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Through partnerships with top-ranked accredited universities, higher education centers, and research institutes across Vietnam, ABROADER  is confident to offer you a wide range of innovative courses taught completely in English for your study abroad program. You will find coursework applicable to your major and educational level. Courses are available at undergraduate and graduate  levels, can be customized in terms of content, activities and are offered in various fields of study, including Business & Economics, IT & Engineering, Environment & Conservation, Vietnamese Studies, Language Education, Social Sciences and Humanities,  Hospitality Management, Eastern Medicine, Architecture, Marketing & Communication, etc. Upon completing your courses, you will receive an official transcript and certificate of completion from your host university/institute/education center. Further program details are as below:



Step out of your comfort zone to study abroad with Vietnam’s dedicated lecturers alongside  both local and international peers at Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU), one of the most credited and socially engaged higher education institutions in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

About The Host University

TDTU is a public university operated under the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, established on September 24, 1997. In August 2019, the university was ranked as the number 1 university in Vietnam and among the top1000 universities in the world (by Academic Ranking of World Universities).


TDTU is among the top 250 of the world's most sustainable universities according to the 2019 UI GreenMetric World University Ranking (Source:

Located in one of the most prosperous and internationally populated districts in Ho Chi Minh City that is about 15 minutes of a cab ride from downtown, and 5 minutes from fun spots in the other districts, TDTU hosts many overseas students coming over to study and experience the top quality curriculum offered. The 4-QS-star university provides courses in more than 30 majors, ranging from the reputed program of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Applied Science, to the socially active Social Science and Humanity, and the creativity-intense Fashion and Industrial Art. All of which are instructed by top lecturers both trained from TDTU and from partnering domestic and international universities.


TDTU also possesses the biggest, most up-to-date and hi-tech library in the South of Vietnam, the iNSPIRE Library.

Along with the everyday classes and lectures, students of TDTU also participate in extracurricular activities like soccer, marathon, international festivals, and so on. Moreover, the university also hosts clubs and teams from sports to science, and arts like guitar club and EDM club. With a wide range of extracurricular activities available , the university has three cafeterias to quench the hunger of any student. To further accommodate the far-from-home students, TDTU holds the International Volunteer Team as a way to show them the hospitality of the Vietnamese global citizens.

Majors Available In English

Social Science and Humanities | Electrical & Electronics Engineering | Civil Engineering & Architecture | Mathematics & Statistics – Applied Mathematics | Applied Science | Pharmacy | Information Technology | Labor Relations | Industrial Fine Arts – Industrial Design | Finance & Banking | Accounting | Sport & Defense Education – Sport Biz & Event Management | Environment & Labor Safety – Environmental Science | Business Administration.

Note: You can choose to apply for more than one major from this list. However, you can study up to 7 courses or 20 credits only (1 course = 3 credits in average). This is to ensure the quality of your study. 

Don’t see your major listed above? Contact our Program Advisor here for more individualized recommendations

Program Highlights

  • Credit-based courses & Official Transcript from TDTU
    The credits are transferable back to your home university. Our procedure ensures you are able to confirm your participation in the program. 

  • Local buddies to show you around town
    Integrate and have fun experiences in Ho Chi Minh City with ABROADER’s Local Buddy Team. Join them for food sprees, fun circles of friends, and awesome expeditions outside of the city 

  • Cultural immersions to broaden your perspectives
    In order to let the students really experience Vietnam’s ancient and diverse culture, ABROADER and the host university provide the occasional excursions to locations like the Ha Long Bay up North, and the Mekong Delta down South, all of which are accompanied by our Local Buddies with their adept knowledge of local customs. Besides these trips, your time staying at the accommodation, studying at TDTU with local peers, and hanging out with Vietnamese friends will surely give you a real taste of Vietnamese life and culture.

  • Language proficiency ensured throughout your program
    All ABROADER team members, partner universities, and Local Buddy Team are proficient in English. We want to ensure that you are well-heard and understood  to bring to you the best experience while studying in a whole different country.

  • Program contents are truly tailored to your needs!
    ABROADER and the host university will provide you items that fit your needs and expectations. If you want to stay with locals to help the cultural integration faster, we will provide you with a native host that loves foreigners. If you are looking for some quick courses that provide some novelty compared to your universities’, we will work closely with the host university to compose a customized program for you. The list goes on.

Fun fact: Did you know that 6 means Prosperity in Vietnamese?


  • You need to be an undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited university in your home country

  • GPA requirement: 2.5/4.0 (or 2.8/4.5). If your GPA is lower than the requirement, get in touch with our program advisor at for further consultation. 

  • Language requirement: A good command of English (IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT 79) at the time of application for students from non-English-speaking countries

  • An appropriate and relevant academic background to the applying courses/ majors.

Program Duration & Key Timestamps 

Each semester is about four to four and a half months long, divided into Spring semester (from January to May) and Fall semester (from August to January)

Spring Semester (estimated)Fall Semester (estimated)
First uni-day Jan 1st, 2022 Sep 3rd, 2022
Application Deadline Oct 15th, 2021 Jun 1st, 2022
Arrival Dec 27th, 2021 Aug 30th, 2022
Departure May 25th, 2022 Jan 1st, 2022

Note: If you miss the application deadline, please contact us to check if there are any other courses available. 

Program Fees


University placement


Welcome package: 

  • Welcome meal
  • Orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • House placement
  • Welcome refreshments
  • Local SIM card
  • Local buddy arrangement
  • University induction


On-going onsite support (20 hours per student per 3-month semester):

  • Spontaneous support
  • Mobile phone fee
  • Transportation
  • Drinks for Program Coordinator


Excursion and onsite activities:

  • Mekong Delta (1-day tour)
  • City tour
  • Cooking day/ volunteer day
  • Networking night
  • Farewell dinner


Total (estimated)



  • International transportation (flights, airport taxes, etc.)

  • Travel insurance

  • Passport & visa expenses

  • Meals outside of itinerary

  • Excursions and other activities not listed in program itinerary

  • Excess baggage fees

  • All personal items & expenses

Life In Ho Chi Minh City

Alias: formerly known as Saigon, then named after Vietnam’s Great Leader Ho Chi Minh

Climate: Hot from December till March, and hotter from April until May.

Recreation: Unlike the gentler and more classic vibe of  Ha Noi, Vietnam's thousand-year-old capital, Ho Chi Minh City is full of energy with activities for any type of personality, from day till night and back.

Cuisine: The Saigonese has their way of eating: flavorfully sweet, and full, with many kinds of traditional, international and fusion food that will quench the hunger of even a strict person like Sir Gordon Ramsey.

Read more about life in Ho Chi Minh City here


  • Location: near the University

  • Types: private studio apartment, shared apartment, university dormitory, homestay or an option to arrange your own accommodation

  • Meals: All accommodation options will include kitchen with basic cookware.

  • Inclusion and amenities: Air-conditioning | Bed linens | Tables & chairs | Kitchenette & wares | Toilet & Water heater | Wi-Fi | Close proximity to malls & grocery stores | Weekly room cleaning service.

  • Exclusion or subject to availability: Laundry | Microwave | Room services | Balcony | Bathtub.

 Read more about your prospective accommodation here

Extracurricular activities (from both the host university and ABROADER)

  • Cultural excursions

  • Skills and ideas workshops

  • Music and traditional festivals (seasonal)

  • Sport games and tournaments

  • Student fairs and markets

  • Team building activity with local youth unions

  • Clubs and extra language classes

These activities are all accompanied by either ABROADER’s Local Buddy Team or the host university’s international volunteer team.


TDTU-ABROADER 2019 International Festival

Follow a group of Princeton undergrads in this video to see what fun activities are awaiting you in Ho Chi Minh City

Program Support

  • From Host University
    • Before your study abroad experience:

    • Visa application support
    • Joint pre-departure orientation with ABROADER
    • During your study abroad experience:

    • Administrate your education at their institute
    • Provide you with first-class curriculum and extracurricular activities
    • Create opportunities for you to network with local and other international students on-campus
    • Upon completion of your study abroad experience:

    • Support you in transferring the acquired credits back to your home institution
    • At any stage of your study abroad experience, ABROADER is here to support you:

    • Before your study abroad experience:

    • You will be scheduled an online consultation for further discussion on your preferences and expectations towards your semester exchange in Vietnam
    • Our Placement Advisor will help you connect with the host university and guide you through the application process
    • Our Program Coordinator will provide you with a pre-departure orientation session as well as assist you in obtaining a visa, booking flights and finalizing housing
    • During your study abroad experience:

    • Our on-site staff and local buddies are here 24/7 to support you
    • Upon arrival, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation. You will then attend an orientation to learn some basic information about Vietnam and tips to make the most of your time here, as well as join in a welcome meal – a very first meal in Vietnam to taste its unique cuisine.
    • You will be given opportunities to network with other international students in town
    • Upon completion of your study abroad experience:

    • We will connect you with existing internship offering organizations and companies in our network to kickstart your career before heading back to your home country.
    • You will participate in an end-of-semester evaluation meeting in which you can make time for self-reflection, highlight some memorable moments and give recommendations for ABROADER and the host university to improve the quality of the program.
    • Last but certainly not least, we will feed you again as part of your farewell to Vietnam and then drop you off at the airport.

How It Works

  • Application
    • Firstly, browse and choose from our list of available majors and courses above so that you have an idea of what you are going to study. You will then need to consult with your home institution about the program eligibility and requirements. After this, you are going to prepare your application package which includes an unofficial academic transcript with a current GPA of 2.5/4.0 or equivalence, and a letter of recommendation from your professor/ home institution (if any).

    • Keep in mind that even though you can choose as many majors and courses as you’d like, you can only study up to 7 courses or 20 credits per major for a semester!

    • Can’t decide which majors or courses to study? Contact us for individualized recommendations. No fee is required at this stage and you can still change your selection later after an interview with our Placement Advisors.

  • Consultation and Enrollment
    • Our advisors will get in touch with you for a free online consultation on program details and assistance in choosing suitable courses after your application is submitted. You will then receive a conditional offer letter listing all the courses that are available from your original wishlist.

    • After you get the approval from your home university's professor(s) to see if your chosen courses are eligible for your study, return to us with the signed letter, and then, a deposit to confirm your spot.

    • No commitment required! Your deposit will be refunded if you want to change your plan!

  • Getting ready
    • If everything is alright and you would like to continue with us… then welcome ABROAD-er!

    • We will cook up a logistical plan for your stay in Ho Chi Minh City. Time to prepare for your departure with this list of documents:

    • + Signing your Exchange Agreement

    • + Complete remaining payment

    • + Logistical support: Visa application, Accommodation, Local Buddy, etc. (all included in the full package)

    • + Pre-departure Orientation with your Program Coordinator and learn about your Local Buddy! You can ask away all questions and make friends before you even land in the country.

    • * Notes on visa application:

    • You will receive from ABROADER and the host university an approval letter and a tentative academic schedule that are very important for your visa application process.

    • Bring the provided letters along with your visa application documents and passport photos to the local Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your home country to obtain a student VisaYour pictures will be used on-site, too!

    • Again, these documents are very important, make sure you have copies of them and keep them safe!

  • Welcome to Vietnam!
    • It’s getting real! Once you’ve landed, our staff will be ready to welcome and pick you up to your accommodation.  You’ll get oriented on-site and join in a city tour with your local buddy before starting study next Monday.

  • Study completion and departure
    • Study completion:

    • + You will need to work closely with the host university to ensure that your academic transcripts, score results and documentation, and any other papers related are eligible for transfer back to your home institution.

    • + You could ask for the documents to be digitized.

    • Evaluation with ABROADER

    • + You did it! In one way or another, you’ve broadened your horizons! Time for final evaluation and reflection.

    • Departure

    • Our onsite team will arrange for your departure and welcome you to our alumni network.


For more details, visit our How it works. If you have any questions, contact us. Our Program Advisor will guide you through the entire process.


We are updating the description for our public courses to meet the preferences and expectations of more students. Stay tuned!

Looking to read about our alumni’s study abroad experiences in Vietnam? Check out their testimonials here

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In general, I am satisfied with the Internship Service provided by ABROADER before I came to Vietnam. My host family placement exceeded my expectations. My host mother and father were all very friendly and helpful; they really made me feel at home. My local buddy Linh, even though she lived 2 hours away, she still made efforts in taking me on day-trips that catered to my interest in Vietnamese Cuisine. I contacted ABROADER for the Culinary Internship in Vietnam on my own and and given the amount of money and time I will be investing, it was extremely important for me to feel that I can trust ABROADER Vietnam. My host for the internship was Ngon Villa Restaurant. The host company staffs were very friendly and welcoming, one chef at the restaurant was in charge of my internship. However, due to perhaps unforeseeable needs in the company, my supervisor was not able to spend more than a day with me. ABROADER Vietnam found an excellent opportunity for internship in Vietnam for me; however, the host company was not able to fully deliver the experience I was looking for.

Jinhua Zhang

Culinary Internship ,City College of San Francisco, USA

The best thing about ABROADER Vietnam was being able to plan events with other interns and with local buddy. I depended on these events to originally get out of my shell in Vietnam while I was adjusting to the new language and culture. Especially with being able to offer perspective on Vietnamese culture with schooling, media/entertainment, government, and with great local attractions in Ho Chi Minh.

Patrick West

Environment Internship ,University of Notre Dame, USA

Overall the people have exceeded my expectations, and they are really what’s going to help make my experience in Vietnam a great one. I’ve always loved leaving my country (the US) and having new experience, so I wanted to do an internship abroad. Having already spent a semester in Europe, I wanted something really different. My mom was born in Saigon and lived there before coming to the United States with her family. So I felt like a good way to get in touch with my culture and my roots would be to spend three months living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In my internship in Vietnam, I have helped with various marketing efforts by giving ideas or designing things. I have learned that, of course, there is a different way of doing business here compared to the United States. Things are run differently, there’s a different office culture, there are just always many cultural differences to keep in mind when doing business in a different country, and Vietnam has not been an exception. The people ABROADER have set me up with have been beyond wonderful. Coming to Vietnam on my own seemed very daunting and intimidating, but ABROADER has helped make the transition smooth and seamless. They helped take care of everything I would need during my time here and have gone above and beyond to assure that things continue to go smoothly. I am very appreciative of their support, and it makes the whole thing a little less scary. My local buddies have been so helpful for everything, and I really feel like they are becoming genuine friends. I am generally pretty shy, so it was nice to have friends before even arriving to help introduce me to more people and get me out there. Overall the people have exceeded my expectations, and they are really what’s going to help make my experience in Vietnam a great one.

Natasha Nguyen Mohney

Marketing Internship ,Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

I am thankful to God that my daughter had an opportunity to be in Vietnam for 3 months through ABROADER. She stayed with a host family for a month and half and was able to learn a lot about the culture and the food. She loved her host family and misses them. Then she had traveled to Hanoi and worked with ABROADER. The staff was very friendly, caring, and hospitable. After 3 months in Vietnam, I had noticed the changes in my daughter about her outlook of life. She is no longer as much of a picky eater and her compassion and understanding of the Vietnamese people, the culture, and the food has greatly increased. I believe that this experience has helped her grow fast in her journey of life. Thanks ABROADER!!

Maryann Mohney

Marketing Internship ,Natasha Mohney’s mother

The service provided by ABROADER Vietnam is really good. Especially until I get used to living here, I asked support from ABROADER so much. Now I can manage my own life by myself thanks to them.

Sohei Chikama

IT Internship ,Chuo University, Japan

Working for the Cham Island MPA was a really good fit for me, I think they picked a good job. I also liked my city tour I had fun, and got to do so many things! Vietnamese people are very nice and the living environment is safe when I hang out with my Vietnamese local buddies. I also get lots of support from local buddies and become real friends in spite of different interests.

Isabella Taylor Sullivan

Environment Internship ,Portland State University, USA

The industry visits provided real-world experience and foresight into our future careers. The field trips gave us a new insight into a rich, deep culture, and ABROADER organised parties were heaps of fun... They usually ended up turning into a very late night as well. During the trip I always felt safe thanks to the local buddies and our program coordinator. Before I left for this trip, I could not help but feel nervous. It was my first time travelling overseas and I was about to leave my home country for ~one month. I did not know what to expect from Vietnam/Singapore, the people I was travelling with, or the countless people I would meet overseas. Since the very first moment that I arrived the local buddies welcomed me with open arms. The entirety of the group that I came over with also bonded so much quicker than I thought possible. From the start we were exploring Ho Chi Minh City, while introducing ourselves to the locals and the nightlife. All the activities on the trip were great and we were all kept busy. This was a really big positive in my opinion as, had a tentative schedule have not been organised, it may have become easy to 'waste' a day or more relaxing. That being said, there were some free days designated throughout the trip should you wish to catch up on some sleep ;). Provided you use a little bit of travelling smarts I cannot see any problems that should arise on your trip. Each and every one of the local buddies, (our coordinator included), were so kind and caring. You should really give it your best effort to open up and engage with each of them. They are all such great and unique people and provide the best way to truly immerse yourself in the adventure. Furthermore, they are so selfless and are always able to provide advice or help you out with literally anything. You have a golden opportunity to make some truly long-lasting friendships. Both Vietnam and Singapore themselves were amazing countries to visit. There is an aura about both that gives you the feeling that something is always happening. Particularly in Vietnam, most local places are open at almost all hours of the day and deep into the night. However, this never left me feeling as though the cities we visited were too busy. Being in a largish group of good friends and exploring was completely fun and relaxing too. The visits to more discrete locations were also beautiful and completely peaceful. Finally, the local civilians were so kind, welcoming and genuinely happy that we were experiencing their culture and lifestyle. Now that the trip is over all I can think about is how I wish it had gone for longer. How I wish I had extended my trip even further, and how I am already planning to meet with the friends I have made on this journey for further travel. So, if you are worried or nervous about any parts of this trip, all I can say is that it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are so many friends and stories to be made. Get out there, take every opportunity you can, don't overthink it and just do it!

Calen Blake

Electrical Engineering and Computing Study Tour ,University of Newcastle, Australia

I did have a bit of trouble with my original internship, but ABROADER was very supportive and active in ensuring I got the best experience and helped me switch to a different company. My new company became a place where I learned about company life and got to work on independent projects. It was also great to have the local buddies with us, as they went around town and did different activities with us. The local buddies definitely made my experience here more fun and made it easier for me to acclimate to life here. Also, going around Ho Chi Minh City was actually much safer than I had imagined, and people here are usually very friendly to help out foreigners. My time here went by very quickly, and my summer experience of growing, learning, exploring, and lots of eating is definitely one I will remember!

Jamie Kim

Communication Internship ,Princeton University, USA

It was an overall enjoyable experience having my internship done through ABROADER Vietnam. The host company that they connected me with has been welcoming, friendly, I have been able to experience a lot of different elements of the company’s culture, helping different people and learning new things about not only the company but also working in general. I felt that I contributed to the host company and my particular help with the MWRP (checking English) was of great importance to them as the deadline approached. They have given me feedback and said that some of my research into potential donors and other youth initiatives in climate change adaptation has been of use to them too. Regarding ABROADER Vietnam intern service was my placement and the amazing support from local staff and volunteer in Hanoi. Would I recommend the internship to anyone interested, definitely!

Maarten Van Balen

Environmental Engineering Internship ,University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Doing a big trip like this will make you learn about yourself whether you realize it or not. Being in the culture that is so different from what you are used to will really make you think about the world as a whole. My favorite part was meeting new people and getting to know their background and future exciting plans. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The program was busy, yet still had the right amount of freedom. I enjoyed all activities and had an AMAZING time in Vietnam!

Victoria Dusseau

Let's Vietnam 2016 Faculty-led Program ,University of Findlay, USA