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How it works (for host companies)


Our entire process is a simple 4-step journey, from when you express your interest in hosting our students to after they finish the internship at your organization. At any stage, we are here to provide you support and answer any concerns you may have.


To get started, you can give us a call to +84 32 000 619 or email us at or fill out our Intern Request Form to express your interest in hosting. Our Program Coordinator will then get to know you, your day-to-day business, office culture and work environment and how our intern(s) might be able to help with your work. Having a thorough understanding of your organization will allow us to set accurate expectations for the intern(s) and be able to find you the best fit.  During this phase, we will also help you create an internship job description and provide you with all program relevant details, including ABROADER’s partnership process, intern’s background and expectations, internship timeline, matching process as well as needed logistics.

Intern Selection

After learning about your needs and expectations for the intern(s), we will recruit, screen and select the best candidate(s) to present to you. You then will review our candidate(s) through their application, decide whether a Skype or phone interview is needed, who to interview, and who to accept. 

* Notes: Before our candidates come to you, all of them will have to go through a Skype interview with one of  our Program Coordinators as part of our process.


After choosing the candidate you are most happy with, it’s time to get excited about welcoming them to your team. Prior to your intern’s departure for Vietnam, we will send you a formal partnership agreement which details the internship description as well as the roles and responsibilities of every party involved, including your organization, the intern and ABROADER. During this phase, we will also support the intern in arranging all logistics necessary for them to arrive and live in Vietnam, including visa, accommodation, travel insurance, booking flights, etc.


Once the intern has arrived in Vietnam, we will pick them up from the airport, drop them off at their accommodation, provide them with an on-site orientation which includes professional, cultural and social training before handing them to you for an official induction at your organization. Throughout the internship, your job is to guide, support and provide the intern with continual evaluation of their performance and progress. We will remain in close contact with you to support and take your stress away whenever problems arise. As for the intern, we will be providing them with 24/7 support to make sure that they are safe and able to fully focus on the internship.

We highly appreciate the efforts of these awesome students who were just launching their career. We also think highly of ABROADER's work for providing us the fitting individuals that really contributed to our company's growth.”
KMS Technology ABROADER’s Partner Host Organization

What exactly do we provide?

  • Visa arrangement support (if needed)

  • Intern’s accommodation arrangement 

  • Intern’s airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Onsite orientation with a basic Vietnamese language lessons included

  • Continuous support from ABROADER’s Program Coordinator at every stage: before, during, and post internship

  • Local buddies to support interns outside of work hours  

  • Networking opportunities

For any questions regarding the above process, please do not hesitate to write to our Program Coordinators at or Contact us here.
Looking for guidance on how to have a successful hosting experience? Click here or check out to know how much host organizations have enjoyed working with us and our interns.

Become a global employer. Host an international intern

We wish to have more opportunity to collaboration with ABROADER in hosting interns/volunteers in the coming time. However, if it is possible, we would like the internship duration to be longer. ABROADER Vietnam and their staff have provided a valuable support on facilitation process of this program. We are much appreciated their good arrangement and well-facilitation.


Sustainable Agriculture Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

ABROADER team is very responsive and helpful with our communication with interns. The culture sessions are impressive and it makes the memorable internship for the international students.


Developer Internship Host ,Ha Noi, Vietnam

Brian Tieu delivered above and beyond and really took steps to show his proactive initiative and desire to learn and absorb as much out of this experience as possible. He was really dependable and delivered under pressure which is essential in communications!

WWF Vietnam

Communiations Internship Host ,Ha Noi, Vietnam

We have benefited from exchanging languages, cultures and work environments. Also from the assignments given to interns, we would use them for our next short and long-term strategic developments.

ARDOR Architects

Architect Internship Host ,HCMC, Vietnam

Great effort by the staff to match the intern with our organization, along with helping the intern to get to know more about Vietnamese culture. I understand the limitation of online platform in implementing programs like this, so kudos to the team for the great transition.


LGBT Internship Host ,Ha Noi, Vietnam

We have received interns from ABROADER twice since last 2019. Thanks to the students, we could systemize our structure and training documentation. Right now, event management is a growing industry with not many real institutes so the staff might not be 100% trained to their potential. However, these Singaporean interns help us with understand what course of actions should be taken. Even though some students seemed stress at first and became passive, we tried to give them some encouragement and support from all of our team. They've become better and start to progress profoundly. Some designer interns weren't best with their English while we only know English as our main foreign communication, we still managed to break the language barrier together. Moreover, that the interns speak Chinese helped us do business with many Chinese customers.


Business & Marketing Internship Host ,HCMC, Vietnam

The students helped us set up our library and a digital management system. Previously we had received more than 10,000 books in donations previously but were not able to have people come over to read since we did not have a system to manage. For 8 weeks, the students sorted through our books, categorized them by genres, arranged them on their selves and set up an online system so that later on our staff can manage books easily. The sorting process is quite tiring, and I really admire them for their patience. We worked on different floors, but we can see students working through camera. A lot of time we saw them sitting in front of the computer and sorting through thousands of books and asked ourselves “How do they not get bored?” (laugh). But that is why we are thankful of students and their hard works. We sometimes tried to cheer them up, for example by treating them with bubble tea and fruits. In their last working week, we had our public’s grand opening for the public. We can now open our library officially. In the future, our plan is to have movie screenings and workshops for the public at the library where our students (who are people with disabilities and often lack chances to join social events) can be more socially confident and meet new friends outside of their circles.


Social Work Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

Chau was assigned to Project Department, to provide assistance in communications and networking. She meets all the expectation of us, including job knowledge, employability skills, punctuality & observance of working hours and job attitude. Chau is diligent, polite and sociable. She is keen on learning and working, analytical.. We want to send our thanks to the ABROADER's Internship program and Chau Nguyen. We are open to welcome other qualified interns sent by ABROADER's program


Social Work Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

We hosted 1 bio-med student from Singapore for 5 months. Since our research areas are mostly high-level stem cell research, we normally recruited master or PhD students. Since Adriel is still an undergrad, at first there was a lack of background knowledge and we needed to give him a lot of additional readings. Adriel was very hard working, actively educating himself by taking online classes and seminars. By the second month, he was able to join our research works and conduct lab experiments by himself. By the end, he had contributed to 2 of our research projects on improving stem cell analysis technologies’ efficiency, co-authored 1 research paper and joined 1 national conference on stem cell. I am very happy with his results and can see that he can go far in the future. I encouraged him to study PhD in the UK in the program I did previously as he furthers his study in bio-med.


Biology Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam

Kaoru’s responsibility as an intern at Pan Pacific Hotel was to welcome and farewell the guest and takes care of our Japanese and VIP guest. As a hospitality student, Kaoru has a fair knowledge of the hospitality industry and soft skills necessary for the job like communication, team work, working under pressure. Due to the short duration of internship Kaoru hasn’t been able to keep up with everyone in the team. However, we was very glad to see that she showed profound interest in learning from our advice, training and abide very strictly to the rules of attendance and punctuality. We can say that the biggest strengths she brought to her internship in Vietnam are Team work, Enthusiasm, Hardworking and Punctuality. We would like to thank ABROADER Vietnam for an internship program that is beneficial not only to the intern but also to us as the host organization. We were able to have a more diverse manpower, our staff got to learn about a whole different culture and with Kaoru, our team became multi-cultural making it easier to engage and assist guests.

Pan Pacific Hotel

Hospitality Internship Host ,Hanoi, Vietnam