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Life Abroad


Rising up from wars, Vietnam has gone through significant changes over the past  decades and we are showing our resilience and strength as we join the global economy. Studying and doing internships here, where long-standing traditions are simultaneously emphasized with heading towards the future, you will mix and mingle with the locals, gain  hands-on experience in your fields of study and discover your place in the world.

On this journey abroad of self exploration and development, we - ABROADER are here to take care of you and provide support throughout your process of getting to and living in Vietnam until the moment you depart your location. Our pride in being one of the pioneering providers of safe and meaningful internship and study abroad programs in Southeast Asia starting with Vietnam does not just come from the following numbers.

ABROADER and numbers

but also from the sincere  stories and reviews we have received from our global partners, host organizations, alumni and even their parents.

"I just wanted to say a Warm Thanks to the ABROADER team---for creating an amazing experience for my son. This family has fallen in love with Vietnam. You and your team went above and beyond and should be so proud of bringing the amazing experience of living in Vietnam to him. Your buddy program was amazing...My son learned so much about Vietnam this summer - about your amazing culture, food, how people live and of course Grab and the crazy life of the traffic. But even more importantly- he learned about life-- how to live and cook for himself, how to deal with the complexities of working. He was so focused on living and working in Europe before the summer- and now it's clear that Asia is where he thinks the world is moving towards and I think ABROADER and your company and the entire experience helped in that process...It is rare that one can have a job that really affects another individual, another person. You and your management team should feel very good that you work for a company and do a job that really changes lives. Thanks again to ABROADER for giving my son the experience of a lifetime and Happy Child makes a happy Parent!"
From the father of a University of Pennsylvania Student Intern as he wishes to remain anonymous for his child’s sake 

It's truly an honor to have our work credited by all the stakeholders involved in our programs. Any words of recognition and encouragement that we receive are the biggest motivation for us to keep improving our work every day. If you are interested in becoming one of our program participants and future advocates, scroll down to learn more about why we are confident in ensuring your time abroad is going to be a success!


“From Southeast Asia to the world and from the world to Southeast Asia, both start with Vietnam”  

  • This has been our vision since establishment. Vietnam is growing to be the next international hub of Asia that attracts attention from all over the world for its stable and booming economy, beautiful nature and scenery, delicious food and friendly locals throughout the entire country!
  • Learn more about what your prospective internship, study abroad or service-learning program location has to offer here.


  • This step plays an important role in your pre-departure preparation to Vietnam. From Visa Processing, Flight Booking, Insurance to Budgeting for your journey abroad, you may find lots of information and get overwhelmed. But no worries, your assigned Program Coordinator is there to support you! 
  • Check out in detail how ABROADER support you and our tips to help you get to your program location safe and sound here.


  • Choosing to intern or study abroad means you are challenged to learn to adapt to a new living environment. Instead of waking up in your super comfy bed back home, you may be somewhat astonished on the first morning abroad realizing you are now in a totally unfamiliar setting while still trying to get over jet lag. Soon after, it will be time to open your mind and get ready to experience new things in Vietnam, including accommodation, transportation, health & safety and social etiquettes. 
  • All you need to know to make your life abroad as comfortable and safe as back home can be found here.


  • When travelling to a new culture, your identities can influence the experiences you have interacting with local communities and individuals. By learning how  your identities might be perceived abroad, you can be prepared for how you are received, treated or interacted with and how you might need to consider your behaviour and attitudes in the local environment. 
  • Find out why sometimes local Vietnamese might stare at you here.


  • What makes ABROADER’s programs stand out in service quality is our Local Buddy Program,  designed to help make it easier for you to integrate with locals and find your way around in a whole new living environment. Specifically, the program is built to give you the opportunity to make friends with your local peers while giving them the exposure to your  cultures. It is a must-have in all of our programs, for we would love to make your time in Vietnam full of memorable experiences. 
  • Learn more about who your local buddies are and what they do here.

More than anything, our team is here to provide you with a safe and enjoyable program abroad. 

If you think any information should be added to help us fully achieve that goal, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts here or email our Program Coordinator at

The level of support provided from ABROADER Vietnam was great, and I loved the activities where everyone was involved, including the local buddies!

Megan Bernard

Education Internship ,Monash University, Australia

During my environmental engineering internship at my host company, I have learned a great deal of practical knowledge and skills that I hadn’t been taught in schools before, in particular my design skills have been improved a lot. My supervisor and coworkers gave me very helpful support and guidance which is what I expected to have in an internship, although I wish I was more freedom to explore and do independent work. Adding to the experience, I got to go on a field trip to Hai Duong in 2 weeks while I was an intern. It was a valuable experience for me because I was able to travel and see the different practices in a smaller city of Hai Duong compared to Hanoi, I of course made new friends and had a little peak into the local life of people outside the busy capital.

Geogre Wilson

Environmental Engineering Internship ,Durham University, England

I would highly recommend this internship with ABROADER for my friends or anyone who is interested in doing an IT internship in Vietnam. My IT Internship was done at Global Cybersoft in Ho Chi Minh City, Global CyberSoft (GCS) is a leading global IT solutions provider founded in California. With extensive experiences and rich expertise, GCS poses as a major IT pioneer and trusted partner in Vietnam. The first team I was with (Business Analysis Team) went out of their way to give me responsibilities that challenged me to learn, and provided help for me to learn how to do these tasks, I felt my work on the Business Analysis team was important, and I made a significant contribution as an intern. Next, I was moved to programming team which I felt I did not have as much training compared to the first one. Given that the company was not used to having an intern like me, they did a good job giving me responsibilities that would help me learn. My supervisor was the local team manager and he helped me a lot during work and cared about my well-being. Among many concerns one has when deciding to do an internship, for me, the most important part was having as much help as possible getting into contact with prospective companies, and further set up with a bank account, etc. and felt very satisfied with the services provided by ABROADER concerning these procedures. The most helpful improvement would have been a more timely completion of all the steps so that there is the largest choice of companies to choose from, and one can prepare as soon as possible.

David Mechael Duplantier

IT Internship ,University of California, San Diego, USA

I have always been an extremely shy person, when I was small, my face would turn red and I even cried in front of people. Now that I’m a grown up, I want to become more confident, make friends and talk with them like other people do after one-month internship here in Vietnam.

Miho Matsui

Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

I realize that the key to develop yourself is to improve your competence in a whole new environment, and coming to Vietnam for an internship accomplished what I came for. I came here because I wanted to have more confidence to speak up my mind in front of other people and it is hard to accomplish these when you are still in your comfort zone.

Takahisa Morino

Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

The 5 months spent in Vietnam was not only enjoyable but also felt enriching. I have become many times more independent than before and thoroughly enjoyed working at Vinmec General International Hospital- A conducive and enjoyable workplace for those interested in a career in Healthcare.

Skye Lee

Healthcare & Pharmacy Internship ,Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Words cannot describe how much I gain from this internship. The time here has been productive, meaningful and of course an unforgettable one! When I first came to Ho Chi Minh City for the internship, I was overwhelmed by the culture difference. To the roads packed with motorcycles to the food, everything was different for me. Honestly, I thought it would be very hard for me to adapt to the culture in Vietnam, however, ABROADER provided us with a lot of support! They have local buddies that bought us around Ho Chi Minh City, teach us their culture and are very open and happy going! They even brought us to grocery shopping which we needed desperately! What’s more, they gave me an internship in one of Vietnam’s top IT outsourcing companies! The team was professional, always looking for ways to improve and welcoming! They always try their best that I am doing great! Thank You ABROADER!

Heng Choon Yuan (Gerald)

IT Internship ,Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

The ABROADER team in Vietnam does an amazing job at trying to engage the interns with each other and with the local culture in Vietnam, which is especially difficult in a virtual setting! They really strive to make the meetings a safe space where people are able to share their cultures in a creative and heartwarming way. They are also incredibly supportive to making sure their interns succeed in their professional internship and act as a great liaison between the interns and the host company. The program was a very positive experience! The incredible support system was great for those who have never interned before, and refreshing for those who have more professional experience.

Gigi Lam

Architect Remote Internship ,University of Pennsylvania

I enjoyed the time in Ho Chi Minh city. The experience was much better than I expected. I came with an open mind to face anything, but everything was smooth and easy. The host organisation is satisfying. They tried their best to help me learn. It was satisfying. I would do this again if I get the chance. The abroader staff was really friendly and they prepared everything for me before I landed in Vietnam. So I did not have to worry about anything. I am satisfied with the program and I would recommend this program 100%.

Dan Fernando

Trainer & Communication Internship ,Deakin University, Australia

ABROADER, you have made my experience in Vietnam an incredible one!! For me, having a local buddy as a support system during my Social Work internship in Vietnam has been the most helpful. My work at CSAGA helped me understand social services from a Eastern Asian perspective, helped me acclimate to Vietnamese lifestyle, and understand the process that non-profits go through to obtain funding. ABROADER is always so supportive and has made me feel at home. Thank you so much and I encourage you all to keep changing lives and doing what you do.

Haley Perry

Social Work Internship ,University of Oregon, USA