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Host family tips for your Internship in Vietnam

ABROADER March 04, 2023 4 minute read

Get tips on how to adjust to Vietnamese culture, build meaningful relationships with your host family, and make the most of your internship!

Going abroad to work as an intern is not just about gaining work experience or completing your resume. It is something more significant than that – cultural exposure and immersion. One of the best ways to truly live within the culture you are going for is living with a host family.

First impression

The first impression is always of utmost importance. Vietnamese host families are hospitable. Therefore, they do not mind if you feel a bit tired after the flight or on the first day. Nevertheless, should you show your excitement or willingness to live together, they will be more comfortable doing the same thing. For example,

In addition, it would be nice if you can prepare some little gifts from your home country. When receiving gifts, Vietnamese do not have the habit of unwrapping them right away. Instead, they will wait until the party is over and enjoy the gifts themselves.

In the first meeting, everyone in the family may show up. So don’t be overwhelmed when you see three generations all at once!

3 generations of host family welcomed our intern!

During your stay

1. When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do.

It is common sense that when you come to or live in a foreign country, you follow national or regional cultural rules or etiquette even though you are not familiar with them. However, living with your host family is a good chance for you to try immersing in a different and unique culture and etiquette which you have never tried before.

2. Be open to learning and willing to adapt.

When doing an internship in Vietnam, especially staying with a host family, you are surely aware of this. However, sometimes you may still find some Vietnamese habits or behavior strange, weird, or even offensive. For example, sometimes Vietnamese people are so friendly and willing to help that they automatically give you a hand without even asking, or keep asking if you need any help. You probably find the behavior annoying, but in fact, they just want to make sure that you are 100% okay!

There will be a lot of things that you should keep in mind, from eating habits to body gestures, from daily routines to special events. The first step you need to take is to prepare for the unexpected, feel free to ask if you are confused, and not overreact. What you have read about Vietnam is not everything yet! And maybe you might meet up with some cultural shocks. But no worries, here are some tips for you to tackle it!

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3. Be considerate and tactful.

Just like you. One of the many reasons why some families agree to host international students is because they want their children to have exposure to a native speaker of a foreign language that the kids are learning, having you at home means they all can practice bits of their English and learn more about your culture as well as show you theirs. This is a perfect chance for you all to learn from each other so make sure you don’t spend too much time in your private room after you come back from work or on the weekends and spend as much time as you can conversing and joining in activities with your homestay family. Remember, you won’t experience this twice.

Besides, as you may know, Vietnamese people attach great importance to the care and love we show each other. Some are not used to expressing their affection by directly saying I love you, I miss you, or I care about you; instead, they painstakingly demonstrate their feelings through actions. Hence, they may notice every little loving behavior of yours, which also means they are also very sensitive if you look or act indifferent.

Having warm meals together.

Farewell time

When it’s time to say goodbye, make sure that you pay tribute to your host family. The gratitude you have for them can be shown in many ways, not necessarily with something material. For instance, present them a collection of photos or videos that you have made during your internship, because in their eyes, that you are happy with your stay here means they have done a great job hosting you.

In general, when taking a study tour or doing an internship in Vietnam, homestay always brings about great experience regardless of length or location. Still, it can also be wasted if you do not know how to take advantage of it. Therefore, mind the smallest things, because they are what make your experience unforgettable.

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