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“It’s never too late to learn new tricks” – Internship in Vietnam at 30s

ABROADER Team July 17, 2023 4 Minutes read

Tough what seemed like endless searching, I was able to choose a program that aligned with my desire for an internship experience in Vietnam.

“It’s never too late to learn new tricks in your 30s.”

I studied International business back in 2015. What I didn’t know then was that I was going to eventually get myself into an epic adventure. An internship in Vietnam! At that time I was still very much in my “struggling to make it era.” I didn’t know who I was and where I was going. It’s no wonder that it took me close to seven years to finally get myself together. And finish many things I started including a two-month internship to finish my International Business BAS Degree.

“We only regret the things we didn’t do.”

If you live to the ripe age of 32 like I am now. You’ll come to realize that there are far more things that you may regret not doing than doing it. Making a fool of yourself, or at worse doing something you regret. For me, it’s doing something and it is the best thing that has ever happened! I’m glad I waited this long for my internship. My mindset had changed a lot since the time I was in college. I went through some profound soul lessons and was able to grieve, heal and feel myself. Sometimes the things we are seeking require a period of time for us to do the inner work. To be able to truly be open to the experience.

ABROADER to the rescue

Through what seemed like endless searching, I was able to choose a program that aligned with my desire. A desire for an internship experience in Vietnam. For a very reasonable cost, ABROADER connects you with an internship site in Vietnam. A local buddy for cultural exchanges, activities with locals and expats, and tons of bonding experiences with others. This involves students, staff, and the community as a whole. I was settled comfortably in District 10 in Ho Chi Minh City and was literally within walking distance to everything my heart desired. The place is also close to where I do my Market Development Internship.

The leading manager, Moon, has been very attentive and helpful since day one. All the staff at ABROADER paid close detailed attention to us and ensured we were safe. They make sure I got value out of my internship site and the activities we did as a cohort. I especially enjoyed the time we did a “Visa Run” to Bangkok Thailand. This is a term used to cross another country because the current E-Visa system in Vietnam prohibits visitors from staying in the country for more than 30 days.

Till we meet again

I’m coming toward the end of the internship and my time here in Vietnam. There was so much that I have seen and experienced that will carry with me throughout my lifetime. Although I came here for an internship, I am going back home with more than just marketable skills. I am coming back home with a deeper sense of my soul yearning to be satisfied. I can not recommend Abroader enough for those seeking a meaningful cultural experience and community. Although I tend to be more of a lone wolf when it comes to traveling. I am grateful to be part of this Cohort. There were people and places I would have never thought to go if not gone with Abroader. I will carry these memories with me.

And when I decide to have children and they are of ripe age for going on adventures of their own, I will send them abroad. I’m sure ABROADER will be around still and tend to their thirst for quests and adventures. Until we meet again ABROADER and Vietnam. This has truly been one life-changing adventure!

Original article

While joined her internships in Vietnam, Tia is also a blogger, traveler, tarot reader, and soul guide so we highly recommend everyone to check her blog with the original article at: https://numinousnomads.com/

If you ever feel lonely and anxious about taking an internship in your 30s, let alone in Vietnam then DON’T. Like Tia Hoang, there were many interns in their 30s that chose to do an internship in Vietnam like our alumni Stuart and his past Communications and Fundraising intern at Bong Sen Centre for Community Development

Interested in experiencing Tia’s story and writing your own story? Let’s take a look at her program!

Over 4000 international university students has joined

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Why travel abroad? Unfold your myth, meet new people, and explore your career path. Do an internship in Vietnam and bring home your own stories.

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