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Small Business, Big Impact: How ABROADER supports local startups in Vietnam

ABROADER January 05, 2023 3 minute read

Expanding business abroad is hard for many local business in Vietnam, that’s why we want to introduce our first project towards the start-ups community – Startup Vietnam Abroad!

There is a known fact about startups in Vietnam is that they are strong, energic, and passionate about what they are doing. However, while finding a way to expand their business abroad, they meet many challenges. Especially in foreign languages and how to work effectively with international partners. Therefore, this 2023, we’re proud and honored to announce our local start-up supporting project – Startup Vietnam Abroad.

Our contribution

With an effort to root for developments in Vietnamese enterprises, the mission of Startup Vietnam Abroad is to coordinate international interns from ABROADER to work at startups in Vietnam. So our international interns can participate in the real work of the companies:

  • Practicing and contributing as a local full-time staff for 40 working hours per week. Based on their majors, preferences, and capabilities, they can participate in customized internships. It can range from Marketing, Business Development to Product research and development.
  • Helping the local staff with English communication and writing skills.

It may sound simple. However, if the interns do well, they can contribute significantly to the companies. And we are delighted to tell you some sweet stories we have heard about what good impacts our interns have made in their host startups.

The story

A company would like to open a company in Canada. However, they do not know where they should have their office based. The international interns, indeed, support the company in collecting all the criteria and conditions so that they can have their own decision. Or another company that wants to pitch its business idea at a startup competition. If there is someone native helping them shape the language, the way they present it would be so helpful.

Last fall, we got one intern working remotely from the U.S. She never taught English before but she feels like she would like to try a couple of hours per week during her university time. She signed up for the English teaching project. Her students are staff from an Edtech start-up who wants to expand their business abroad. In order to code products, they must understand and can communicate with the clients in English. So every day, after working hours in Vietnam, which is a perfect time for the intern in the U.S. to start her day, they have online English communication lessons.

It was a bit stressful from the beginning for the intern when she had to prepare the lessons, and a bit shy from the Vietnamese learners of the Vietnamese startups in Vietnam. But after three months, after one hour of communicating with the intern, they all now are confident. And the CEO of the company was so happy to see the improvement in the staff.

What you can gain as an intern?

No matter what position the interns are doing at the company, the first thing they can learn is about the industry that the startups are doing in Vietnam. Moreover, they can gain knowledge about the “big picture” of the Vietnamese economy. Then sharpening both their hard and soft skills. Especially, the experience of working for a startup in Vietnam will give them the feeling of overcoming all the challenges working with foreigners with time zone, and language barriers that they would hardly get at universities.

So would you like to be a part of our miracle and meaningful journey? Join us at internships in Vietnam.

Over 4000 international university students has joined

In-person internships

Why travel abroad? Unfold your myth, meet new people, and explore your career path. Do an internship in Vietnam and bring home your own stories.

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