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Types of Accommodation in Vietnam

When you decide to have your study abroad program or an internship in Vietnam with us, we make sure that the accommodation is tailored to your needs and preference. We offer a variety of choices for accommodation while you are in Vietnam including: studio apartment, shared apartment and homestay.  

Now we will guide you through what you can expect from each of these accommodation options.

1. Studio Apartment

First of all, if you prioritize privacy and would rather spend most of your time in a private room, you’d want to consider having a studio apartment. A studio apartment is not a separate house, it is a room located within a shared house, however everything you need for daily life is in there:

Room facilities: Bed, wardrobe, air-conditioner, lights and other room furniture.

Kitchen: fridge, microwave oven or electric cooker and other cooking utensils (depending on the apartment).

Bathroom: the bathroom is in a smaller room within the apartment.

Laundry: some places will offer free laundry service every week and others ask for extra laundry fee (often ranging from $10-$15/ month depending on the amount of clothing).

Electricity payment: you will pay at the end of the month the amount that you used as shown by the room electricity meter. Most of the time, water fee is included in the rent for studio apartments.

Generally, a studio apartment you will be staying in Vietnam would look like this:


A studio apartment has the necessary facilities you need. Photo: Happy Homes

apartment internship in Vietnam 4

The bathroom will be in a smaller separate room within your room.

2. Shared Apartment

Alternatively, if you are more of a sociable person or you like to have more space to cook and the idea of a kitchen inside your bedroom isn’t attractive, you can choose to live in a shared apartment. Here are the facilities included in a shared apartment:

Room facilities: Bed, wardrobe, air-conditioner, wifi, lights and other furniture, key to room and house.

Kitchen & bathroom: the kitchen and (sometimes) the bathrooms with hot water are shared with housemates.

Laundry: Shared space for you to wash your clothes with a washing machine and an open area ton hang the clothes up to dry.

Electricity, gas and water payment: at the end of the month, all the bills will be split between housemates and you will be announced of the payment by a person-in-charge.

The good thing about staying in a shared apartment as opposed to a studio apartment is, even though you might have less privacy, your housemates will be internationals from all over the world coming to Vietnam for the same reason you do, to study, intern or work. And in no time, you will find yourself being able to meet interesting people, learn from their cultures, possibly a bit of their languages when you’re in Vietnam.

Generally, rooms in a shared apartment would look like this:

apartment internship in Vietnam 2

Overview of your room in a shared apartment. 

apartment internship in Vietnam 11

The kitchen with cooking wares is shared between housemates.

apartment internship in Vietnam 4

In a shared apartment, you might be sharing the bathroom with one housemate.

apartment internship in Vietnam 58

This is the space for you to wash and hang your clothes to dry.

3. Homestay

In case you want a place you can call ‘a home away from home’ in Vietnam, we give you the option of staying in a homestay. Our homestay hosts are families where at least one member can speak English and express high enthusiasm in hosting an international student for the purpose of cultural exchange. Many of our alumni got along extremely well with their families. The families live within or not far away from the center area of the cities so we can make sure you can do both cultural immersion and social activities during your stay. The facilities at a host family are more or less the same with that of a shared apartment. You will have:

Room facilities: Bed, wardrobe, air-conditioner, lights and other room furniture depending on the host family.

Kitchen & bathroom: the kitchen and (sometimes) the bathroom are shared with other members of the family. Most of the time, the family will invite you to eat family meals with them when you are at home. Find out about the etiquettes you need to know when homestaying in Vietnam here.

Laundry: there will also be a shared space for you to clean your clothes with a washing machine and an open area where you can hang the clothes up to dry, you might choose to wash your own clothes or have it washed with clothes of other members of the house. 

Electricity, gas and water are included within the monthly payment for homestay.

apartment internship in vietnam

Family meal with host family

Internship in Vietnam Maile at her host family

Learning how to cook Vietnamese food with host family

Each accomodation has its own unique features and advantages and they make up an array of accomodation choices that would be suitable for most travellers. We hope you can find your own ideal accomodation, whether you are an individual who loves spending quiet time alone, a social butterfly who loves small talks or a curious soul who is eager to immerse in and learn as much as you can about Vietnam’s familial culture and traditions.