teams take on challenging 8-week projects where they help Vietnamese companies from a wide variety of industries deal with an issue or opportunity that is critical to their future success. From ABROADER’s vast network of relationships with great industry leaders to their ability to pair students with local buddies, ABROADER ensures that my students gain a learning experience of a life time through deep immersion into the local businesses and culture. In helping with getting my students’ visas processed and from a risk management perspective as well, their team is reliably efficient, thorough, flexible, and highly professional. My heart-felt thanks to Lucy Nguyen and her excellent team for all that you do for my students!

Professor Lynn Imai

Counsellor & Coach | Global Leadership Expert ,Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada

I fell in love in and with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam all thanks to ABROADER! I was part of the Ohio University Global Engagement team that visited Vietnam in 2019. Lucy and her team made the trip a never-to-forget trip. Though we were a bunch of faculty and staff, not the usual exchange students that ABROADER handles, they still were there for us. Creating meaningful and worthwhile professional and cultural engagement for us. From the stroll in the central market of Ho Chi Minh City, boat-ride down the Mekong Delta, interaction with local business leaders and university faculty – ABROADER did an excellent job! When it comes to groups, exchange students, study-abroad students’ trips to Vietnam intending to have an authentic worthy Vietnamese experience, then without a shade of doubt, I would recommend ABROADER!

Greg-Victor C. Obi, Ph.D.

Professor of Business Management Tech - College of Business ,Ohio University, United States

Working with ABROADER has been a delight; their partnership in building a program that works for both our model and local realities has been top notch. Over the last few years, we have worked closely together to open a new location for Northwestern’s Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) in Hanoi. This eight-week program sends small groups of Northwestern students to intern directly with community-based organizations in Hanoi to partner on work prioritized by the host organization. ABROADER builds and maintains relationships with a wide variety of organizations that are passionate about their missions, as well as hosting students. Working collectively to prioritize both student learning as well as host organization priorities/community outcomes has been ideal. During their time abroad GESI students also partner with local buddies, peers from local colleges and universities, who work with them as teammates throughout the eight weeks. Working with local buddies has proved invaluable; GESI students have gained a significant depth of perspective of live in Hanoi, both professional and personal, by working as teammates. From work placements and homestays to local buddies and cultural excursions, ABROADER has been not only available, but proactive in facilitating an experience that offers students deep engagement.

Corey Anne Portell

Senior Program Manager, Global Engagement Programs, Global Learning Office ,Northwestern University, United States

I thank you for your warm greetings ever since my first visit to Hanoi in 2015.  We mainly deal with study tours for Japanese university students, but it is not unusual for students to go abroad for the first time. In an environment where individualized care is required for such students, sincere support has always been provided. Also, seeing our students interact with local students and host families in English, which is not their native language, allows for communication from the heart, which extends beyond just language. That experience has led to their confidence, and this is always touching. All of this is thanks to the pre-training of local students and host families and your efforts as a team. As a result, every student has provided an excellent evaluation every year, which leads to new business for us. We hope that we will continue to grow together and continue to be good partners.

Yuko Takamochi

Corporate Sales Manager, Private Organization for Overseas Education ,Ryugaku Journal Inc., Japan

ABROADER is a valued partner for our four week Faculty-led study program in Vietnam. We have engaged ABROADER to facilitate the yearly program since 2016. What has made the program so successful and engaging for the students is the professionalism and extra effort made by the staff to ensure that the finest details of the program are meticulously planned. Their fastidious attention to detail is one of the distinguishing factors that sets them apart from other providers. ABROADER is easy to work with and always accommodating of any last minute program suggestions. ABROADER has an extensive industry network that they utilise to provide the students with industry tours relevant to their classroom work. They have well established links to a number of Vietnamese Universities and use them such that coordinated activities and learning experiences are shared between Vietnamese students and the students from Newcastle. ABROADER maintains a local buddy system which pairs Vietnamese students with Newcastle students hence providing an amazing insight into the Vietnamese people and culture. Students from Newcastle also appreciate the culture and volunteer days, not only as a break from their classroom studies, but as a learning experience as well as a chance to give a little back to Vietnam. ABROADER, you are providing a great service and have a well satisfied partner! 

James Welsh

Associate Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computing ,University of Newcastle, Australia

My meaningful relationship with Lucy Nguyen goes back to 2014 when I served as a Fulbright Scholar in Hanoi, Vietnam. From that time, I have personally witnessed ABROADER’s stellar trajectory of growth and success. I knew from the moment I met Ms. Nguyen that she was deeply passionate about providing high-value opportunities for students both from outside Vietnam, and domestic. To that end, Lucy created an incredible three-week, highly immersive, multi-faceted learning experience for my College of Business students. We simply couldn’t have asked for more! My students were exposed to various locales in northern Vietnam, a home stay in Sapa, political/cultural/economic knowledge expert presentations, hands-on learning opportunities, a service project, and industry visits and tours…all interwoven with unique and powerful interactions with local student buddies. Ongoing relationships with these Vietnamese buddies have endured long past our parting. Ms. Nguyen covered all bases without a single hitch—spanning from visa procurement to our flight back to the states. Our program was uniquely developed based on my requests and desired outcomes—not retrofitted into some pre-existing travel package. She superbly well communicated with me prior to our departure, during our time in Vietnam, and after our departure. My students returned home enriched and forever changed by their experience. I cannot adequately express my great respect and sincere gratitude for all that Lucy Nguyen created and provided to my students, and to me.


DM, MBA, CPA - Professor of Business ,Findlay University, United States