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Location Overview


Studying or doing an internship abroad is a great way to gain practical skills as well as experience a new culture. Vietnam is becoming a promising destination for education abroad programs because of its abundance of hands-on opportunities as well as its diverse cultures. The country is known for its booming entrepreneurial scene, friendly people, delicious cuisine and beautiful nature. Vietnam is home to 54 ethnicities with different cultures, traditions and languages. However, there are things that stay the same throughout the entire country: patriotic people, peaceful country, and awesome food. As Vietnam is making an effort to become the next international hub and Silicon Valley of SE Asia, its education is transforming to become less theoretical to being more liberal and practical. Many international travelers, students, and job seekers have rated Vietnam a solid 5 out of 7 for its moderate living standard, easy-going Vietnamese, and peaceful lifestyle.

If you are looking for a destination to launch your career path abroad and add an international experience to your resume, and make friends with amazingly friendly natives then say Hi to ABROADER and start your internship or study abroad in Vietnam now! Below is a brief overview of the major cities where our programs are currently based. Each is unique in their own way.

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is in the South of Vietnam. The city is the economic powerhouse of the country, providing a large pool of high demand job opportunities for international visitors and expats. Ho Chi Minh City is more modern, expat-friendly and open than its counterpart up North, Ha Noi, having not one but two districts heavily populated by expats


Ho Chi Minh City by night (

Ho Chi Minh City by day is a buzzing city with busy bees on motorcycles going about their business like they have no tomorrow. But by night, the city lights up into a vibrant nightlife with people of all ages flocking to the streets for Vietnam’s heavenly food and having fun after a hard-working 9-to-6. In a way, the city never sleeps. 

Being such a vital part of Vietnam’s economy, Ho Chi Minh City attracts residents from everywhere in the country. But this doesn’t mean Saigonese (a popular term referring to the residents here) lose their own characteristics: friendly, tolerant, flexible, and entrepreneurial. Contrary to the North’s traditional and more conservative persona, Saigonese are sociable and will try to talk to you as they love meeting new people and making friends. So if they invite you out for coffee then congrats, you have a new Saigonese friend!

Young and dynamic, the 350-years-old city of Ho Chi Minh and its surrounding cities offer plenty of professional opportunities in various fields and industries. You could find yourself researching for the next environment-friendly plastic bag as bio engineering is gaining huge traction, or going on a field in the Mekong Delta working with your team for the next sustainable agriculture projects. With the average salary hitting $500 USD a month (or 10 million VND) and a low cost of living with average expenditure totals around $10 USD a day, locals and expats alike would find it affordable to live here. Coating everything with the metropolitan atmosphere, Saigon is a perfect launchpad for young people  to find their own pathway to the future.


ABROADER students hanging out with their local friends

Traditionally, in Vietnam, people with high education like grad students, scholars, doctors, etc. are highly admired and looked up to. But the scene is shifting as Ho Chi Minh City becomes more and more out-of-the-box and encourages entrepreneurship, adventurous persona, and modern thinking. A study abroad program in many top universities like Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam National University, HCMC University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology, Hong Bang University, Open University isn’t just a class but rather a workshop, a consultation firm, a bank and many more combined. Additionally, globalization is being highly implemented as international engagement is sought after in Ho Chi Minh City. Student fairs, crash courses and camps, international volunteer and exchange programs, and semester abroad are also becoming more popular. This puts a huge influence on further development of Vietnamese on the global scene.


Ton Duc Thang University's INSPIRE Library (Source:

Named after the great leader Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City is also a cultural metropolis with its fair share of historic significance. The War Remnants Museum, Museum of Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi Tunnels, etc., would draw a vivid picture of the then capital of the Republic of South Vietnam, and the harsh and tragic past of the Vietnam War. This doesn’t mean the city culture is a gray cloud but far from that. Old apartments, Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral and all of the colonial architectures, blended with the traditional Jade Emperor Temple, Sky Queen Temple, pagodas and the likes make up a colorful Saigon, inside and out.


World-known Vietnamese dishes

The Saigonese have their unique way of eating: flavorfully sweet, and full. You could start the mouth-watering experience with the sophisticated yet informal and certainly tasty cuisine with a banh mi, Vietnamese sandwich, and a cup of Vietnamese milk coffee in the morning. Then banh xeo, crispy pancake, with fresh forest vegetables for lunch, and complete your day with a plate of com tam, broken rice. Don’t forget the occasional sweet soup or juice around the Nguyen Hue Central walking street with your friends, or buck-beers in convenience stores everywhere in the city.


We did work, we had a full belly, so how shall we play? Ho Chi Minh City is full of energy, landscape, and lights and music. If you are into the more brain-powered activities, the city offers board game café, adventurous and intense mazed playgrounds. Looking for something more active? Ho Chi Minh City has paintball, in-door rock climbing, pools and water parks. Intense physical activities is not your thing? Hang out with the Local Buddies to the Museum of Fine Arts, 3D museums, rooftop cafés and bars or go on a street food tour because food and drinks are at every corner. What about nightlife? Bui Vien dancing street, Rooftop bars, or grounded pubs are everywhere downtown. We understand it gets lonely if you have to do all these activities alone. That’s why ABROADER also hosts monthly events like cooking classes, handmade workshops, or just a general get-together with other interns and local buddies for networking purposes.

In case  you get a bit bored with the concrete city then why not getting some vitamin Sea? From Ho Chi Minh City, you can get on a night bus to go down to  an area known as the “rice basket of Vietnam” - Mekong Delta or to Vũng Tàu - Bình Thuận - Mũi Né to dip yourself in the salt water. A trip to the Mekong Delta is usually included in an ABROADER’s program because of the unique experiences you’ll get there, but we encourage you to venture to other places, by yourself or with your Local Buddies. Feeling adventurous? Book a flight to the middle region of Vietnam to be really away and refresh yourself in the wind of Ninh Thuận - Nha Trang - Đà Nẵng. And if you are feeling for more adventures, head to Mount Fansipan up North, or just any mountains down South to trek and explore the heights of Vietnam. For all of these destinations, one thing you are going to get for sure: a wonderful experience with local scenery and culture.


On the other hand, your time doing internships or studying in Ho Chi Minh City would not be fulfilled if they didn’t include community services and volunteer work! Joining ABROADER’s program, you will be opening yourself up to opportunities to give back to the local community. Your choice of doing volunteer work includes serving food at a 10-cents restaurant, teaching English for street children and orphans, or organizing self-discovering fairs or workshops for Vietnamese students. It is always wonderful to lend a hand to those in need!

Doing an internship or studying abroad in Ho Chi Minh City will always yield new perspectives and knowledge of a whole new world for you. This enables  you to make an effort to give back to the local less fortunate community. The city has a bit of everything for everyone so you would never feel unwelcomed and out-of-place making your trip abroad here!

Hanoi at a glance

Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam, is a city as full of surprises as a box of chocolate. It is known as the country’s political, cultural, scientific, and technology center, and plays an important role in Vietnam’s economy and international trade. This is the second most crowded and dynamic city in Vietnam which gathers people from diverse backgrounds living together in harmony. Ha Noi has made its name for:

  • A finely mixed nostalgia sense and fast-paced life

  • Local cuisine, especially street food 

  • Top culture heritage and destination spots recognized by UNESCO

  • A dynamic economic center and home to long-established universities

Ready to unbar your chocolate box?

Nostalgia sense and hustle bustle pace


City Gate in Hanoi Old Quarter (Source: quehuongonline)

What makes Hanoi so special is the combination of its traditional and modern beauty. Hanoi is a city of rich and colorful history. It has been Vietnam’s capital city for more than 1,000 years, witnessing all the ups and downs during the harsh time Vietnam went through wars. Therefore, it attracts foreigners with the remembrance of the old times, which could be found in the city’s architecture, streets, houses and the people themselves.

Having gone through every highs and lows of history, Hanoi people tend to be thrifty and provident about the future. Moreover, the way Hanoi people highly respect family values and conform to moral standards properly differentiates themselves with people from the other parts of Vietnam. With the advent of a tremendous social change in recent years, Hanoians become more outgoing than before yet still maintain their sophisticated manners. They are willing to integrate but still reserve their traditional beauty passed down from generation to generation.


Preserved traditional house in an old village of Hanoi (


Hanoi Temple of Literature

As time passes by, Hanoi has made great efforts to preserve its ancientness and eagerly obtains all the quintessence of modern life at the same time. A fresh vibe mingling with the classical charm makes Hanoi a breathtaking beauty.

What leaves a lasting impression on international students - Food!!!

Hanoi cuisine is really fascinating with many delicious dishes which are mixed with various recipes and traditional flavors based on a balance of five tastes: spicy, sour, bitter, salty, and sweet. Fresh ingredients, the soul of every Hanoi food, is made abundantly available thanks to the city and its suburbs’ strong agricultural production. From staples like rice and noodles to fresh vegetables and meat, Hanoi cuisine has it all and no picky eater will go hungry. The most commonly sought out food places are street vendors who dish up mouth-watering fare but do ensure food is served perfectly to satisfy any upset stomach. Plus, the food is absolutely affordable and is  worth any penny spent. Just USD $1.5 for a normal meal, a growling stomach will be “a happy tummy". What are Hanoi delicacies? Make sure to give these dishes a go: Pho, Bun Cha, Banh Mi, Xoi, Pho Cuon, and Egg Coffee.

Vietnamese Bun Cha

Bun Cha Hanoi - what made President Obama fell in love with Vietnamese cuisine (Source:

Your experience in Hanoi  is not complete if you haven’t set your foot to these must-go destinations.


Hoan Kiem Lake


Ta Hien Beer Street - the most famous nightlife entertainment (Source:


Hoa Lo Prison


Vietnam Museum of Ethnology 


Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum - City tour with RP students

A dynamic economic center and home to well-known universities

Education provides a foundation for development, the groundwork on which much of our economic and social well-being is built. Hanoi understands well the importance of education, as it is home to some of the top and notable tertiary institutions in the Southeast Asian region including Vietnam National University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology and long-seated Hanoi Medical University, etc…, These universities offer various high quality study abroad courses and internships for students from all corners of the world. 

Simultaneously, as a national political-administrative and a large cultural and scientific center, Hanoi is one of the two largest economic locomotives of the country and the main driving force for development as the Northern key economic region and the Red River Delta. The city has actively engaged in the process of formulating and implementing socio-economic development master plans with localities and started to develop the cultural industry - a new economic industry to take sustainable advantages of unique heritages, craft villages with an aim to create cultural and creative spaces. In 2019, Hanoi got the UNESCO honour in the ‘Design’ category for its developed design industry and opportunities for creating designs from natural materials and conditions and the presence of active design groups. Following the designation, the city plans to issue a long-term action program and connect its policies to promote cultural industries and enrich cultural resources. 

Joining hands with the local government, for the past few years, ABROADER has reached out to social enterprises and NGOs in the Hanoi area whose work focuses on preserving and promoting traditional culture,  to carry out community-driven projects for international students through our Service-Learning approach. One of our highly appraised projects is the 8-week Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) program in which a group of undergraduates from Northwestern University (U.S) interned at Vun Art - a social enterprise aiming at creating sustainable livelihoods for people with disabilities.


From now to 2025, the city will mobilise resources to develop the economic space in the expanded Hanoi area, including investing in promising industrial parks and complexes. For instance, South Korea's Samsung has started building a $220 million R&D center in Vietnam, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. The center as planned would be the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia and will enhance the company's research capability in such areas as artificial intelligence, big data and 5G and will recruit 2,200 to 3000 people. It can be predicted that abundant internship opportunities related to Business Development, IT and Entrepreneurship will then be offered for international students who want to build their career in those promising fields in the next few years.

Our programs in Hanoi serve you a delightful box of chocolate, yet which flavors you may find is still awaiting you ahead!

Life Briefing

Besides Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, other cities in Vietnam like Da Nang, Hoi An and HaLong could be an alternative to experience a different vibe for an internship, study or service-learning program or simply a week-end getaway. If you don’t feel like the hustle and bustle of city life, there’s always another choice for an unhurried pace of life. Traffic in smaller cities is relatively light, therefore, getting stuck on the street in peak hours is no longer a nightmare. Moreover, you might feel less lonely in smaller cities because instead of being surrounded by modern skyscrapers, you are exposed to a rural life with more nature and cozy accommodations.


What is more? The influences of globalization improve the living standards in many ways including economic growth and education improvement while posing fewer environmental damages in smaller cities. But, as every coin has two sides, you may not meet with people from a diversity of backgrounds compared to metropolitan areas; however, special cuisines and unique landscapes would make up for all of that. Healthy, affordable food, a slower pace of life and rustic nature are worth giving it a try to start your internship or study abroad journey in those smaller cities.


Untapped opportunities

Around 170km away from Hanoi, Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Ha Long City is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. The region is popular for scuba diving, rock climbing and hiking, particularly in mountainous Cat Ba National Park. Halong Bay is not only a tourist attraction but also an ideal place for students to find internships in tourism and environment and marine life preservation.


Heading down to
Da Nang - the city marking the halfway point between the capital in the North, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City in the South. This vibrant coastal city draws people’s attention for its unhurried pace of life and urges whoever has set their feet here to come back. Having a strong reputation for green tourism, marine biodiversity and sustainable agriculture, Danang and its neighboring city Hoi An, also a UNESCO World Heritage site, are ideal destinations for internships and study programs in these areas.  Interested in a marine and biosphere reservation internship, check out this blogpost about Rebecca Sinclair, one of ABROADER’s past climate change interns in Hoi An. Looking for ways to help solve real-world problems? take a look at this community service program called EPICS in Da Nang and Hoi An.

Interested in learning more about the above cities and what opportunities are awaiting you in each of them, contact us today for a Free Consultation Meeting with our Program Advisor. 

Stories from our past students on their life during their internship, study abroad or service learning program in Vietnam can be found here

Before, I didn’t really like my personality as I was a timid girl and afraid to speak up for myself. I am also a perfectionist and would like to spend as much time for preparation as possible before I do something. However, the internship in Vietnam changed that for me. Through interacting with my students and fellow interns I opened up a lot and become more outgoing. In my work, after going through some troubles with cultural difference, I realize one thing for myself that is: Preparation is not always good and if you don’t prepare you are given the chance to do things more freely and more out of the box, so next time even if you’re asked to do something when you’re not prepared “Just Do It"

Nana Mihara

Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

I enjoyed the time in Ho Chi Minh city. The experience was much better than I expected. I came with an open mind to face anything, but everything was smooth and easy. The host organisation is satisfying. They tried their best to help me learn. It was satisfying. I would do this again if I get the chance. The abroader staff was really friendly and they prepared everything for me before I landed in Vietnam. So I did not have to worry about anything. I am satisfied with the program and I would recommend this program 100%.

Dan Fernando

Trainer & Communication Internship ,Deakin University, Australia

With the services provided by ABROADER, I felt it was really helpful how they picked me up from the airport and took me to get my accommodations and phone figured out. It would’ve been extremely difficult to try and figure that entire process out on my own. I don’t think there is anything that ABROADER could’ve done better. They gave me all the support I need to get through my Social Work Internship in Vietnam. My Internship in Vietnam was with the Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender – Family – Women and Adolescent (CSAGA), a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the rights of women and children who are vulnerable to violence and discrimination in Vietnam. It was pretty unclear at the beginning what was expected of me, however, I gradually figured out what was needed as the days went on. It was no problem at all. My supervisor was very sweet and so nice to me. She always asked me what I was doing on the weekends, and with my free time, and has offered me advice on different things about Vietnam. I felt that I was given everything I needed to perform my job here at CSAGA. My work seemed to be important to the agency since I did a lot of research for important proposals CSAGA was writing. The host organization had been very helpful and accommodating to anything I needed while here. They always asked if everything was going ok and if there was anything I needed to help make my time here more successful. I don’t think there was anything they could’ve done better.

Heather Joann Sheffield

Social Work Internship ,Oregon State University, USA

The ABROADER team in Vietnam does an amazing job at trying to engage the interns with each other and with the local culture in Vietnam, which is especially difficult in a virtual setting! They really strive to make the meetings a safe space where people are able to share their cultures in a creative and heartwarming way. They are also incredibly supportive to making sure their interns succeed in their professional internship and act as a great liaison between the interns and the host company. The program was a very positive experience! The incredible support system was great for those who have never interned before, and refreshing for those who have more professional experience.

Gigi Lam

Architect Remote Internship ,University of Pennsylvania

ABROADER, you have made my experience in Vietnam an incredible one!! For me, having a local buddy as a support system during my Social Work internship in Vietnam has been the most helpful. My work at CSAGA helped me understand social services from a Eastern Asian perspective, helped me acclimate to Vietnamese lifestyle, and understand the process that non-profits go through to obtain funding. ABROADER is always so supportive and has made me feel at home. Thank you so much and I encourage you all to keep changing lives and doing what you do.

Haley Perry

Social Work Internship ,University of Oregon, USA

The service provided by ABROADER Vietnam is really good. Especially until I get used to living here, I asked support from ABROADER so much. Now I can manage my own life by myself thanks to them.

Sohei Chikama

IT Internship ,Chuo University, Japan

An Internship that Brought a lot of Happiness During a Tough Time My internship through ABROADER was truly a worthwhile experience. Not only did I genuinely enjoy the work I did for my host organization, but having ABROADER's support and community really enhanced my remote internship. Having weekly culture sessions and buddy chats, and getting to talk regularly to the ABROADER staff and local buddies, made me feel like I was actually in Vietnam. I think this aspect of their program is really unique, because it makes doing an internship in a brand new place much less intimidating; everyone is so friendly and welcoming, I never felt alone when navigating this new adventure. I genuinely feel that I was able to connect with people and make new friends despite being thousands of miles away. What was your funniest moment? With the culture sessions and buddy chats, there were a lot of fun, happy moments. I think I laughed the hardest when making a video with a fellow intern and two local buddies for ABROADER's farewell group session. We tried creating a parody to Grease's Summer Nights, but being that none of us are musically talented, and we had to deal with the lag from Zoom when singing all together, our finished product was quite chaotic. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to work on all together, and seeing our video at the session gave me a really great laugh.

Joanna Georgiou

Program Assistant Remote Internship ,Princeton University

The 5 months spent in Vietnam was not only enjoyable but also felt enriching. I have become many times more independent than before and thoroughly enjoyed working at Vinmec General International Hospital- A conducive and enjoyable workplace for those interested in a career in Healthcare.

Skye Lee

Healthcare & Pharmacy Internship ,Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Joining this internship in Vietnam with SEND, I made a very important realization that is I can’t do everything on my own. The challenges presented during this internship got me to talk to other people, hear their ideas and craft up a conclusion. I learnt to cooperate with friends instead of struggling with any probem alone and we were able to find a solution to almost any problem that we encountered.

Ryosuke Asai

Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

I was satisfied with the Internship Service provided by ABROADER Vietnam. The Program Coordinator always listened to my worries, and they tried to keep my safety and that really relieves my anxiety being in a foreign country. The organization where I did the Early Childhood Education Internship was with Fuji kindergarten, I got to work in different campuses with different teachers who were also my supervisors. All of them were very kind and supportive towards me. However, some of them cannot speak English so sometimes it is hard to communicate with them but eventually it was fine. At one campus, there is a translator that helps me communicate with the teachers so it wasn’t a big problem. In some classes, I ran my class arrangements well (such as art and drawing activities), but in young children’s classes, it was very challenging to do it, so I improvised by singing songs and dancing to the music, which makes them very happy. In come campuses, they awake children’s imagination through art with foods, clay, and nature and so on. It was very interesting. Through my internship in Vietnam, I learned that, in order to communicate with children, it is important that you communicate smoothly with teachers first. The challenging part was that not everyone at my workplace speaks English and we had to learn to communicate effectively with each other. All in all, I would recommend ABROADER Vietnam service to anyone who in interested in doing an Internship in Vietnam.

Maiko Otsubo

Early Childhood Education Internship ,Osaka Jogakuin College, Japan