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Lab Testing Internship – Kelvin’s Journey In Vietnam

ABROADER February 17, 2022 4 minute read

Kelvin is one of the 10 students from Republic Polytechnic interning in Hanoi. At Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH), he works as a research assistant. 

Kelvin is one of the 10 students from Republic Polytechnic interning in Hanoi. At Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH), he works as a research assistant. Specifically, most of his work is about lab testing services such as testing drinking water. His 5-month journey in HUPH and Hanoi has been a box of chocolate – full of sweet surprises!  

About Hanoi University of Public Health 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho y tế công cộng

Hanoi University of Public Health (or the School for Doctor’s Assistant) is a prestigious univeristy in Vietnam. In 2001, the Government upgraded status of the school into university. In Oct 2016, the school has officially changed its English name to Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH). The university aims at becoming the leading institution in Vietnam and in the region on Public Health training, research and consultancy. 

Kelvin’s internship in Vietnam 

A professional jump start 

The experience he gains at HUPH is totally new compared to what he had learnt at school. At Republic Polytechnic, his scope of knowledge relates to pharmacy. Meanwhile at HUPH, his focus is on the research and testing of bioscience. As an intern fresh out of university environment, he found the job at HUPH more of a regimental work where he did things with thorough guidance from his supervisors.  

Work environment is key to motivation

The friendships at workplace are what drives him forwards. He found the interactions and those work and casual conversations part of what he really enjoys everyday. 

“There are some parts I have to do the work by myself. However, when it comes to communication with colleagues and my friends, I see it’s a wonderful thing to be able to converse and be confident. By which I mean, you should know your colleagues are happy to have you here.”

Differences in work culture between Vietnam and Singapore are also a learning point. See more information about those differences  HERE.

Language Barrier Confrontation during an internship abroad

An international working environment, however, has a certain degree of language barriers. According to his experience, communication plays a key role in the facilitation at workplace. Facing these challenges is a fat chance that benefits his adaptability to cross-cultural working context.  

Kelvin’s solution is to partake in Vietnamese lessons with local buddies. Back then, he learnt useful phrases in order to apply them in working and daily conversations. Interestingly, Kelvin learnt to praise someone in Vietnamese. “Xinh gai” (beautiful) and “dep trai” (handsome) are two phrases he found most intriguing in Vietnamese.  

Being with the locals during an internship abroad

The key to a successful internship also lies in one’s willingness to open their heart to the culture and the people. That’s why Kelvin’s journey in Vietnam has been full of laughters and learning. Moreover, one of the most amiable things is Kelvin befriended with a local, a photocopy shop owner, and frequented the place to play with five of his cats. Since he has flexible and amiable characteristics, we know he should be able to adapt to any working environment. 

One typical day of Kelvin ON | Lab testing service internship in Vietnam with ABROADER

About Internship in Vietnam 

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