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Remote Internship


The most affordable & flexible way to make your resume stand out with remote international work experiences.

Our 2022 Remote Internship is opening for Full-time & Part-time applications!
Scroll down to learn how you can build your international career WFH now! Scholarships available.

Inexpensive Remote internship scholarship

The world of work has shifted to online and employers know it. Remote internships help you be ready for this reality through meaningful hands-on work, career mentorship, interactive workshops and intercultural sessions with local coordinators and peers - All at the comfort of home.

Vietnam is the ideal destination if you want to Challenge Yourself in a growing country, Gain Hands-on work opportunities and Experience cultural exchanges immersing in the Vietnamese fascinating culture that long bridges East and West.

Interested? Browse our Remote Internships in Vietnam and grab your chance to work at one of ABROADER’s prestigious host organizations!

Program Highlights


Travelling, while exciting, can be challenging on the budget. With remote internships abroad, you gain international working experiences without having to pay for relocation or even a passport.


No matter where you are and what timezone you are in, you can design your own working schedule that fits around other commitments. No need to wait for summer, you can intern while studying and maximize your productivity.


Online working skills are essential to every career in this digital age, while international experiences differentiate you from those who do internships in their home country. Plus, a remote internship proves your work ethics and adaptability in different working modes and environments.


Doing an internship remotely does not mean you are alone. Our program includes Orientation, Weekly Check-in, Interactive Live Inter-cultural Sessions with the locals to not only get you ready to work internationally but also build cultural connections. Learning about a country from Youtube Videos or Language Apps is nothing compared to actually talking to real local people!

Available Opportunities:

Organizations are actively seeking online interns. Browse our Opening Remote Internships now! 

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Relevant Majors:

Marketing, Communications, Business, International Relations, Finance, IT, Computer Science, Data Science, Arts & Design, Social Work, Community Development, Social Sciences.

* There are many more opportunities, as each placement is customized. Contact our Program Advisor to get your personalized placement consultation.

Featured Opportunities:

  • Graphic Designer/ Architecture Intern at world-class agencies

  • Business Development Intern to identify practical initiatives for sustainable business growth

  • Marketing Intern at a social business that transforms disadvantaged kid’s artworks into lifestyle products

  • Social Work Intern to use your skills for the advocacy of underrepresented groups in Vietnam, including ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and women 

Dates & Duration:


Application Deadline: On a rolling basis
(Application is reviewed on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply as soon as your application is ready to secure suitable placement.)

Spring Dates (Estimated): January 20 - April 15, 2022

Summer Dates (Estimated): May - July, 2022

Fall Dates (Estimated): August - November, 2022

Customized internship with customized start date and end date is available. Application is expected to be submitted at least 1 month prior to desired start date.


Duration: 8 to 24 weeks 

Working hours:

  • Full-Time internship: 30 - 40 hours/ week.
  • Part-Time internship: 5 - 20 hours/ week.
Working schedule: We design the Remote internship to Fit with YOUR schedule. Working hours are flexible as long as you ensure commitment to deliver. Most of our remote interns complete internship work at their own hours while still attending classes or doing part-time jobs. Many choose to work during their evening hours (for example 8-10 PM EST - morning Vietnam Time), which allows them to work in real-time and get instant feedback from the host organizations in Vietnam.

* Customized duration and working hour schedule are available. Please get in touch with our Program Manager for further advice.

Program Fee & Inclusion:

Program Fee: US$990 


  • Guaranteed internship placement relevant to your major and skillset

  • Pre-program orientation: Our onsite staff will guide you through 02 online, interactive orientations that focus on Vietnam and Vietnamese culture, how to navigate cross-cultural communications, how to work remotely effectively.

  • Career mentorship: Resume coaching, interviews with international employers, virtual expert sharing sessions.

  • Cultural sessions: Facilitated social exchanges with local peers, cross-cultural debriefs with local staff and fellow international interns. 

  • On-going internship support: We monitor your progress and offer cross-cultural communications or work-related supports as needed. 

  • Weekly check-ins with host company (and program coach/ coordinator)

  • End-of-program evaluation

  • E-certificate upon successful completion (upon request)


We want to help as many students be able to intern abroad as possible! Check out our wide range of scholarships below: 

  • FRESH Scholarship - US$250
    We believe it is never too early to gain work experience. The earlier you start doing an internship, the more prepared you are for your career. This grant is awarded to freshmen students who have finished at least 1 school year. 

  • Vietnamese Heritage Scholarship - US$250
    We want to encourage Vietnamese-descent students to connect with their heritage. This scholarship is awarded to students of Vietnamese descent.

    This scholarship is awarded for high-achieving students who can bring positive impacts to the local community and inspire their peers to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world of virtual working. 

Note: Scholarship recipients are expected to use a variety of channels (video, blogging, photos, etc.) to share how their remote internships enrich their academic, professional and personal growths.

More information about ABROADER's Scholarships can be found at our Scholarship Portal.


  • Be currently enrolled at a college/ university or have at least graduated from high school

  • Have an appropriate academic background related to the program(s) applying

  • Have GPAs above 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent

  • Be proficient in English

  • Have an updated resume & (unofficial) academic transcript

Apply now


Have questions about the remote internship or other opportunities with ABROADER? Email our Program Advisor at or Contact us here

It has been awesome trip and experience for me. Thanks for the people that have provided help and support throughout the trip. during my 5 months here, i get to learn this country's culture, people, food and the work life. Comparing Vietnam and Singapore, it is a new experience for me and the other students too. So, if you get the chance to come here and learn/experience, go out and explore. Be adventurous, daring to try out new things/stuff. making friends with the local, explore different part of the city or maybe even traveling out of the city. It is worth to spend your time to the fullest here!! “Don’t travel just to see. Travel to try, listen, feel, taste. That way there won’t be any place you cannot find beauty.”

Xiong Binsong

IT Internship ,Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

I feel pretty satisfied with my internship journey as it increased my self confidence and my ability to cope with unfamiliar situations. It also further developed my interpersonal communication skills when working with co-colleagues. I did my internship in Chemizol/Culligan Water Vietnam under the supervision and guidance of Chris, who is a very nice person and always cares about me. Besides that, my internship in Vietnam has expanded my curiosity of the world and at the same time gained a greater understanding of my home cultural identity. I wish I could have more time to go to different factories so that I could contact customers and analyze samples. Overall, my 6-week internship is so great!

Bin Zhou (Ryan)

International Technical Business Development Internship ,University of Queensland, Australia

Being in Vietnam is the best experience in my life so far!!! I cannot believe 6 weeks have actually gone by. I love my internship at Siten. People in the company are really helpful and understanding. They are like a family. Like when I was sick and asked for a morning off, they told me to stay at home for the afternoon so that I can truly feel better. My Thuan – my supervisor has taught me so much. He actually encouraged me to go explore Vietnam – so different from other leaders I know. He let me do what I want to do. The largest problem was the language barrier but we managed to communicate with each other quite well. They said I inspire them to learn English. So yeah, everything is pretty perfect. The best experience in my life so far! At Siten I worked on a project for learning English in which I helped develop the website and prototyped games. The staff also me HTML which I really enjoyed learning. Besides going to work, I spent all of my weekend travel to new places like Sapa, Hoian, Danang, Ha Long Bay. I met with so many nice people who are so friendly and they really want you to immerse into the culture. If there is one thing I feel that I have grown, it must be my ability to talk with people, to be more open towards anything. Before coming here I knew pretty much nothing about Vietnam. Still I managed to live here and was actually never lonely my whole time being in Vietnam. I am glad that I came here. I cannot believe I am gonna leave this place so soon. Thank you all so much!

Zareen Fazleabas

IT Internship ,Pennsylvania State University, USA

I would highly recommend this internship with ABROADER for my friends or anyone who is interested in doing an IT internship in Vietnam. My IT Internship was done at Global Cybersoft in Ho Chi Minh City, Global CyberSoft (GCS) is a leading global IT solutions provider founded in California. With extensive experiences and rich expertise, GCS poses as a major IT pioneer and trusted partner in Vietnam. The first team I was with (Business Analysis Team) went out of their way to give me responsibilities that challenged me to learn, and provided help for me to learn how to do these tasks, I felt my work on the Business Analysis team was important, and I made a significant contribution as an intern. Next, I was moved to programming team which I felt I did not have as much training compared to the first one. Given that the company was not used to having an intern like me, they did a good job giving me responsibilities that would help me learn. My supervisor was the local team manager and he helped me a lot during work and cared about my well-being. Among many concerns one has when deciding to do an internship, for me, the most important part was having as much help as possible getting into contact with prospective companies, and further set up with a bank account, etc. and felt very satisfied with the services provided by ABROADER concerning these procedures. The most helpful improvement would have been a more timely completion of all the steps so that there is the largest choice of companies to choose from, and one can prepare as soon as possible.

David Mechael Duplantier

IT Internship ,University of California, San Diego, USA

I was very impressed with how organized ABROADER Vietnam was in preparing my internship in Vietnam. The Skype meetings before coming to Vietnam made me feel confident about my safety and expectations during my internship. The Program Coordinator met me at the airport, even though my flight arrived at 1 a.m. The orientation was very thorough and outlined expectations from both myself and the University of Economics HCMC – where I would be working as an intern. During the summer ABROADER checked in with me often to see how I was doing. They even came down to Ho Chi Minh City a few times to visit the other interns and me. Whenever I had a problem, they were always available on Facebook and did their best to resolve it. It is clear that ABROADER Vietnam is a reliable organization that cares about its participants.

Ian Rohr

International Relation Internship ,Tulane University, USA

Joining this internship in Vietnam with SEND, I made a very important realization that is I can’t do everything on my own. The challenges presented during this internship got me to talk to other people, hear their ideas and craft up a conclusion. I learnt to cooperate with friends instead of struggling with any probem alone and we were able to find a solution to almost any problem that we encountered.

Ryosuke Asai

Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

What I love about my host company is the awesome supervisor, Ms. Lieu, that cares about me as a person. She frequently helps and supports me a lot in my work. Besides, the workplace was super close to the studio I stayed and I could walk to the company everyday. Though there weren't any windows in my room, it was totally fine. After the internship here, I think my ability to cope with unexpected situations has been levelled up and my interpersonal skills have been further developed. And most importantly, I could clarify my career and my educational goals in the future. Overall, I am satisfied with this internship as a whole!

Gabrielle Joy Ubaldo

Food & Beverage Intern ,Oakton Community College, USA

My experience as a virtual intern was amazing! I and other interns were provided with many creative and engaging cultural activities. In our learning sessions about Vietnamese culture, we were always encouraged to share our own cultures with others which showed us that despite our differences, we have many similarities. My favorite activity in this internship was our cultural workshops, where we learned about Vietnamese traditions, cuisines, drinking culture, and work culture. We were also able to have a virtual cooking lesson and learned how to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls, which was fantastic to watch and to eat in my own home. I also enjoyed meeting and interacting with the local buddies during our workshop sessions. We created a group chat where we shared pictures of food and nature, which influenced us to have many great conversations about our lives. Being a virtual intern in this program showed me that we can continue to build and have relationships with people, beyond the barriers of a pandemic and living in different countries. I have learned to value my time and relationships with my new friends in Vietnam, and I feel that I will always have this community of friends who will support me in my life and career. Joining this remote internship has been one of the most positive and lovely experiences that I have had during the pandemic. This experience has motivated me to travel to Vietnam in the future. I can’t wait to experience the wonderful Vietnam and Vietnamese culture, and to finally meet my wonderful friends in person. Thank you so much to the site team and the local buddies for all of your love and support through my internship. Cảm ơn!!

Olivia Ellis

Education Remote Internship ,University of North Carolina at Greensboro

This internship in Vietnam with SEND offers me just that and I am grateful for the experience to teach, make friends and be in Vietnam. I’ve always wanted to become an educator but I often feel like the teachers in Japan lack the international and cultural experience to make lessons more interactive. I try to allow myself the chance of going to another country, experience another culture and become a better-equipped teacher.

So Sadamoto

Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

The most satisfying aspect about my internship in Vietnam was my local buddy and my host family. They have always been very nice and inviting during my stay there. My host organization in Vietnam was a local school that provides courses and after-school activities to children with special needs. My co-workers were very generous with inviting me to after work activities or even a couple of days in Sa Pa. My supervisor cared about me both professionally and as a person. I hope that my work at the host organization helped the teachers with my insights working with children with special needs. I also hope to have opened the eyes of the students I worked with that there are people out there who understand their needs and can help them overcome their difficulties in their lives.

Sabrina Zottoli

Social Work and Community Development Internship ,Molloy College, USA