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Ms. Mo (Lucy) Nguyen
Founder & Director

"Go! To learn more about your NATION

Go! To explore more about YOURSELF” 
Mo was born and raised in a mountainous province in the North of Vietnam, where Vietnamese people thought the students go to work by horses, wearing dress of minority group of people. She was the only child of the village past the entrance exam to university that year, which was a dream of her parents who completed grade 2 and grade 4 only. Getting out of the far-fetched village, seeing new things, new places was always a dream of Mo. when she was at university, she dreamt one day she was walking in a university abroad but how? The amount of money going abroad was so huge for any Vietnamese student. She volunteered to be a tour guide for foreigners around the Old Quarter of Hanoi, merely just to improve her English. But then she had friends from many countries, and she became more open, much more confident compared to her first days in the capital from her mountainous province. Step by step, chances of going abroad opened to Mo. 
From her own experience, Mo realized that Vietnamese students need an environment to improve their foreign languages, their mind, their knowledge about different cultures. Mo’s dream (her name actually means Dream in Vietnamese) is to have a Center where Vietnamese students and international students study skills together, take programs together, and bring them to different countries. From the World to South East Asia and From Vietnam to the World. That is why ABROADER was born.
Mo Nguyen (Lucy) is the founder of ABROADER (formerly known as Student Exchange Vietnam), identified as a top-15 startup by Forbes Vietnam 2015.  She has several years of experience working for NGOs, multinational companies, and universities in Vietnam. She is passionate about Human Resources training and international education, interests that grew out of her study-abroad experiences under Japanese and US government scholarship programs. Her future goals include the development of educational programs to prepare youth in the ASEAN region to join the global labor market.  While she does not consider herself religious, Mo uses Buddhist methods to practice observation, mindfulness, and learning about herself. 

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Mr. Vinh Nguyen
Vice Director

“I choose ABROADER because of its young spirit and values it aims to bring to society”

Recently, global citizens become more familiar “terms” with all of us. Universities and students are taking advantage of programs such as Student exchange, study tour and internship in foreign countries to understand more about cross culture, differences and job opportunities after students’ graduation. Vietnam has become an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors, so Vinh strongly believes Vietnam is also a good destination for foreign students. Also, having international students in Vietnam will help to develop local communities. ABROADER’s mission is to develop international education while bringing value to the local community.

Ms. Ngan Pham
Program Manager & Marketing Manager

“I have found tremendous growths from hearing the stories and learning from people of different cultures and backgrounds. That is what drives me to work towards helping more students have similar life-changing experiences.”

Our most versatile member, Ngan wears different hats in the team. As program manager, she developed internship and exchange programs with our universities and local organizations partners. A community development advocate, Ngan brings her experiences working with youth to manage programs with international and Vietnamese students. She also oversees online marketing and communications, contents and strategy. A creative soul full of ideas, she likes keeping herself busy with projects to give back to the community through arts, education and advocacy.

Before Ngan joined the team full-time she worked as an intern and studied cultural studies during college. She is also an travel enthusiast, having been to 3 continents – many times as participant of exchange programs herself!

Ms. Tuyen (Kasia) Le
Program Relations Manager

It is extremely rewarding giving others the chance to embrace a new culture and experience life on the other side of the world and outside of their comfort zone – it is incredible how much a person can grow and develop as an individual through their international experiences – which is why I am so looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Vietnam.”

Tuyen has worked with many MNC clients over the world through her 7 years of experience in the banking industry and 4 years of living and working in Poland in the translation industry. With this experience, she can share her personal growth in the international environment to the younger generation.

Ms. Hanh Trieu
Operation Manager

I am the person who possesses in art and talent in communications, so i truly believe that I can adapt with any environment. I want to experience the different life, gain different knowledge and meet various kinds of people. This is the reason why I become a part of ABROADER and I believe I can contribute to the development of our country. One of my favorite song is the Nights by Avicii band, it said “One day you’ll leave this world behind, So live a life you will remember.” 

Before Hanh joined the team full-time, she was a professional in Event and Media. And be inspired by Ms. Lucy’s vision about ABROADER is that ABROADER will become the place where could share the chance for people who want to discover the world and lead you to fascinating journey where you can find the answer who you are and what you really want.

Mr. Anh Do
Program Coordinator

Here at ABROADER, everything is broaden: your love and knowledge for your country, your wisdom and intelligent on the international scale, and your horizon.”

Fun fact: He was a local buddy in January 2019, and now a Program Coordinator. This is to say that he found himself stuck with ABROADER’s mission and values, which are connected to his love for Vietnam, and the passion and will to express it to the world. To him, Vietnam has always been his subject of pride and favor, and Vietnam’s potential: people, culture, economy… are always worth the while to share with the world. For some people, he is a bit “out-of-loop” and weird, but positive and fun, for the others, he could be their emotional support guy and whom they could share their stories with. After all, everyone has their own stories and ideas, into which he will look deep and connect them to other people as conflicts start with difference. He wants himself to know everything, all the while not knowing anything at all, and repeat.

Ms. Anh Pham
Program Assistant

“I choose to be a part of ABROADER because I want to explore the world, culture though every intern and show them how beautiful Vietnam is.”

During her time studying in university, Tu Anh was a member of an English Club and a People and Environment Club, taking advantage of the opportunities around her. She also joined an exchange to Bangkok, Thailand during her my first year. Tu Anh loves to explore the world and different cultures, so she decided to join in ABROADER (Student Exchange Vietnam) as a local buddy to be friends with the foreign students, to help them understand the city life here and so that she could learn about their culture. After being a local buddy, she soon advanced and became a program assistant to support everyone in the company!

Ms. Ha Anh
Marketing Intern

“I had an opportunity to work with students from Northwestern University in GESI. The experiences and memories I shared with them made my summer, and it’s just great to know you always have friends on the other side of the world. I decided to be an intern at Abroader thanks to them!”  

As a third-year college student majoring in Education, she has a concern for Education and is always fascinated by new ideas, which is the reason why she loves sharing new ideas, meeting people from different cultures and working in an international context. The first program she joined is GESI 2019, when she met students from Northwestern University and worked at Vụn Art, a social enterprise. She found the whole experience so worthwhile and decided to be part of ABROADER.

Mr. Thanh Cong
Marketing Intern (Video Editor & Photophapher)

A month ago, I got a chance to attend a city tour with ABROADER. All I could say about that trip is wrapped in one word only: AMAZING! I love filming and taking photos to capture unforgettable moments. That day was the day I really rocked it. Looking back at all the photos and videos I took that day, everything was just vividly recalled. Thanks to ABROADER, I had an opportunity to have a great talk and sharing with both local buddy team and the exchange students from Singapore. Communication to people from another country is a great way to explore a part of a world even though I have never been there before. One more thing, my English would also be improved after this city tour.

In my very last word, I would like to thank ABROADER for this great chance. You really made my day!

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