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Policy And Procedure

Policy and procedure


o ABROADER: a third-party provider develops and be responsible for the internship program in Vietnam

o The intern: An individual or group of individuals seeking for the services or advice of the Internship program with ABROADER

o Host Organization or Host Company: The Host Organization or Host Company refers to any legal entity in which the intern undertakes his/her Internship. The Host Organization could be a company, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or any organization with a legal status authorizing it to host the intern for his internship.

o Internship: The Internship refers to a practical learning experience in which both, the Host Organization and the intern take part. The internship is not represented by a labor contract but by an Internship Agreement signed by ABROADER and the intern.

Internship Duration: The standard program key dates are (unless otherwise specified):

o Arrival date: Thursday (Program starts, check-in accommodation, Vietnam visa starts)

o Internship start date: Monday (after the arrival Thursday)

o Internship last date: Friday (before the departure Sunday)

o Departure date: Sunday (Program end, check-out accommodation)

o Informational Interview: An informational interview is an interview between ABROADER staff and an intern candidate. Its purpose is for ABROADER to assess the candidate’s skills, backgrounds and interests and their suitability to an ABROADER’s internship program.

o Conditional Letter Offer refers to the conditional offer from ABROADER to accept the intern in ABROADER’s internship program.

o Internship Agreement: refers to the Agreement between the ABROADER and the intern, specifying the program’s terms that both parties agree to abide by.

o Internship Offer Letter: refers to the description of the Internship position at a Host Company. It includes the description of the tasks’ description of the position as well as the skills and qualifications required by the Host Company to fit the position.

o Placement Package: The Internship Package refers to the different services provided by ABROADER and/or its Partner to place the intern for an Internship at a Host Company. Notably, it includes:

- The review and correction of the intern’s CV- the sending of the intern’s application to Host Companies looking for interns,
- The scheduling of interviews with the Host Companies interested in the intern’s profile (provided that the first payment of deposit has been paid by the intern)
- When appropriate, the provision of advice about how to prepare a professional interview to maximize the chances of the intern to get an Internship

o Accommodation Package: refers to the different services provided by ABROADER and/or its Partners to find accommodation for the intern. Notably, it includes:

- The search for an accommodation that is as described in ABROADER’s accommodation services and as requested by the intern.
- The coordination and arrangement with the person in charge of the serviced apartment (Landlord, Head tenant, Accommodation Company or Host Family) before the intern’s stay at the accommodation.

o Serviced apartment: refers a furnished apartment, providing standard amenities such as bed sets, wardrobe, room service, Wi-Fi, tap water, kitchen. Electricity bill is excluded.

o Homestay: refers to a private room in a Host Family with shared facilities, common rooms with Wi-Fi; also including a dinner provided by the Host Family.

o Landlord: refers to a natural or legal person who owns and/ or operates a property in which the intern is accommodated.

o Host Family: refers to a family who owns or rent a property in which the intern stays with for the period of the program.


1. Program Procedure

1.1. Application package

It is required to submit the documents as below by the intern:

a) Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume

b) Letter of Intent

(Why do you chose to take internship in Vietnam? – What do you expect from this internship program?)

c) Unofficial Academic Transcript (courses and grades) d) Passport information page (scanned version)

e) ABROADER application form

*Additional requirements: Interns in the fields of Architecture, Graphic Design and Journalism & Media might need to submit a sample/portfolio of their work.

1.2. Conditional Offer Letter

After reviewing internship application, ABROADER will have an Information Interview with the intern. After that, Conditional Offer Letter will be sent to notify the intern of the admissions decision. To confirm your acceptance of the offer, the intern must further submit:

o Completed, signed and dated Conditional Offer Letter – agreeing the Terms and Conditions (e-signature is acceptable)

o Evidence of payment of US$ 500 program deposit.

Note: Intern’s enrollment in ABROADER’s program becomes official only after the intern returns a signed copy of this Internship Agreement and pay the deposit.

1.3. Internship Placement

Based on the first interview record, ABROADER matches the intern with potential Host Companies. Another interview might be required by the potential host companies. The Internship Offer Letter will be sent to the intern by ABROADER when the internship position is confirmed from both sides (the intern and the Host Organization).

To formally accept the offer, the intern must submit a signed and dated Internship Offer Letter – agreeing all the information mentioned in the Internship Offer Letter.


a. Passport

For all countries, an up-to-date passport is required. If you do not have a passport, you should begin the application process right away as it may take up to six weeks. If you already have a passport, please make sure that it has not been expired and will be valid for at least six months after the end of your program.

b. Visa

ABROADER will apply for 1 to 3-month multiple business on-arrival visa.

ABROADER will send the Visa Approval Letter from the Immigration Office and guidance on how to get the on-arrival visa at the airport.

For those who take more than 12-week internship, ABROADER will apply 2 times for 3-month multiple business visa. For the second visa, the intern needs to go out and enter Vietnam to get visa on arrival at the airport.

The visa processing fee is included in the program fee. In case the intern holds a citizenship of a country other than U.S./ E.U./ Australia/Singapore and falls into the category of difficult countries to get Vietnam visa, the visa cost is subject to a certain amount of surcharge based on the duration and citizenship of the passport.

Visa application processing fee is included in ABROADER’s program fee (unless otherwise specified). This fee represents a fee payable by the intern to ABROADER to cover the costs incurred in conjunction with an application to the Department of Immigration. This fee is needed to grant the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter. This fee is non-refundable by The Department of Immigration.

Therefore, in no event, will the visa application processing fee be repayable by ABROADER to the intern.

o Visa stamping fee:

This fee is different from the processing fee and not included in ABROADER’s services. Interns will be paying this fee directly to Immigration outlet at Vietnam international airport on arrival. The standard stamping fee for single entry (both for 1 month & 3 months) is 25 USD while it is 50 USD for multiple entries (both for 1 month & 3 months).

o Visa Denial: If the Visa is denied by the Department of Immigration, and the intern already pays for the visa processing fee (included in the program fee), ABROADER will not reimburse the intern for the amount it has received from the intern in respect of the visa application processing fee.

1.5. Accommodation

After having confirmation of placement from the intern, ABROADER shall use reasonable endeavors to arrange the accommodation in respect of the internship. The Accommodation Description will be sent to the intern before the departure to Vietnam.

a. Accommodation Location

ABROADER should use the best endeavors to procure that the accommodation is located less than one hour (by car) to the Host Organization.

In the event of more than one-hour travel to the Host Organization due to the limitation of resources and safety reason, the intern will be informed in advance and Provided with clear guidance on how to commute to work.

b. Accommodation’s Policies

By participating in the progra

m, the intern agrees to the policies, rules, and regulations of the accommodation provided by ABROADER and the landlord.

The intern is responsible for his/her room when staying either with local families or in a serviced apartment, including the appliances and property and shared space. When the intern takes their housemates, neighbors seriously and regard them with respect, this attitude is usually returned in kind and makes the area a more pleasant place to live for everyone.

In general, the intern is required to comply with:

  • If taking homestay: Comply with the family’s curfew time. If you need to stay out late, always tell the host family beforehand. If you need to stay out very late and feel it necessary, you might want to stay at another accommodation overnight.
  • If taking homestay: Do not take a friend home without asking for permission from the host family
  • Do not share the house/room key with anyone except for the landlord (if staying in an apartment) and other family members (if taking homestay)
  • Be respectful of other housemates and neighbors at all times, including avoiding making noise after 10 PM, not having party without consent from the apartment manager or your homestay family
  • Take good care of properties, as well as appliances and furniture in accommodation
  • Keep your place tidy, take out the rubbish and put them at designated places
  • Charges may occur if intern is found to be responsible for damages or loss of housing property.

c. Change of Accommodation & Procedure

The intern can only request to change accommodation or move out when what ABROADER committed in Apartment Description is different with the real one, including heavy damaged facilities which can’t be fixable. For any other reasons, please consult with ABROADER.


In aforementioned events, it is a responsibility of the intern to follow procedure below (before moving to another accommodation that either re-arranged by ABROADER or self-sourced):

Step 1: Contact ABORADER’s Program Coordinator to clearly indicate the situation

Step 2:

- After receiving request from intern, ABROADER will officially response within 03 working days.

- In the case of moving, upon confirmation, ABROADER will inform the intern the date to change the accommodation or to move out.

- The duration to move to another accommodation is within 04 weeks from the confirmation date. ABROADER shall use reasonable endeavors to deal with landlords in order to support the intern to move at the earliest time possible.

Step 3: Before moving to another accommodation, the intern will be responsible for complying with all his/her rental obligations to the existing accommodation’s landlord.


Failing to follow the procedure, intern will responsible for 1-month rental fee as a penalty.

For intern having internship duration less than 8 weeks, the intern will forego all rentals or monies paid for the internship duration.

d. Additional Fees The intern is directly responsible to pay to the landlord for any services and fees that are not included in ABROADER’s accommodation package. These additional fees include laundry service (around 1USD/kg), electricity bills (USD50- 150/month per room), drinking water, cleaning, linen or other additional items and services. The intern will be directly liable to the landlord for any damage to the accommodation arising from any act or omission of the intern.

e. Liability of ABROADER

ABROADER must use reasonable endeavors to support, however, in no event is ABROADER liable to the intern arising from the termination of the accommodation, or as a result of any death, injury or loss incurred in relation to the accommodation by any reason or cause.

1.6. Pre-departure guide

ABROADER will hold a session of online pre-departure with the intern, to make sure that the intern understands issues related to safety, health, politics, culture and religion in Vietnam, and anything needed to prepare before the departure to Vietnam

In this session, ABROADER also will:

Reconfirm with Intern the detailed information regarding internship placement and other arrangements for Intern’s internship in Vietnam

Provide Intern with their internship schedule information, pre-departure guideline and appropriate orientation

Assign a Program Coordinator to provide support for Intern during the internship

Remind about the arrangement of airport services: If the time and date of Intern’s arrival in Vietnam are to be between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday (local time), ABROADER will arrange a staff to pick up Intern at the airport. If the time of Intern’s arrival in Vietnam are different from the above-mentioned time frame, ABROADER will arrange car services for the Intern to travel from the airport to the accommodation.

Before departing for Vietnam, the intern should provide ABROADER specific diet or medical requirements (if any), final travel itinerary to Vietnam, including flight information, pre-arrival checklist and participate in the online pre-departure orientation session with ABROADER.

ABROADER’s pre-departure guide is only one component of the intern’s preparation. It is the intern’s owns responsibility to do their own research to understand issues related to safety, health, political, cultural, and religious conditions in Vietnam.

1.7. Arrival: Welcome and on-site support

The intern will be provided:

o Airport pick-up service on the arrival date.

o Orientation before the internship starts

o Welcome meal

o SOS card, volunteered local buddy, SIM card

o Company induction

o City tour- cultural excursion

o Social and cultural immersion activities (varied by program, either cooking, Vietnamese lesson, volunteer)

o 24/7 support during the internship program

1.8. Internship on-going assessment and final evaluation

ABROADER will take care and follow the intern’s feedback as well as keep track with the Host Organization for the assessment during the internship and end-of-internship. At the end-of-internship, the intern will receive Certificate of Completion for successful internship performance.

1.9. Departure from Vietnam:

Airport drop-off: ABROADER only arranges car on the end date of internship program, only one time per intern. If the intern plans to depart Vietnam at a different date from the program’s designated end date, the intern will arrange the transportation to airport by themselves.

1.10. 24/7 support in Vietnam

ABROADER provides 24/7 support service during the intern’ stay in Vietnam, and in the duration of the program. If there are any incidents/accidents happen in another country or out of the program duration, it is the intern’s own responsibility, including self-arranged travel in Vietnam during the program.

2. Program Fee

2.2. Program deposit

Intern must pay to ABROADER a US$500 deposit in order to activate the application.

2.3. Program fee

Intern will receive an invoice for the remaining balance of the fees (excluding the program deposit) once you are accepted to an ABROADER program - means after Internship Offer Letter accepted and signed. This invoice will be sent along with Internship Agreement via email to the intern.

This program fee is expected, unless an alternative schedule for payment is arranged with and approved by an ABROADER staff in writing, be fully paid to ABROADER no less than 06 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Specific payment terms and due dates are specified in Appendix 2 – Invoice for Program Fee.

Late Payments will incur an interest rate of 1% per calendar month, or any part thereof, (12% per annum) in addition to a US$20 late payment fee.

Waiver for late payment will be considered on a case by case basis.

The three weeks that I spent in Vietnam gave me a unique insight and greater appreciation into the world around me. Going to Vietnam has made me value the things I take for granted in Australia, such as just being able to drink clean water from the tap. I discovered that the people of Vietnam are so generous and forgiving. I made many new friends during the study tour and learned a course all whilst touring a great country. The study tour was very enjoyable and I had lots of fun along the way with the activities planned by the local buddies. The course itself was interesting and I genuinely enjoyed the content, despite it being so condensed into a few weeks. My advice for students wanting to go on ABROADER study tour would be to just enjoy the trip while it lasts and take as many photos as possible, because the time goes so quick. A huge thank you to all the organisers of the trip and to the local buddies for making this trip possible and the best it could have been.


Engineering Faculty-Led Program ,University of Newcastle, Australia

Though most of my work was limited to observation depending on what department I was placed in, I was able to contribute to the nursing staff by other means (i.e. sorting through medicine to be used for the next day). However, in the ICU, I got to perform all nursing tasks except for mixing drugs as only head nurses could do that task. In addition, I found it really helpful that I had many supervisors at work and they all cared that I learned from this experience. Regarding my experience with ABROADER Vietnam service, what I appreciated the most was probably the local buddy they paired me with here. I was happy with everything else including in-country logistics and visa support, orientation and city tour and I would definitely recommend this internship in Vietnam to my friends or students who are interested.


Nursing Internship ,University of Texas in Austin, U.S.A.

My internship in Vietnam with ABROADER was a life changing experience. I was a marketing intern at a travel company in Hanoi and now work for the same company as a full time employee. Being in Vietnam has taught me so much about different people and cultures, as there are many other foreigners working here as well from all over the world. My internship coordinator at ABROADER was so helpful, and was a huge support for me whenever I needed it. I would definitely recommend ABROADER if you are looking to do an internship here. They really cater to your needs and care about what you want and are looking for.


Marketing & Communication Specialist Intern ,University of Massachusetts Amherst, U.S.A

I enjoyed the time in Ho Chi Minh city. The experience was much better than I expected. I came with an open mind to face anything, but everything was smooth and easy. The host organisation is satisfying. They tried their best to help me learn. It was satisfying. I would do this again if I get the chance. The abroader staff was really friendly and they prepared everything for me before I landed in Vietnam. So I did not have to worry about anything. I am satisfied with the program and I would recommend this program 100%.

Dan Fernando

Trainer & Communication Internship ,Deakin University

My internship has been a very fruitful journey, and I have learnt many things from my colleagues at NashTech Hanoi. Many of my skills have improved considerably, especially my communication skills. The working environment in Hanoi is very different from my experience in Singapore, and it has been a breath of fresh air for me. The staff and local buddies at ABROADER have also been immensely helpful! They always go the extra mile for us, and my time in Hanoi would have been very different if not for them, thank you very much!

Ho Hao Keet (Max)

IT Internship ,Republic Polytechnics Singapore

Before, I didn’t really like my personality as I was a timid girl and afraid to speak up for myself. I am also a perfectionist and would like to spend as much time for preparation as possible before I do something. However, the internship in Vietnam changed that for me. Through interacting with my students and fellow interns I opened up a lot and become more outgoing. In my work, after going through some troubles with cultural difference, I realize one thing for myself that is: Preparation is not always good and if you don’t prepare you are given the chance to do things more freely and more out of the box, so next time even if you’re asked to do something when you’re not prepared “Just Do It


Education Internship ,Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

The most satisfying aspect about my internship in Vietnam was my local buddy and my host family. They have always been very nice and inviting during my stay there. My host organization in Vietnam was a local school that provides courses and after-school activities to children with special needs. My co-workers were very generous with inviting me to after work activities or even a couple of days in Sa Pa. My supervisor cared about me both professionally and as a person. I hope that my work at the host organization helped the teachers with my insights working with children with special needs. I also hope to have opened the eyes of the students I worked with that there are people out there who understand their needs and can help them overcome their difficulties in their lives.


Social Work and Community Development Internship ,Molloy College, U.S.A

What I love about Green Bamboo Warm Shelter is my supervisor, Ms. Lieu, cares about me as a person. She frequently helps and supports me a lot in my work. Besides, the workplace was super close to the studio I stayed and I could walk to the company everyday. Though there weren't any windows in my room, it was totally fine. After the internship here, I think my ability to cope with unexpected situations has been levelled up and my interpersonal skills have been further developed. And most importantly, I could clarify my career and my educational goals in the future. Overall, I am satisfied with this internship as a whole!


Food & Beverage Intern at Green Bamboo Warm Shelter ,Oakton community college

The placement I received was great. ABROADER Vietnam has helped me the whole way! I would recommend this program if they are looking to go somewhere completely different and cool!


Optometry Internship ,South Dakota State University

Great internship in Vietnam. I recommend to Westerners to go there at least one time to see things differently. ABROADER is very helpful (even if there is only women here haha) and found me a very decent internship. Time flies very fast, so you know what to do if you like the heat and cheep beers. À bientôt Vietnam!


Environment Intern ,Polytech Montpellier, France