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Internship for Physiotherapy in Vietnam – A travel healer’s journey

ABROADER October 30, 2022 5 minute read

Marking a milestone in your physiotherapist career that provides you with great knowledge and passion like what our intern – Christopher gained from his physiotherapy internship in Vietnam!

As a physiology student, instead of doing an internship at a local hospital, why not intern in Vietnam? We provide a +3-week physiotherapy internship at HCMC Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital. So what exactly things you will do there? Listen to Christopher’s story in 60 days in Vietnam!

About Christopher’s internship

The primary mission of HCMC Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital – 1A Hospital is to conduct medical examination, diagnosis, treatment, orthopedic surgery, trauma surgery, and rehabilitation for people who have served the country and received social policy beneficiaries. Besides, unfortunate ones suffering disabilities, labor accidents, and other diseases are also taken care of. Summer of 2022, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital was glad to have Christopher Ralik Wright. He is a student at Bowling Green State University coming to Vietnam to have an internship as a Physiotherapy intern.

His daily tasks altered from week to week depending on which department he worked in. Working with physiotherapists and medical doctors allowed him to enhance his comprehension of multiple medical conditions. His daily interaction with the doctors allowed him to ask a plethora of questions which helped him understand the complexities of the injuries or diseases patients might be dealing with. He got the chance to observe medical conditions and injuries. The patients range from patients with ACL tears or sprains, children patients with Cerebral Palsy to patients affected by strokes, scoliosis, tuberculosis, and countless orthopedic injuries.

Christopher and his colleagues


From different departments

The great thing about a physiotherapy internship in Vietnam with ABROADER is that you can rotate among many departments. From physiotherapy, and occupational therapy to traditional medicine, where you can see different kinds of physical conditions (congenital diseases, accident sequelae, injuries…) and join in hands-on practice with the patients. Like viewing diagnostic imaging tests consisting of X-rays and MRIs, assisting directly with the patient’s care by utilizing therapy techniques such as joint mobilizations, stretching, passive range of motion, assisting walking, and strengthening therapeutic exercises. The interns are also able to assist with Traditional Medicine interventions by removing acupuncture needles after the treatment is completed. These help the interns get experience and develop their competencies before specializing.

To diverse experience

There is a lot to get to know about how different rooms operate to fulfill the job. As a quick learner, Christopher performed multiple tasks from cleaning the occupational therapy room, and connecting patients to various machines including back and neck traction, heat, and stipulation therapy. Thanks to the constant exposure to a wide variety of patients, it dawned on him that there were specific differences in healthcare, treatment, and rehab between Vietnam and his hometown so that he could improve his skills and adopt new ones.

As physiotherapy treatment is a long and strenuous journey for both the doctor and the patient, the internship is also an opportunity for the interns to support the doctors and companion with the persevering self-discovery of the patients throughout their journey. From then understanding and sympathizing with their pains, and having a better sense of treating each of them. Seeing the day-by-day health improvements of the patients might be the greatest encouragement.

It was the travel healer’s journey, so travel is an impossible-not-to-mention part. Exploring the dynamic Ho Chi Minh City, hanging out with local buddies, and understanding the nature and sustainability in Mekong Delta. It’s not just traveling, it’s also healing himself after long hours of hard work.

What to gain after all

Overcoming the language barrier, Christopher tried his best and contributed to the internship. Looking back at the journey with Christopher, we – ABROADER and the Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital staff are very grateful for working with him. His contribution to the local residents has, surely, brought significant changes to each patient. Most importantly, his time in Vietnam, as he reflected, had been an incredible life-changing experience. As he shared with us, he was extremely grateful for the opportunity and the impact that it made on not only his future career but his personal life as well. This internship has prepared him with great knowledge and increased passion for his pursuit of a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the U.S. And, for sure, we wholeheartedly support and root for his growth and career path in the future!
Overall, two months as a physiotherapy intern in Vietnam is truly unique and remarkable.

Do not miss the chance to level up your career and experience. Do you want a unique and remarkable physiotherapy internship in Vietnam? Apply now right here!

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