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Mekong Tour Recap

ABROADER August 04, 2022 3 minute read

One special thing about our program is the chance to experience the beautiful natural landscape of Vietnam.

Along with our University of Pennsylvania interns in Ho Chi Minh City, we participated in a Mekong Delta tour earlier this month.

There, they had a chance to gaze over the beautiful, breathtaking landscapes, interact with the locals, and broaden their knowledge about the Vietnamese people and culture as well.

Having so much fun trying traveling on a floating market, buying fruits on the boat and making confectionery by hand, they are eager to tell you their unique experience. Read more below!

Let’s listen to the sharings from our interns

My favorite part of our trip to the Mekong river delta was getting to ride the boats down the river. I enjoyed not just learning about how people lived and worked on the river but getting to see and experience it in person. It was also very interesting to learn how important the area is and how much it contributes to the Vietnamese economy as a whole.

From Mollie Lyon

When I went to the Mekong Delta, we took a boat tour. One of the coolest things I learned is that the boats have “eyes” on their fronts in order to scare away any monsters, but they don’t on their backs so that they don’t scare away any fish.

From Nal Xaviera

Going by boat and seeing people live on the river was one of my favorite parts. My dad has always talked about wanting to live on a house on stilts so going here was almost like reimagining what his life could be if he never left Vietnam.

From Cammy Vuong

And don’t forget our local buddies as well

One of the most interesting parts of my trip to Mekong was to enjoy coconut candies and pop rice. Not only did I find them delicious, but I also enjoyed the process of making completely handmade confectionery by the people of the West. Through that, I have learned many unique cultural features of the people of the West. In the future, if I have the opportunity to go to other western provinces, I will try all the specialties here.

From Vivian

The last trip on the Mekong tour was a memorable trip. Sitting on a small boat is the most indescribable experience, watching both sides of the river with soaring green coconut trees, the surrounding small villages, and enjoying the fresh air. In addition, I also witnessed and enjoyed the coconut candy that has just been released to feel the sweet, fragrant, hot taste of the candy.

From Iris

Want to know more about Vietnam and life in Vietnam? Check this link.

Want to have a wonderful trip like our interns? Travel to learn with ABROADER via our in-person programs below:

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