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IT Security Internship In Vietnam: Best Experience At Top-Notch Company

ABROADER February 17, 2022 3 minute read

Are you looking for an IT internship abroad, particularly IT Security Internship, follow two outstanding interns from Republic Polytechnic: Derek and Binsong. 

Are you looking for an IT internship abroad, particularly IT Security Internship, follow two outstanding interns from Republic Polytechnic: Derek and Binsong. Let’s enjoy their appealing stories about new discoveries during their paid internships at NASHTECH, a leading Vietnamese company in field IT.

What it’s like to have an internship in Vietnam in IT Security? 

Professional training and develop project management skills

At NASHTECH, Derek and Binsong focused on the aspect of web application security. After 5-month working at this dynamic environment, they broaden their knowledge in advanced scripting using python, doing CTFs, capturing the flag, and learning vulnerabilities in application. On top of that, SQL injections, Cross-site script, pen-testing side and fuzzing web applications were also added to their learning throughout the internship. For Derek, it has been more in-depth than what he had previously learnt at school as they both work with best IT engineers in the field. 

A growth mindset for a successful internship abroad

The key word to a successful internship is staying open-minded. In other words, one should be open to criticism and  constructive feedbacks in order to improve the quality of their work. Derek suggested prospective interns should act as a sponge during their internship abroad. Try to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Seize your chance to learn from experienced supervisors.

Work matters but it should never be all about work

Derek, Binsong and Max chilling

 Work hard but don’t forget to have a good rest after all. Sometimes, you should spend some time acing that billiards game. NASHTECH is such a great workplace that cares about employees’ health. Noticeably, there are tons of entertainment from billiards to soccer in hand so staff could get rid of stress in break time. The friendships and those chill moments could be  memorable as you look back your internship in Vietnam. 

What their supervisors say about their internship in Vietnam as IT security interns? 

Mr. Long, who has planned for their training curriculum and assign the best engineers to be their supervisors, Derek and Binsong have been more confident. From his point of view, differences in work cultures did emerge and they have learnt more of Vietnamese culture. This learning process best prepare them for global working context in the field of IT security. 

He suggests that future international interns looking for internship abroad or internship in Vietnam could spend more time digging up information about the culture and the language of the host country prior to their arrival. It would be great if they could make simple interactions with other interns and their colleagues.  

For more information about internship abroad in Vietnam, you can view our featured programs below:

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