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After almost 5 years delivering internship and group study tours in Vietnam as part of Student Exchange Vietnam, our team launched  ABROADER in the middle of 2018 as an exciting next step to expand our program locations to other countries in Southeast Asia. Soon international students like you will have the opportunity to participate in internships, study abroad, service-learning projects and group study tours in various cities in this fascinating corner of the world. 

Verified by GoAbroad.Com and selected as one of the Top 15 Start-ups by Forbes Vietnam in 2015, we pride ourselves in providing programs of highest quality that have contributed greatly to our past students’ success in establishing their global career. Join our network of 1000+ students today to begin what might  be one of the most fascinating adventures of your life and for us to have your hand in the journey of developing the local community in your program location. The story behind ABROADER, our vision, missions and values can be found here


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The most affordable & flexible way to make your resume stand out with remote international work experiences.

The world of work has shifted to online and employers know it. Remote internships help you be ready for this reality through meaningful hands-on work, career mentorship, interactive workshops and intercultural sessions with local coordinators and peers - All at the comfort of home. Grab the chance to do a remote internship with one of ABROADER’s prestigious partner host organizations in Vietnam today!

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Go beyond the traditional classrooms to immerse yourself in the real professional world that is constantly changing towards globalization. Discover your strengths, sharpen your skills, acquire different  perspectives and make the first step in building your network through an internship in Vietnam to pave the path to your global career today.

Have questions about the internship sectors?

Our international internship program is offered in almost all industries, from business to healthcare to non-profit work, including both traditional and emerging fields that are relevant to your major of study or personal interest. Curious about airplane engineering and want to learn more about it? We can find you a fit. Interested in marine conservation? We also have you covered. With our network of more than 150 quality host organizations in Vietnam in various industries, you can rest assured that we will be able to find  you the internship of your dreams.  

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Enjoy a break from the familiar educational setting at your home institution and join the continuously growing generation of study abroaders across the world to broaden your academic and social perspectives through studying abroad at one of Vietnam’s leading higher-education institutions. Similar to our flagship internship program, ABROADER is confident to offer you innovative courses taught completely in English in numerous majors and with affordable tuition fees.

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Turn your desire and passion to serve and make positive improvements to the lives of others into real contribution and a catalyst for future changes. Joining a service-learning program in Vietnam through ABROADER means using your different assets, from academic, personal to professional, to help a local community solve an issue that if resolved appropriately would make their lives better. All the while,  you will be able to develop new skills and understanding of the word around you. 

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Programs' Highlights:

  • Programs offered in almost all majors and industries 
  • Full customization to best meet your needs, preferences and skill set 
  • Affordable program fee that can be customized to best meet your financial status, especially no payment required until you are 100% happy to sign up for your desired program. 
  • Hands-on experience essential to building a global career and your personal growth 
  • Live like a local in your program’s location with love, care, and pure friendliness from “the locals” 
  • Opportunity to contribute to the development of the local community where your program is at (i.e: sharing good practices in your home country, interacting and helping your local buddies, your host families, and your co-workers, using locally-made products or services, etc) 
  • On-going support from ABROADER through every stage, including 24/7 onsite support during your program
  • Excursions to some of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Asia’s top  destinations, including but not limited to Ha Long Bay, Hoi An Ancient Town or the Mekong Delta


What do we mean by full customization? 

Here at ABROADER, we truly value diversity and the uniqueness that each program participant has to offer. Understanding that you are a unique individual with distinctive  personalities, interests, styles of learning and skills motivates and eventually allows us to design tailor-made internship programs that meet your preferences and help you grow. This full customization covers various aspects and components of our programs, from program type, location, dates and fees to type of housing.


Interested in joining our programs and want to know what steps to take? 

Check out our overall procedure at or email our Program Advisors at for assistance with any specific questions you have! 

Working for the Cham Island MPA was a really good fit for me, I think they picked a good job. I also liked my city tour I had fun, and got to do so many things! Vietnamese people are very nice and the living environment is safe when I hang out with my Vietnamese local buddies. I also get lots of support from local buddies and become real friends in spite of different interests.

Isabella Taylor Sullivan

Environment Internship ,Portland State University, USA

The program coordinator and local buddies were the best and they contributed greatly to the amazing experience of studying abroad. I loved how caring the program coordinator was, whenever I have slight health problems, she was always available to make everything okay. The local buddies were always readily available and eager to interact with us. The activities within the program were planned and well-coordinated. Activities were fun and informative and they were great opportunities getting to know the city, Vietnamese culture. They all contributed in a positive and supportive fashion to my overall study experience.

Wilson Deng

Vietnam Global Seminar Study Tour ,University of California, San Diego, USA

I really enjoyed my internship itself, but ABROADER is what made my experience complete. I felt a lot more connected to the Vietnamese culture even though I was working remotely. They are very interactive, engaging, and supportive. I made great connections that I hope to keep even after my time internship ends. Honestly, I expected to focus more on my internship than the cultural component with ABROADER, but their excitement is contagious and they love to engage with everyone. It would have been a very different experience without ABROADER guiding and facilitating along the way.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?

You get out what you put in. This was a remote study abroad internship, but because I, the local buddies, and ABROADER put in such great efforts, I do not feel like I missed out on much. I decided to participate last minute, and could never have expected how great and fulfilling this experience was.

Elizabeth Haley

Remote Environment Internship ,SUNY Geneseo

The level of support provided from ABROADER Vietnam was great, and I loved the activities where everyone was involved, including the local buddies!

Megan Bernard

Education Internship ,Monash University, Australia

I had a great experience interning in Vietnam, I made new friends, experienced new things and learned a lot through the program. ABROADER's staff were really helpful and friendly, making me and the other interns here get used to life in Vietnam. Being an engineering student, I was placed in an engineering company. There, I learned a lot about working life and knowledge that would help me in my future. I also got to experience Vietnam's culture, their way of life and explored the country. Overall, I had a good time over the 5 months I was in Vietnam, experiences good or bad, will likely stick with me for the rest of my life.

Harris Bin Hazri

Technical Sales in Engineering Internship ,Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

All in all, to say I learn a lot is an understatement. I’ve gained precious insights and experience into the development process by getting the opportunity to work with an industry-leading company. I’ve improved my technical skills in JavaScript and updated my skills to the latest technologies. For future interns working for here, I advise that you come with open arms and the willingness to learn. You should be open to making new friends and learning new things, and I assure you that you will have a great time here just like I had. If I could redo my experience, I would’ve taken the opportunity to make friends outside of my circle. To socialize with more people here in Vietnam. I would also love to immerse myself more in the Vietnamese culture and explore Vietnam more, experiencing new food and places.

Muhammad Zaidi Bin Noraidi

IT Internship ,Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

No matter how much I fear working with a group, I realized, through my internship in Vietnam, that teamwork is key to success and you would be surprised how much opening your mind and listening to people’s opinions can get you far. Before the internship in Vietnam, I have always been interested in being a teacher of Japanese and this internship has made me realize how hard it can be teaching someone my own language but also how fun it can be. For anyone who are not used to working in groups, this program pushes you to, a lot of times, with your students, with your fellow interns and with your supervisor.

Yumi Kaneyama

Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

What a trip! From day one right until the finish every day was something new. Facilitated by the local buddies and our dedicated, hard-working Program Coordinator Duy, our experience abroad was invaluable and allowed us to experience Vietnam and its culture in a way that would have definitely been impossible without them. Industry visits were super interesting and something which never occurs when studying courses 'traditionally'. These definitely gave me an insight into how and where I might be applying my trade upon graduation. Overall the trip was quite affordable too, especially considering we were away for a whole month. This was an unforgettable experience and I would recommend this type of program to anyone for which it is available.

Timothy Chen

Electrical Engineering and Computing Study Tour ,University of Newcastle, Australia

The service provided by ABROADER Vietnam is really good. Especially until I get used to living here, I asked support from ABROADER so much. Now I can manage my own life by myself thanks to them.

Sohei Chikama

IT Internship ,Chuo University, Japan

I feel pretty satisfied with my internship journey as it increased my self confidence and my ability to cope with unfamiliar situations. It also further developed my interpersonal communication skills when working with co-colleagues. I did my internship in Chemizol/Culligan Water Vietnam under the supervision and guidance of Chris, who is a very nice person and always cares about me. Besides that, my internship in Vietnam has expanded my curiosity of the world and at the same time gained a greater understanding of my home cultural identity. I wish I could have more time to go to different factories so that I could contact customers and analyze samples. Overall, my 6-week internship is so great!

Bin Zhou (Ryan)

International Technical Business Development Internship ,University of Queensland, Australia