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Choosing to study or have an internship abroad means we have to learn to adapt to a new environment. Instead of waking up in your super comfy bed and surrounded by familiar settings, you may be somewhat astonished on the first morning in a foreign country when the accommodations will be different than what you’ve come to expect in your hometown. Now, it is time to open your mind and get ready to experience something different with housings in Vietnam! 

After having confirmation of placement from the intern, ABROADER shall use reasonable endeavors to arrange the accommodation in respect of the nature of the internship. The Accommodation Description will be sent to the intern before the departure to Vietnam.

You will be provided guaranteed accommodation in fully furnished shared serviced apartments or private studios.

*This may be subject to change

☒ Bed & bed set

☒ Desk and chair (small)

☒ Small Fridge

☒ Wi-Fi

☒ Air-conditioner

☒ Laundry service*  

☒ Wardrobe 

☒ Cleaning services 

☒ Kitchen with utensils

☒ Tap water & Water heater

☒ Fan*

☒ Bathroom

In terms of Payment and Apartment policies, please consult our Program Coordinator for more details.  

For photos of accommodation previously provided for students, please refer to this link . Whilst the exact same option may not be available for your program start date, all participants can expect a similar standard of accommodation.


When you are doing an international education program or internship in VietNam, you are going to be welcomed by our Homestay Host. A Homestay Host in ABROADER Program is defined as a person who will assist international students in Vietnam in terms of sharing an accommodation with them, preferably in their own family. We study the Homestay Hosts’ profiles and conduct an interview with the host before their house is officially selected in ABROADER’s program. All Homestay hosts will be provided with guidelines and orientation before receiving the international students.  Final accommodation placements will be released approximately 2 weeks prior to arrival, and are determined by both ABROADER and students.

Do our hosts enjoy the experience?

Sure! Since they…

– Enjoy the international community with their families without going abroad

– Explore a new culture

– Proudly become ambassadors who introduce Vietnamese specialties to foreigners (with the training and guideline provided by Abroader)

– Naturally inspire their children to gain more confidence and ambition to go and grow abroad

* Fees of accommodation and meals will be discussed and contributed to the host family before the program starts. 

Do students have their own room when staying with the host family?

Yes! In some programs, two students may share a 25-30m2 room together as their will. Their room generally will look like below and be equipped with full furniture.

Student room in a host family

The shared space with host family


Is the host family’s house near students’ working place? 

During the process of selecting the suitable host family, one of the criteria for choosing the suitable host family is that the distance between their house and students’ workplace is approximately 30 min-1 hour by bus at most. For more understanding of other kinds of transportation in Vietnam, please refer to THIS

To sum up, life in an exotic place would be less daunting as long as you open your heart and willingly immerse into the local life here. And don’t worry much, the homestay host would welcome and support you a lot. 

Meal with the host family

2. Service Apartment  

Besides Homestay Host, you can also choose to live in a service apartment. Typical apartment is described as follows. 

* The description and picture is for reference and can vary depending on room availability. 

Type: Studio Apartment in shared 4-floor house. Each floor has 2 studio rooms. 


  • Included in Prepaid monthly bill 

  • Rent, Water, Wi-Fi, Gas, Cleaning service, Management fee

  • Excluded – To be paid by student directly to apartment manager by end of month

Electricity: Electricity used in your own room (each room has an electricity meter) and a share of common area bill (electricity used in kitchen, living room etc.)

Other extra service if applicable: Drinking water bottle (50 liters) 

Accommodation Description

Studio Room


☒ Bed

☒ Desk and chair (small)

☒ Small Fridge

☒ Wi-Fi

☒ Air-conditioner

☒ Bed linen (once per 2 weeks)

☒ Wardrobe 

☒ Cleaning services (2 times a week)

☒ Fan


Granda Service Apartment

Other notes

  • Pet: No pet

  • Smoker: Smoking is not allowed in common area

  • Accommodation manager: almost 24 hours

  • Tenants have own main entrance keys + private room key

  • Social life: Normally there are around 5-8 other tenants at a time – most tenants are young adults in their 20s to 30s, both Vietnamese and foreigners.

  • Staircase and/ or without elevator

  • Curfew: 22:00 – 22:30 

HAPPY HOUSING: 5 Essential rules for a harmonious habitat! 

The intern is responsible for his/her room when staying either with local families or in a serviced apartment, including the appliances and property and shared space. When the intern takes their housemates, neighbors seriously and regard them with respect, this attitude is usually returned in kind and makes the area a more pleasant place to live for everyone.

1. Cleanliness creates happiness

Keep your room and the shared areas clean; this is especially important when you are sharing a bedroom, kitchen, or the residence. 

2. Respect your roommates/housemates/ host family and other people in the building

  • If taking homestay: Comply with the family’s curfew time. If you need to stay out late, always tell the host family beforehand. If you need to stay out very late and feel it necessary, you might want to stay at another accommodation overnight. Do not take a friend home without asking for permission from the host family

  • To avoid disturbing your roommates/housemates, please use headphones when listening to music, or keep the volume low if you and roommates agree to use speakers. If you want to hold an overnight gathering, you must have consent from the apartment manager or your homestay family. 

3. Green your lifestyle
  • NEVER leave heating and/ or air conditioning units on while you are not home. If you need to have them on when you are sleeping, keep them low.
  • Always turn off the lights when you leave the apartment and when you are not in the room.
4. Safety and Financial Liability

  • You should lock the apartment door at all times. Also, when leaving the apartment, make sure the windows are closed and locked. Neither the study abroad company nor the housing company will be responsible for any stolen items.

  • Charges may occur if intern is found to be responsible for damages or loss of housing property.

5. Communication is the key.
We know that living away from home thousand miles can be difficult sometimes as it provokes homesickness and loneliness when not being around with your beloved family members or close friends. But remember that, you are NOT alone as you have
  • Roommates. Open your heart and share what you think and feel about life here. If the conflict may arise, talk to your floormates politely and show the willingness to solve the issues and negotiation. Talking it through instead of suppressing is the easiest way to solve a small problem before it gets bigger. And, at the end of the day, we believe any matters can be solved by communication and Tips how to overcome loneliness.

  • Local buddies. ABROADER’s local buddies are students around your age and some of them also live far away from their hometown, so they do know how hard it is when studying/working abroad. Don’t be shy and swing a message to your local buddy to explore the city. A challenge to walk around West Lake or finish the bucket list sounds nice! 

  • ABROADER. Talk to and consult with our staff if a problem arises and you cannot work it out with your roommates/landlord. We always use reasonable endeavors to deal with accommodation replacements by following the procedure and policy in Accomodation delivered via email prior to your arrival. 

Want to have a life-changing internship in Vietnam with ABROADER? Don't hesitate to click the link below! 
Special thanks to ABROADER and my intern company, MCD for making this experience once in a life-time. Huge thank you for everyone who made this dream into a reality. I made new friends and was immersed into the beautiful culture of Vietnam and was able to apply and adapt techniques I learnt in school at work.

Noor Ain

Environment Intern ,Republic Polytechnics Singapore

All in all, to say I learn a lot is an understatement. I’ve gained precious insights and experience into the development process by getting the opportunity to work with an industry-leading company. I’ve improved my technical skills in JavaScript and updated my skills to the latest technologies. For future interns working for here, I advise that you come with open arms and the willingness to learn. You should be open to making new friends and learning new things, and I assure you that you will have a great time here just like I had. If I could redo my experience, I would’ve taken the opportunity to make friends outside of my circle. To socialize with more people here in Vietnam. I would also love to immerse myself more in the Vietnamese culture and explore Vietnam more, experiencing new food and places.

Muhammad Zaidi Bin Noraidi

IT Internship ,Republic Polytechnics Singapore

The experience of doing an internship in Vietnam certainly was not easy for me but I have no doubt that it was tremendouly valuable. At first, I actually had a lot of culture shocks, for example, sometimes it was hard to communicate with Vietnamese people because not a lot of people speak English and some had very strong accent. However, Vietnamese people were very kind to me and took well care of me especially the host family and program coordinator. I realized that it’s difficult to understand another culture but it’s also really necessary to accept other culture, their life and their way of thinking. At the hotel where I did my internship, I could learn a lot of things. For example, I learnt how to communicate politely with customers, how to make them satisfied and how to manage the hotel. Everyone from the supervisor to my co-workers was helpful and accommodating, I was included in all the daily meetings and the supervisor was very open to share her knowledge about hotel management which was really helpful to my future work. I really had a good experience in Vietnam. I appreciate the people I’ve met and the experience I’ve had. This is going to be very useful in the future. Thank you ABROADER Vietnam so much for the valuable opportunity to learn about my field of work in your beautiful country!


Hospitality Internship ,Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan

The 5 months spent in Vietnam was not only enjoyable but also felt enriching. I have become many times more independent than before and thoroughly enjoyed working at Vinmec General International Hospital- A conducive and enjoyable workplace for those interested in a career in Healthcare.

Skye Lee

Healthcare & Pharmacy Internship ,Republic Polytechnics Singapore

Before, I didn’t really like my personality as I was a timid girl and afraid to speak up for myself. I am also a perfectionist and would like to spend as much time for preparation as possible before I do something. However, the internship in Vietnam changed that for me. Through interacting with my students and fellow interns I opened up a lot and become more outgoing. In my work, after going through some troubles with cultural difference, I realize one thing for myself that is: Preparation is not always good and if you don’t prepare you are given the chance to do things more freely and more out of the box, so next time even if you’re asked to do something when you’re not prepared “Just Do It


Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

I did a 4 months internship, in the National Childrens Hospital in Vietnam. The entire organization for me went really well, all you need is time and patience but when you reach the point where all is setteled it went really smooth and if you have problems you will get help asap and they will find a solution for you. I gained alot of new experience and was suprised by the high pratical skills of the Nurses and Doctors. Even though not everybody could speak propper english and sometimes communication was hard, there were ways to communicate with the colleagues (Googe Translate, Body language). All in all I just can say I would do it again, and I wouldnt be the person I am today with out going on this adventure. The way I see things definitely changed and I go home with newe knowledge and some wonderful memories. A big thank you to ABROADER Vietnam and especialy Miss Ha who made this all possible.


Nursing Internship ,FH Campus Wien

The best thing about ABROADER Vietnam was being able to plan events with other interns and with local buddy. I depended on these events to originally get out of my shell in Vietnam while I was adjusting to the new language and culture. Especially with being able to offer perspective on Vietnamese culture with schooling, media/entertainment, government, and with great local attractions in Ho Chi Minh.


Environment Internship ,University of Notre Dame

Do my internship Vietnam, will be an unforgettable experience for me because reflecting back to the past 4 months staying in Vietnam I have learned quite a lot in Vietnam in terms of culture, people, work ethics and values, it grows me as a person to become a better person with the way I interact with people, working with them on a project and how to deal with problems whether big or small. At the end of day, people are people, they are not going to be your ideal circle of friends or co-workers that is going to go your way all the time, but what you can do is to make the best out of it and always end on a positive note :)


IT Internship ,Republic Polytechnics Singapore

I did have a bit of trouble with my original internship, but the Abroader team was very supportive and active in ensuring I got the best experience and helped me switch to a different company. My new company became a place where I learned about company life and got to work on independent projects. It was also great to have the local buddies with us, as they went around town and did different activities with us. The local buddies definitely made my experience here more fun and made it easier for me to acclimate to life here. Also, going around Ho Chi Minh City was actually much safer than I had imagined, and people here are usually very friendly to help out foreigners. My time here went by very quickly, and my summer experience of growing, learning, exploring, and lots of eating is definitely one I will remember!

Jamie Kim

Communication internship ,PRINCETION UNIVERSITY

I have always been an extremely shy person, when I was small, my face would turn red and I even cried in front of people. Now that I’m a grown up, I want to become more confident, make friends and talk with them like other people do after one-month internship here in Vietnam.


Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan