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How to get Vietnam E-visa?

ABROADER April 06, 2022 3 minute read

Though e-visa is becoming more and more popular for travelers and foreigners when entering a country, we know that the application process may be confusing sometimes. To make it clear and easy to understand, we will give detailed instruction about the way to apply for Vietnam e-visa below:

Vietnam e-visa requirements

To best prepare for the application, you should get ready for all the documents below:

  • Your valid passport in at least 6 months after the expected date of entering Vietnam and having at least 02 blank pages
  • Credit card or Debit card that can make payment online
  • Portrait photo (4x6cm): Looking straight, without glasses and white background
  • Image of Passport data page: Full page including photo, personal information and ICAO lines

*Notes: Passport photo must follow these more detailed standards:

  • Applicants must submit a passport photo taken within the last 01 year, 4x6cm in size, straight face, no hat, no dark or tinted glass. Both ears must be shown.
  • The photo must be clear for identification. The photo must not be edited anyhow.
  • The photo can be in colors/ black and white.
  • The background must be white/bright. Photos on dark and/or decorated backgrounds will not be accepted.

Detailed steps:

After having necessary documents, what you need to do is following the steps here:

Step 1: Access the link https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn, then choose “e-Visa” (Electronic visa). Then you will be directed to “E-VISA PAGE”.

Step 2: Choose the box “FOR FOREIGNERS”

Step 3: Read the full text description carefully, confirm your understanding, then click “Next”

Step 4: Complete the application form by uploading your 2 photos and input required information. You can follow this guideline to make sure everything is valid.
Remember to review your information carefully and submit.
Then, you will receive a verification code which must be saved for later status check.

Step 5: Pay the e-visa fee
The fee is 25 USD and must be paid online right after the submission by credit card or debit card. You can choose the most convenient way for you.
Remember that this fee will not be refunded whether your application is approved or not.

Step 6: Get result and receive Vietnam e-visa.
The processing time often lasts for 3 days but sometimes even longer depending on the number of applicants or public holiday.
The result will not be notified through email or mobile phone so you need to check the website regularly after 3 days since your submission date. To check the status, access this link and input required information.
If your application is successful, congratulations! The last step is to download your e-visa.

Want to make your trip to Vietnam care-free about visa application? ABROADER covers from A to Z for our participants joining our educational programs in Vietnam. If you’re interested in internships and study abroad programs in Vietnam, check this link below and feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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