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Scholarship and Fundings

There are a number of financial awards available to exchange students looking for an internship or a semester abroad ranging from ABROADER scholarship to mobility program funded by government. We understand that financial cost should be by no means the limit to your meaningful internship or semester abroad. The following column provides more information on ABROADER Scholarship for international students, as well as governmental fundings and key ideas for fundraising. If you have any question, please contact us HERE.

  • 1. ABROADER Scholarship for international students whose home institution is our partner 
    • Students are eligible for ABROADER Scholarship if their host institution is our partners. Partner list is available on our website HERE. You can also contact our Program Coordinator for more info HERE.
    • If you are an international student whose home institution is listed in our Partner list, we offer a $350 ABROADER Scholarship for applicants in 2020 Program. 

      Eligibility Requirements

        Scholarship recipients will receive $350 off their program fees at the time of acceptance into the program. This is a discount applied to the recipient’s invoice.
        The scholarship is only eligible to students who have not yet paid their deposit.
        Interns participating on a special Healthcare Placement are not eligible to receive the scholarship.
        The decision of ABROADER is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  •  2. ABROADER Scholarship for international students whose home institution is NOT our partner 
    • We do offer financial aid for outstanding international students whose home institution is NOT on our partner list. We believe that every international intern to Vietnam brings unique values to the culture and we appreciate your coming.
      In order to apply for the financial aid, please write a Financial Aid Request and send the email to Please include your CV and any documents (portfolio, certificate, proof of extra-curricular activities, etc.) that speaks who you are personally and professionally.
      The financial aid is only eligible to students who have not yet paid their deposit.
      Scholarship recipients will receive $350 off their program fees at the time of acceptance into the program. This is a discount applied to the recipient’s invoice.

    •  3. Scholarship and fundings available for Australian students
      • 1/ OS-HELP Loan

        OS-HELP is a generous Australian Government Loan scheme for eligible students to help pay for their overseas program. OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as program fees, airfare, accommodation and other travel or study expenses.


        OS-HELP is a generous Australian Government Loan scheme that allows eligible Australian university students to access up to A$9,399 to study overseas (2020 amounts). The OS-HELP loan is applied to the student’s HECS and standard conditions apply. Like HECS-HELP, OS-HELP is interest-free and fee-free. Students should visit the Australian Government Study Assist website for more information about HECS-HELP and OS-HELP.

        Key Elements

        • OS-HELP is a loan available to eligible undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place who want to undertake some of their study overseas.
        • Students can borrow up to $8,295 for studies within Asia, and an additional $1,104 if students undertake Asian language studies in preparation for studies in Asia.
        • Students can borrow up to $6,913 for studies outside of Asia.
        • Ultimately, the amount students can borrow using an OS-HELP loan is determined by their university in accordance with the OS-HELP policy.
        • OS-HELP can be used for a range of expenses such as airfare, accommodation and other travel or study expenses.
        • Students may receive one loan per six-month study period and can access a total of two OS-HELP loans over their lifetime.
        • The type of overseas study for which you may be able to receive OS-HELP assistance could include semester, short-course study programs, clinical placements and internships.

        Eligibility Requirements

        OS-HELP eligibility requirements can be updated from time to time by the Australian Government, so it is recommended students refer to the Study Assist website for a comprehensive guide to OS-HELP. Generally, students would normally be eligible for OS-HELP if they meet the following requirements:

        • you are an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder
        • you are enrolled with an Australian provider (university) as a Commonwealth supported student and have completed one equivalent full-time student load, which is usually one year of full-time study
        • you are enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course with an Australian university
        • your overseas program counts as academic credit towards your current enrolled course requirements
        • you will have one course of study left to complete (back in Australia) once you have finished your overseas program
        • you have a tax file number (TFN) or provide a ‘Certificate of Application for a TFN’

        How to Apply

        You must apply to your higher education provider for an OS-HELP loan. Each university runs its own application and selection process. Students should contact their university’s International Office for more detailed information on OS-HELP.

        2/ Austudy

        Australian citizens who are currently eligible for or receiving Austudy should be eligible to continue receiving this form of Australian Government financial assistance if they leave Australia temporarily for a study experience, if the study is part of their full-time Australian course. Australian students should closely review eligibility requirements on the Australian Government website or contact their university’s International Office for more detailed information.

        3/ Endeavour Leadership Program

        The Endeavour Leadership Program (ELP) supports two-way mobility with Australia’s priority partner countries for short and long-term study, research and professional development opportunities for high-performing individuals, tertiary providers and their students. It provides opportunities for established and emerging leaders to undertake a global mobility experience within their study, research or professional field to increase their expertise.

        Endeavour Leaders will have the opportunity to build enduring international networks, strengthen education and research engagement between Australia and priority countries, and enhance Australia’s commercial success and economic prosperity.

        Australian students should visit the Australian Government Endeavour Leadership Program website or contact their university’s International Office for more detailed information.

        4/ New Colombo Plan (NCP)

        The NCP Scholarship Program provides opportunities for Australian undergraduate students to undertake semester-based study and internships or mentorships in 40 participating Indo-Pacific locations. The Scholarship Program aims to:

        • Provide prestigious and highly-competitive scholarships to a diverse range of Australian undergraduates studying a breadth of disciplines
        • Support more study experiences in a broad range of Indo-Pacific locations
        • Encourage Scholars to undertake longer term study, language study and an Internship and/or Mentorship
        • Engage Scholars, Australian Universities and other stakeholders in public diplomacy and outreach
        • Continue to develop an active Scholar alumni community for previous Scholars to share their experiences, promote the NCP and continue to develop knowledge of and professional links with the Indo-Pacific region

        Australian students should visit the Australian Government: NCP Scholarship Program website or contact their university’s International Office for more detailed information.

        The NCP Mobility Program is a signature initiative of the Australian Government that provides funding to Australian universities and consortia to support Australian undergraduate students studying and undertaking internships across the Indo-Pacific region. The NCP Mobility Program is intended to be transformational, deepening Australia’s relationships in the Indo-Pacific region, both at the individual level and through universities, businesses and other links. The Mobility Program is open to Australian university undergraduates aged 18 to 28, with capacity to include some students over 28. Australian students should visit the Australian Government: NCP Mobility Program website or contact their university’s International Office for more detailed information.

        5/ VET Outbound Mobility Program

        The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Outbound Mobility Program provides funding for VET students (and staff) to undertake an international study or work placement. Funding is provided to both Australian public and private organizations (RTO’s). Participating students must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia and reside in Australia. Students may be eligible for subsidies of $2,000. Australian students should closely review eligibility requirements and program details or contact their institution’s International Office for more detailed information.

    • 4. Scholarship and fundings for students from the U.S
      • How to Score Financial Aid for Study Abroad

        We've compiled as many study abroad scholarships and grants as we could find right here, but it's not an exhaustive one. In addition to looking here, here are some tips for finding more study abroad scholarships and grants:

        Apply for Federal Financial Aid -- many students don't realize that these government grants and loans may be used towards study abroad. You can fill out the application, known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA, online at the US Department of Education FAFSA website

        Once you pick a study abroad program, Google to find financial aid options available through that specific program.

        Check with the government of the country you want to study abroad in -- some give financial support to international students.

        Visit your financial aid office, study abroad office, and foreign language departments to ask about potential funding sources.

        Ask your institution’s International Office if there are any scholarships specific to your major.

        Get busy applying for any scholarships, grants, or funding options you find!

        1/ What is Financial Aid?

        Financial aid is any aid that you can receive to study towards your degree at your home university.

        This includes ALL Loans, Grants and Scholarships (Federal, State, Institutional and Private). Under Federal Law, all Federal Financial Aid that you qualify for (loans and grants) can be used to study abroad if the program you are attending has been approved for credit by your home institution. With State or Institutional Financial Aid, your home institution will decide if the aid can be used to study abroad.

        How to use Financial Aid for Internship Program

        Step 1 – Fill out your FAFSA Application

        If you haven’t used Financial Aid previously, submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Aid) application. All students who apply for Federal Student Aid, must complete the FAFSA process.

        Step 2 – Meet with your University Financial Aid Office

        After submitting your FAFSA application, prepare to meet with your home institution’s Financial Aid Office.

        Before you set up an appointment, it’s best to calculate your proposed costs for your internship program. Please refer here for ABROADER Internship Program Fees (cai here nay link voi phan program fee, what cover, what not.)

        You should also consider other expenses besides your Program Fees like Flights, Food and Entertainment, Visa Stamping Fee, etc.

        You can find guidelines about these costs here. (cai here nay link voi phan program fee, what cover, what not.)

        Once you have a budget, meet with the Financial Aid office and ask the following questions:

        Does your home institution allow institutional aid to be used for study abroad?

        Does your home institution require a Verification of Enrollment (VOE - Documentation to prove enrollment and attendance at an academic institution) before Financial Aid is disbursed to you?

        Does your home institution require a signed Consortium Agreement (A contract between two educational institutions that recognizes your registration at each location for financial aid purposes) from ABROADER?

        Will the financial aid you are applying for cover the entire cost of your ABROADER program?

        What documents does your home institution require to facilitate the process?

        When should the Financial Aid Disbursement Date (The date that funds become available to the student taking out the Financial Aid Loan) be expected?

        Step 3 – Paying your Financial Aid Disbursement to ABROADER

    • 5. Fundraising ideas
      • Before you say “I can’t afford to study abroad,” there are tons of creative fundraising options you should explore. We’ve compiled a list of innovative ways that students in the past have raised money.

        Asking for Help

        It can be intimidating asking people to support your program abroad. Two of the biggest things students should remember is: confidence and perseverance.

        Who can I ask for help?

        Keep local, regional and national groups in mind! It always helps if your study abroad program aligns with the outcomes of your long-term goals.

        Heritage Groups that have interests in specific regions

        Civic Organizations

        Charitable, ethnic, religious or campus organizations

        Sororities/fraternities (local or national chapter)

        Media Companies (newspapers, radio, etc)

        How can I ask them?

        Don’t fear rejection! You won’t always get a “yes!” when you ask for financial support, but remember every little bit helps. Keep up with the enthusiasm, passion and drive on your part!

        It is also a good idea to offer them something in return. Upon your return you could perhaps write an article, create a video/vlog/blog, contribute to community service in a business’ name, etc.

        Tips for asking for help:

        • Be informal but direct
        • Explain and describe your program and how it change your life
        • Explain how you would use the funds
        • Include a photo of yourself
        • Make donating as easy as possible (accept check, cash, etc)
        • Don’t be afraid to follow up with them

        Don’t forget to say “Thanks!”

        Be sure to keep a careful and detailed record of all those that have supported you in this journey by donating to help fund your program. It is important to thank them for their contribution, maybe with a postcard from the country you are studying in or an email with a photo of you in country. It is important to express appreciation! Who knows you may inspire them to take a trip of their own because your enthusiasm was so infectious!


        We’ve also compiled a list of innovative ways that students in the past have raised money.

        Community Fundraising

        Is your family connected to a congregation? Reach out to your religious community for help.

        Is there a mentor in your life from high school? A family you babysat for when you were young? Try reaching out to those in your neighborhood. Network your name and your life changing mission.

        Contact small businesses in your town, particularly organizations that could benefit from first-hand experiences and fresh cultural perspectives. Perhaps you could write for your local paper!

        Host a party with the theme of the country you aim to visit.

        Gather with your friends who are going with you and have a silent auction.

        Get Thrifty

        Start spending less now! While it’s always hard to miss out on fun opportunities, when you have a bit extra to splurge with when you’re abroad to spend on experiences that could last a lifetime, you’ll realize every dollar goes a little further over there!

        Start a spreadsheet, use your online banking account, or look into banking/budgeting software (many are free) to see where you can cut costs. Sometimes the mere act of realizing how you spend is enough to encourage you to cut back.

        Hoping to look your best while abroad (silly question…)? Host a clothing swap or peruse thrift stores or other second-hand sources. You might be surprised by what you find! Fashion is cyclical after all, so you might just have to dig deep through those bins

    The three weeks that I spent in Vietnam gave me a unique insight and greater appreciation into the world around me. Going to Vietnam has made me value the things I take for granted in Australia, such as just being able to drink clean water from the tap. I discovered that the people of Vietnam are so generous and forgiving. I made many new friends during the study tour and learned a course all whilst touring a great country. The study tour was very enjoyable and I had lots of fun along the way with the activities planned by the local buddies. The course itself was interesting and I genuinely enjoyed the content, despite it being so condensed into a few weeks. My advice for students wanting to go on ABROADER study tour would be to just enjoy the trip while it lasts and take as many photos as possible, because the time goes so quick. A huge thank you to all the organisers of the trip and to the local buddies for making this trip possible and the best it could have been.


    Engineering Faculty-Led Program ,University of Newcastle, Australia

    It was an overall enjoyable experience having my internship done through ABROADER Vietnam. The host company that they connected me with has been welcoming, friendly, I have been able to experience a lot of different elements of the company’s culture, helping different people and learning new things about not only the company but also working in general. I felt that I contributed to the host company and my particular help with the MWRP (checking English) was of great importance to them as the deadline approached. They have given me feedback and said that some of my research into potential donors and other youth initiatives in climate change adaptation has been of use to them too. Regarding ABROADER Vietnam intern service was my placement and the amazing support from local staff and volunteer in Hanoi. Would I recommend the internship to anyone interested, definitely!


    Environmental Engineering Internship ,University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    My internship in Vietnam with ABROADER was a life changing experience. I was a marketing intern at a travel company in Hanoi and now work for the same company as a full time employee. Being in Vietnam has taught me so much about different people and cultures, as there are many other foreigners working here as well from all over the world. My internship coordinator at ABROADER was so helpful, and was a huge support for me whenever I needed it. I would definitely recommend ABROADER if you are looking to do an internship here. They really cater to your needs and care about what you want and are looking for.


    Marketing & Communication Specialist Intern ,University of Massachusetts Amherst, U.S.A

    I am grateful to everyone who has helped organize my internship in Vietnam this summer. I am grateful to ABROADER for finding me the best placement that I could ever hope for and for being so caring, accountable and responsive during my whole internship duration. I am grateful to my supervisor and all the coworkers at my host organization for being so hard-working, responsible, encouraging and supportive. Without their kindness and support, my holistic learning experience while in Vietnam would not be that worthwhile. I would definitely recommend this internship in Vietnam program to anyone that is interested in doing an internship abroad.


    Culinary Intern ,Master’s Degree at Stanford University, U.S.A

    The three weeks that I spent in Vietnam gave me a unique insight and greater appreciation into the world around.


    Engineering Faculty-Led Program ,University of Newcastle, Australia

    I had an amazing experience with ABROADER Vietnam. They organized me a great internship placement and took very well care of me. I am so happy I chose this organization for my internship abroad. I loved the feeling of having people around that support me and that they were checking in regularly on me, organizing events, etc. It felt a little like family with which you can share every little problem, your experiences, etc. and I think that is the strongest and best part about ABROADER. Overall, I had a great experience with ABROADER Vietnam and I can only recommend it to others!


    Water Pollution Internship ,University of Zurich, Switzerland

    I enjoyed my time and the program greatly in Vietnam. It seemed as if the program tried its best to guide all interns in the right direction and was helpful when needed. The thing I will remember most about the internship will be the people I met, specifically the other interns and the patients I worked with. The various interns I met throughout the hospital taught me how to think in a different mindset in order to problem solve and treat a patient. As for the patients, they taught me their culture, and to always shave a positive attitude and outlook on things. Each of the patients had suffered an accident that had effected their capability to live their lives, and yet each patient had such a positive attitude.

    Rylie Dunn


    Great internship in Vietnam. I recommend to Westerners to go there at least one time to see things differently. ABROADER is very helpful (even if there is only women here haha) and found me a very decent internship. Time flies very fast, so you know what to do if you like the heat and cheep beers. À bientôt Vietnam!


    Environment Intern ,Polytech Montpellier, France

    The experience of doing an internship in Vietnam certainly was not easy for me but I have no doubt that it was tremendouly valuable. At first, I actually had a lot of culture shocks, for example, sometimes it was hard to communicate with Vietnamese people because not a lot of people speak English and some had very strong accent. However, Vietnamese people were very kind to me and took well care of me especially the host family and program coordinator. I realized that it’s difficult to understand another culture but it’s also really necessary to accept other culture, their life and their way of thinking. At the hotel where I did my internship, I could learn a lot of things. For example, I learnt how to communicate politely with customers, how to make them satisfied and how to manage the hotel. Everyone from the supervisor to my co-workers was helpful and accommodating, I was included in all the daily meetings and the supervisor was very open to share her knowledge about hotel management which was really helpful to my future work. I really had a good experience in Vietnam. I appreciate the people I’ve met and the experience I’ve had. This is going to be very useful in the future. Thank you ABROADER Vietnam so much for the valuable opportunity to learn about my field of work in your beautiful country!


    Hospitality Internship ,Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan

    It was extremely helpful to have ABROADER when I arrived to Vietnam. I didn’t have to worry about how to get from the airport to the house or how to get a local sim card. Also ABROADER staff (Tung and Ngan) were periodically checking on me to make sure everything was ok. Mo and Claire were kind enough to arrange a city tour when I visited Saigon. However, the most important thing was that ABROADER Vietnam introduced me to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.


    Social Work Internship ,Ecuador