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Pharmacy Internship In Vietnam – Practical Experience For A Global Medical Career

ABROADER February 17, 2022 5 minute read

Majored in Pharmacy and looking for opportunities to intern in Asia? Why don’t you give it a try to do internship in Vietnam?

Majored in Pharmacy and looking for opportunities to intern in Asia? Why don’t you give it a try to do internship in Vietnam? If you wish to have a priceless, life-changing internship abroad, what better way to make your goal reachable that than learning from “the insiders”? Follow Skye and Kei, two young dynamic students from Republic Polytechnic, to get an insight into a pharmacy internship in VinMec – one of the leading hospitals in Vietnam. 

About VinMec

VinMec, developed by VinGroup – a well-known enterprise in Vietnam, is the first private healthcare system in the sector. Officially opened in 2012, Vinmec currently consists of 7 general hospitals and determines to put two more hospitals into operation by 2021. It is a not-for-profit healthcare system supported by the latest web-based technology to achieve an effective management. With the mission of “We care with compassion, professionalism, and wisdom”, Vinmec is committed to ensuring a top-notch customer healthcare system. 

After years of operation, with leading healthcare experts, state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive services and ease-less efforts to implement the world’s most advance treatments, Vinmec has become an ideal destination for international standard healthcare services in Vietnam.

Industry Immersion Programme module – Integrated into pharmacy internship in Vietnam

Learning via Industry Immersion Programme

The Industry Immersion Programme is a compulsory module for last year students majored in Pharmaceutical Science curriculum in Republic Polytechnic. Students have the opportunity to get an insight into the industry and gain hands-on experiences for their future career. 

As pharmacy assistants in Vinmec, working mainly in the Pharmacy Department, Sky and Kei are also in charge of sub-departments such as Outpatient Pharmacy, Compounding Unit, In-patient Pharmacy, and Storage Unit. Their primary tasks include picking and packing and delivery of medications to patients under physician orders and their supervision.

Students’ responsibilities in their 5-month pharmacy placement at the hospital

Key to a successful internship in Vietnam: FLEXIBILITY 

Doing internships abroad in Pharmacy department requires our students  to quickly adapt to new environment, work settings, work pace and language in order to fulfil the tasks. They consult patients in medicine usage in English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Their incentive is to teach staff basic English so their colleagues can manage their work better during peak hours. They learn to adjust to pace of the official pharmacy department where work is intensive and demanding.

Technical terms adaptation is also a necessary task to work effectively in the pharmacy department, which Kei and Skye had done so well in locating and identifying the medication with unfamiliar brand names and the pharmaceutical class of the drugs.  

Students present their achievements, lessons learned and reflections to Vinmec Pharmacy Department in their final evaluation.

Management incentives while doing internships in Vietnam

Observation is a skill leading to incentives involved a more systematic arrangement of medicines. They suggested the host company to color the shelf code and have systematic ways of locating the shelf with row numbers. Vinmec pharmacy is a unique and interesting workplace where our international students feel accepted such as members of the family, where they came out of the shell and be confident and independent. 

Students and the pharmacy department in their final evaluation.

Why choosing Vietnam to have an internship this summer? 

From the whirring sounds of engines of motorbikes to the smells of local street food and breathtaking scenery – Vietnam is a country of unique and intrinsic charms that are waiting for you to discover. 

An internship abroad, of course, should be a combination of professional development, local immersion and self-discoveries. Besides their work, our students are immersed into local life through cultural activities, networking events, excursions and just hanging out with local buddies (local Vietnamese students) with whom they become friends for life!

The Singaporean students enjoy their farewell party with our local students.

Skye and Kei had let out their own lesson learned from unforgettable experiences doing pharmacy internships in Vietnam. Vietnam is definitely a promising destination if you are seeking chances to intern in Asia. Don’t hesitate to search for more of our internships HERE.

An internship in Vietnam with ABROADER would be a journey of a lifetime. It would be a life in a year that you would never forget with professional and experiential knowledge, local discoveries and friendships that last a lifetime!

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