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Ha Noi, Vietnam
Developer Internship Host


ABROADER team is very responsive and helpful with our communication with interns. The culture sessions are impressive and it makes the memorable internship for the international students.

Hung Dong Centter

Ha Noi, Vietnam
Public Health Internship Host


We got some benefits (training, English teaching, managing English fanpage) from having the student as online intern. We highly recommend this online internprogram, and we hope we will have a chance to corporate with ABROADER in the future.


Ha Noi, Vietnam
LGBT Internship Host


Great effort by the staff to match the intern with our organization, along with helping the intern to get to know more about Vietnamese culture. I understand the limitation of online platform in implementing programs like this, so kudos to the team for the great transition.

WWF Vietnam

Ha Noi, Vietnam
Communiations Internship Host


Brian Tieu delivered above and beyond and really took steps to show his proactive initiative and desire to learn and absorb as much out of this experience as possible. He was really dependable and delivered under pressure which is essential in communications!

VinMec International Hospital

Hanoi, Vietnam
Pharmacy Internship Host


We hosted 2 pharmacy polytechnic students from Singapore for 5 months. At first, we did not expect much since they are only year 3 but their performances surprisingly exceeded our expectations. Despite the differences in Vietnam’s medications types and labeling systems to what they were taught in Singapore, their proactiveness and work ethics were able to triumph. They became a major part in our Outpatient unit, performing Picking & Packing, Inventory Management, Transfer of Medications, Dispensing & Counselling. Later on, they also took part in our Inpatients Unit, helping with medications picking for inpatients, and Compounding Unit, helping compounders with materials distilling and equipment preparations. By the end, we were happy with our performances enough that we had them join in our group description discussions and counseling with foreign outpatients. We are confident that they will become good pharmacist in the future.

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