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Refund Policies


As ABROADER makes financial commitments on your behalf well in advance of the program start date, refunds can only be made on a case by case basis and under extreme circumstances (i.e. serious documented illness, death of a family member or other serious matters). Cancellation of the contract must be made in writing and acknowledged by both parties.


  • Program: an internship/study abroad/service-learning program offered through ABROADER

  • Host Organization: any legal entity in which you undertake your program. The Host Organization could be a company, university, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or any organization with a legal status to host you for your program. 

  • Conditional Program Offer: refers to the conditional offer from ABROADER to accept you in a ABROADER’s  program. After reviewing your program application, ABROADER will have an Information Interview with you. After that, a Conditional Offer Letter will be sent to notify you of the admissions decision. 

  • Program Offer Letter: Based on the first interview record, ABROADER matches you with potential host organizations. Another interview might be required by the potential host organizations. A Program Offer Letter will be sent to you by ABROADER when your program placement is confirmed by both you and a host organization. This letter includes the description of your tasks/classes; description of the position/course as well as the skills and qualifications required by the host organization to fit the position/course.

  • Program fee: refers to the total amount paid to ABROADER which is calculated based on the services you would like ABROADER to provide for your program. This program fee is expected to be fully paid to ABROADER no less than 06 weeks prior to the start of your program. 

  • Program deposit: You must pay to ABROADER a USD $500 deposit in order to activate your program application. This program deposit is part of your program fee: it is not an additional fee. 

  • Bank fee: You shall bear the cost of any bank fees or charges in relation to any payments made to ABROADER. If any of these charges are levied on ABROADER, ABROADER will invoice you for these amounts. 

To clearly understand ABROADER’s Refund Policies as below, it is highly recommended that you take a look at our general policies and procedures handbook in advance. Click here to read the handbook in full.


  • Although we have not encountered this situation with any applicant before, if you are not qualified/accepted for a program placement by more than three prospective Host Organizations, the program placement matching process will be stopped, and the program deposit of USD $500 will be refunded to you.   

  • ABROADER will endeavor to secure the most suitable program opportunity available for you based on your majors, interests, skills and program requirements. Once a program placement has been secured through a formal Program Offer Letter, it is expected that you will accept the opportunity. Should you decline maximum 2 opportunities without reasonable cause, ABROADER may terminate the Conditional Program Offer by giving you notice. ABROADER will retain the non-refundable program deposit of USD $500 as a cancellation fee.

In the event of cancellation initiated by You

  • In extreme circumstances that prevent you from undertaking the program for the planned duration, ABROADER might bank your booking for a period of 6 months. You can return to take advantage of your unused services, providing there is availability and the internship/projects’/courses’ activities are not in recess (i.e. around Lunar New year). All extra costs resulting from the cancellation would be at your expenses. Any serious illness that causes you to withdraw must be documented by a licensed physician with notification sent to ABROADER.

    • Cancellation prior to signing the Program Offer Letter
      Prior to ABROADER issuing the Program Offer Letter, you may give written notice to ABROADER to cancel your application. ABROADER will retain the non-refundable program deposit of USD $500 as a cancellation fee.

    • Cancellation more than 06 weeks prior to the program start date
      In case you do not want to bank your booking and make cancellation at this time: ABROADER will retain the non-refundable program deposit of USD $500 as a cancellation fee. Please beware that you are responsible for other committed services by the cancellation date that result in extra charges, including but not limited to, program placement, visa arrangement, housing arrangement, housing deposit, program planning and other support arrangements.

    • Cancellation within 06 weeks prior to the program start date
      In case you do not want to bank your booking and make cancellation less than 6 weeks prior to the program start date, ABROADER will retain the non-refundable portion of USD $1,050 from program fee, plus program deposit of USD $500 as a cancellation fee. This is to cover committed services, including but not limited to, internship placement, visa arrangement, housing arrangement, housing deposit, program planning and other support arrangements. The rest of the program fee after deducting committed or reserved services, is subject to be refunded to you.

  • Cancellation after Program Commencement Date
    Should you cancel your program on or after the program commencement date, ABROADER will be entitled to retain all payments made by you.In case of serious documented illness or any other serious matter, the portion of ABROADER’s program fee that is not committed or reserved will be subject to refund. Refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • In case of early departure, you are responsible for paying the remaining fees, if any. The rental fee for accommodation will be considered to refund for the following months. However, please be aware that accommodation rent is calculated on a monthly basis.

In the event of cancellation initiated by ABROADER

If ABROADER has tried to match you with potential placements, however, it is unsuccessful because of mismatching of the skillsets or if: 

(1) Your home country’s government issues a travel warning advising its citizens not to travel to Vietnam or, if in country, to leave, or  

(2) ABROADER deems it necessary to cancel or suspend the contract for any other reason

  • If the program has not yet begun, all fees will be refunded including the program deposit of USD $500, deducted by any bank fees paid.

  • If the program has begun, any portion of program fee that has not been committed or used to reserve services, deducted by any bank fees paid will be refunded.

Force majeure

In force majeures events beyond reasonable control of both parties, including but not limited to earthquakes, governmental regulations, fire, flood, labor difficulties, civil disorder, international travel ban, both parties shall discuss and negotiate in good faith to minimize losses. Any portion of program fee that has not been committed or used to reserve services, less any bank fees paid is subject to refund.


You can defer no more than twice within the same six-month period.

In the event that you do not undertake your deferred program within 06 months and/or defer twice and still do not undertake a program with ABROADER, the cancellation policy as below will be implemented.

Postponing program prior to program confirmation

In the event that you postpone your program prior to program confirmation:  

  • You are not eligible for a refund of the program deposit  

  • There will be no postponement fee charged 

  • You can postpone for a maximum of 6 months

  • At the time of reactivation, you will be required to undergo program reassessment.

Postponing program after program confirmation

In the event that you postpone your program after program confirmation:  

  • You are not eligible for a refund of the program deposit 

  • If the same placement is available there will be no postponement fee charged  

  • If the same placement is not available there will be a postponement fee of USD $500 

  • You can postpone for a maximum of 6 months  

  • At the time of reactivation, you will be required to undergo program reassessment.

Have questions about any of the information given above?

Do not hesitate to email our Program Advisor any time at or leave us a message here.

It was an overall enjoyable experience having my internship done through ABROADER Vietnam. The host company that they connected me with has been welcoming, friendly, I have been able to experience a lot of different elements of the company’s culture, helping different people and learning new things about not only the company but also working in general. I felt that I contributed to the host company and my particular help with the MWRP (checking English) was of great importance to them as the deadline approached. They have given me feedback and said that some of my research into potential donors and other youth initiatives in climate change adaptation has been of use to them too. Regarding ABROADER Vietnam intern service was my placement and the amazing support from local staff and volunteer in Hanoi. Would I recommend the internship to anyone interested, definitely!

Maarten Van Balen

Environmental Engineering Internship ,University of Edinburgh, Scotland

I am satisfied with the internship in Vietnam provided by ABROADER Vietnam. The internship placement was ideal and my local buddy was great. During the internship I worked at Ho Chi Minh Hospital of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. At the host organization, I was clear about the responsibilities & rules expected to accomplish & follow. I had a lot of supervisors who were all very caring. The doctors there were very gracious and explained a lot of cases to me; all in all I was well equipped to perform the job at my best.

Andrew Nguyen

Surgical Internship ,University of Oregon, USA

It was extremely helpful to have ABROADER when I arrived to Vietnam. I didn’t have to worry about how to get from the airport to the house or how to get a local sim card. Also ABROADER staff (Tung and Ngan) were periodically checking on me to make sure everything was ok. Mo and Claire were kind enough to arrange a city tour when I visited Saigon. However, the most important thing was that ABROADER Vietnam introduced me to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Martin Duran

Social Work Internship ,Ecuador

Overall we would say it was very positive. The immediate feedback and replies especially when she first arrived were so appreciated. I loved the Facebook posts and it made us feel a little closer to the experience there, especially when Monica was in the village and her internet was sporadic. Of course the village experience was exactly what Monica was hoping for, experience with children in another culture, living with a host family and having the support of mentors and people taking care of her, including taking her to the school each day. The excursion adventures were also amazing experiences for her and she was eager to participate in as much of exploring the Vietnamese countryside and culture as she could in her limited time.

Linda Zang

Education Internship ,Monica Anderson’s mother, USA

I learn a lot about how to work in a fast pace environment, and how to organize competing priorities, as I am often given multiple tasks to work on. Working in a small office with young, motivated people is a great experience, because they know how to work really hard, while still having fun together. My internship is with an education service provider that connects Vietnamese students with opportunities to study abroad. It is a small office, and I work in both Marketing and Partner Relations. I write a lot of PR articles about studying in North America, school profiles and upcoming events. I am also working to expand their partnerships, particularly in my home country of Canada, and am connecting with universities and colleges there to discuss how we can work together. During education fairs I talk directly with students who are potential clients. I share my experiences and answer their questions about life abroad.

Alanna Mouland

Marketing Internship ,Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

The industry visits provided real-world experience and foresight into our future careers. The field trips gave us a new insight into a rich, deep culture, and ABROADER organised parties were heaps of fun... They usually ended up turning into a very late night as well. During the trip I always felt safe thanks to the local buddies and our program coordinator. Before I left for this trip, I could not help but feel nervous. It was my first time travelling overseas and I was about to leave my home country for ~one month. I did not know what to expect from Vietnam/Singapore, the people I was travelling with, or the countless people I would meet overseas. Since the very first moment that I arrived the local buddies welcomed me with open arms. The entirety of the group that I came over with also bonded so much quicker than I thought possible. From the start we were exploring Ho Chi Minh City, while introducing ourselves to the locals and the nightlife. All the activities on the trip were great and we were all kept busy. This was a really big positive in my opinion as, had a tentative schedule have not been organised, it may have become easy to 'waste' a day or more relaxing. That being said, there were some free days designated throughout the trip should you wish to catch up on some sleep ;). Provided you use a little bit of travelling smarts I cannot see any problems that should arise on your trip. Each and every one of the local buddies, (our coordinator included), were so kind and caring. You should really give it your best effort to open up and engage with each of them. They are all such great and unique people and provide the best way to truly immerse yourself in the adventure. Furthermore, they are so selfless and are always able to provide advice or help you out with literally anything. You have a golden opportunity to make some truly long-lasting friendships. Both Vietnam and Singapore themselves were amazing countries to visit. There is an aura about both that gives you the feeling that something is always happening. Particularly in Vietnam, most local places are open at almost all hours of the day and deep into the night. However, this never left me feeling as though the cities we visited were too busy. Being in a largish group of good friends and exploring was completely fun and relaxing too. The visits to more discrete locations were also beautiful and completely peaceful. Finally, the local civilians were so kind, welcoming and genuinely happy that we were experiencing their culture and lifestyle. Now that the trip is over all I can think about is how I wish it had gone for longer. How I wish I had extended my trip even further, and how I am already planning to meet with the friends I have made on this journey for further travel. So, if you are worried or nervous about any parts of this trip, all I can say is that it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are so many friends and stories to be made. Get out there, take every opportunity you can, don't overthink it and just do it!

Calen Blake

Electrical Engineering and Computing Study Tour ,University of Newcastle, Australia

The study tour was a great was to experience Vietnam. The academic industry visits provided insights into how the manufacturing industry operates in SE Asia, relevant to our engineering course on Control Systems. Then many cultural experiences helped out understanding of the Vietnamese people and how the modern country has been shaped through the conflicts of the 20th century. Visiting the Mekong Delta was a highlight of the trip, living at a homestead and preparing/cooking a tradition Vietnamese meal was amazing. Overall the local buddies that helped us on our trip were amazing, providing us an insight into Vietnam through the eyes of other young adults.

Nicholas Zander

Electrical Engineering and Computing Study Tour ,University of Newcastle, Australia

The level of support provided from ABROADER Vietnam was great, and I loved the activities where everyone was involved, including the local buddies!

Megan Bernard

Education Internship ,Monash University, Australia

My nursing internship at the Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Hospital is a treasure experience that I will never forget. Having always wanted to volunteer in Nursing in Asia, I took the opportunity and I am very glad I did. The Nursing Placement I had in Vietnam was exceptionally fulfilling, including the support from my Nurses, Coordinator and Local Buddy. All of whom made me feel very welcomed during the time I was here. The on-site support I received was brilliant, every query I had was answered promptly and professionally and the service was everything I could have asked for.

Sarah Heard

Nursing Internship ,University of Plymouth, England

It has been awesome trip and experience for me. Thanks for the people that have provided help and support throughout the trip. during my 5 months here, i get to learn this country's culture, people, food and the work life. Comparing Vietnam and Singapore, it is a new experience for me and the other students too. So, if you get the chance to come here and learn/experience, go out and explore. Be adventurous, daring to try out new things/stuff. making friends with the local, explore different part of the city or maybe even traveling out of the city. It is worth to spend your time to the fullest here!! “Don’t travel just to see. Travel to try, listen, feel, taste. That way there won’t be any place you cannot find beauty.”

Xiong Binsong

IT Internship ,Republic Polytechnic, Singapore